Kessié, held in Ivory Coast with no return flight

first_imgAccording to various media in the transalpine country, Kessié is being held in Ivory Coast and it is not known when he will be able to fly to Italy.. The midfielder left for his country of birth and cannot find a flight back to Milan, due to international blockades due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the moment, at Milan they are not very worried because training has not yet restarted but they don’t know when Kessie will be able to put under the orders of Stefano Pioli. A priori, on Thursday the Ivorian soccer player will not be in Italy. The Milan has ordered all its players to return to the city before Thursday and the footballers who left for their countries of origin are returning little by little throughout the week (as is the case, for example, with the Spanish Samu Castillejo). However, Franck Kessié is not having it so easy.last_img read more

JDF, UWI set for hot Senior Cup clash

first_img FIRST INNINGS “I also believe it could be a first innings affair, which means that batting properly in the first innings could be key.” The UWI, in addition to Walton and Walters, will be hoping for inspired performances from captain Paul Palmer Jr and former national youth fast bowler Christopher Powell. Out-of-favour West Indies fast bowler Sheldon Cottrell, as well as veteran batsman Joseph Palmer and fast bowler Leighton Leslie, are expected to provide support for Outar, Bulli and Harrison. Elsewhere in the zone will see St Elizabeth hosting St James at Manley Horne Park and Westmoreland welcoming Hanover at Paradise. In other matches, Melbourne and Boys’ Town will meet at Collie Smith Drive, Kensington are down to play away to Clarendon at Jamalco, and Lucas will entertain Portland at Nelson Oval in Zone A. St Thomas are set to travel to Police at Elleston Road, Kingston and St Andrew will host St Catherine CC at Maxfield Park, while Manchester will host GC Foster at Manchester High in Zone B. Meanwhile, over in Zone D, St Catherine CA will visit Three Hills Oval to face St Mary and Trelawny and St Ann will do battle at the Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium. Dethroned champions Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and last year’s beaten semi-finalists University of the West Indies (UWI) are set to face off in the feature game of the second round of the two-day Jamaica Cricket Association Senior Cup at Up Park Camp, starting today. The match-up, which will be one of three in Zone C of the four-zone championship, will see both teams looking to improve on impressive showings in the first round last weekend. Buoyed by a brilliant knock of 182 from West Indies wicketkeeper batsman Chadwick Walton, as well as seven for 53 from part-time off-spinner and former national youth batsman Oshane Walters, the UWI scored an innings and six runs win over St Elizabeth at the Sir Frank Worrell Oval. The JDF, in the meantime, after claiming first-innings honours over Westmoreland at Paradise Oval, were denied of an outright victory by rain after scoring 231 and 184 for nine, and bowling out the home team for 138. Leading the way for the army men were batsman Rasheed Outar, who stroked 100 not out, and national one-day opener Jermaine Harrison, who made 97 and national wrist spinner, Dennis Bulli, who claimed seven for 35. “It should be a very good match-up between to evenly balanced team,” said Outar. “It will, therefore, come down to performance on the day, and as such, I believe we stand a very good chance.”last_img read more

Define Your Personal Goals of Life in Broad Terms to Impact Your Environment in…

first_imgClemenceau B. Urey, Sr., CEO AtlanticLife and General Insurance CompanyCommencement Address to theCollege of Business & Public Administration, University of Liberia 98th Convocation ExerciseBy Clemenceau B. Urey, Sr., CEO, AtlanticLife and General Insurance CompanyUL Fendall CampusDecember 8, 2017The President of the University, Dr. Ophelia Weeks, (my classmate), The Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration, the Faculty and Staff of the University of Liberia, Honored Graduates, Officials of Government, Proud Parents and Guardians, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Citizens.Many years ago, in 1969 to be exact, I entered the walls of the University of Liberia, our own Lux in Tenebris, as a young man seeking to drink from the deep fountain of knowledge from the University of Liberia; I graduated in 1972 and entered the University of the world and beyond to navigate my way around, with the determination to succeed. I considered it an honor and privilege to be here today, having been selected from among a pool of many eminently qualified individuals to serve as your guest speaker at this 98th Convocation of the largest college in the University system of the University of Liberia, my alma mater. I hope I will justify the confidence reposed in me.When I consented to serve as your guest speaker today, I began asking myself some questions. Why did I, Clemenceau B. Urey Sr. seek a university education. What does one need to achieve success in a university environment? What is my definition of success? Did I possess the required characteristics to succeed at the University of Liberia? What kind of individual will I be at the end of my university sojourn? Or, how will I be transformed intellectually and character wise at the conclusion of my university sojourn? I will seek answers to these questions, using my experience as examples, as I go through this discourse and I hope they will be relevant to you, graduates.Most of us here today are aware of the importance of education in the life of every individual. This is why we have supported the graduates here today for the past four or more years and are here today to celebrate with them. Education is important in the life of every individual, especially so, those who find themselves located at the lower end of the economic and social ladder. For those who find themselves at the lower end, as some of you may be, education is the tool used to free oneself from the depths of poverty and ignorance as one ascends the ladder. So the higher one ascends the ladder of knowledge acquiring a college degree and beyond, the greater the probability of freeing oneself from poverty and ignorance to an improved quality of life and social advancement. Let me hasten to add, however, that obtaining a college degree which symbolizes one’s determination to ascend the ladder of knowledge quality will not by itself guarantee success. One must obtain the degree with character, not by cutting corners such as purchasing grades with cash or kind, cheating or spying, etc. One must utilize the familiar characteristics which helped you to succeed in obtaining your college degree, to achieve success in the world. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Some of the characteristics for success in obtaining a college that are also useful in life are: Discipline or hardwork, self motivation or drive,  compassion or concern for others, Integrity or honesty, flexibility to compromise and dialogue to resolve contentious issues, to name a few.Many of you who utilized these characteristics during your stay at the University of Liberia and are today as graduates, did not find it easy, as the learning environment these days are very challenging in contrast to the period of my sojourn at the University of Liberia. During my time, we found our stay at the university more conducive for learning. For one thing, the university population was much lower than it is today. For example, the total number of graduates in 1972 for the entire University was 94; today, it is 1,542 candidates for only one college, the College of Business and Public Administration. The small population during my period of stay made it easier to support and manage the University of Liberia and it was well supported financially. We knew nothing of pamphlets. The university bookstore was well supplied with text books- both new and used. There were many scholarships partial and full, which included textbooks and stipends. There were well qualified staff both foreign and local; among the qualified foreign faculty were the full-bright professors. Nothing such as Teaching Assistants or TAs teaching full University courses existed; we had functioning dormitories, well-furnished and comfortable classrooms, functioning Language and science labs. Today the learning environment is less conducive because of the high population, scarce resources, limited qualified faculty, compounded with high tension between students and the University administration, etc.My advice to you students still at the university listening to me today is, reduce your militancy and try to listen to reason and compromise to reduce tension and conflict at the UL as it is not in your interest. You cannot afford to take a large portion of the academic year just for registration. We are quite aware that things are difficult economically but try to plan well ahead of time for registration. It is written in the scripture, that one must do unto others as you would have done unto you. In the future some of you will become leaders and you would expect that those you are leading will abide by this potion of scripture. To the university leadership, try to adopt new measures to simplify and streamline the registration process. Keep your channel of communication open at all times and continue to engage the student leadership and the student body at large and be proactive. Already things are bad on campus as a result of limited resources, over population and others. Therefore, let’s find ways to reduce tension and promote harmony and cordiality on campus to make the atmosphere more conducive for learning.As this graduation ceremony today culminates in your sojourn at the university to enter the University of the World, several challenges await you. The first that comes to mind is expectation, from parents and guardians that they have invested well in you to provide them the social security to secure their well-being, especially at old age, as Liberia still lacks a viable and comprehensive social security system. Expectation that the University has adequately equipped you with the skills/ knowledge, necessary to successfully navigate the new world environment to locate employment, support yourselves and meet the expectation of your parents or guardians and thirdly expectations from society that you will be a good citizen and contribute meaningfully and significantly to make your contribution for improvement in the society at large. How well one succeeds in meeting these expectations depends on how well one acquired the academics/skill and applied himself/herself in the acquisition of knowledge at the University of Liberia, not cutting corners but spending one’s time wisely, reinforcing and strengthening those values that build strong character to cope with the vicissitudes of life beyond the university environment, meet the challenges head on in the university of the world by grappling successfully with the severity and prevelance of negative forces that existentially threatened the meeting of your expectation in the world environment. To prepare oneself for success in the world and realize the expectation referred to earlier as one engages in his/her academic pursuit at the University, one must adopt a broad focus on life and not a narrow one as the narrow focus leads to the I, me, and my syndrome; in other words, selfishness. It is the root cause of many aspects of poor citizenship and bad governance such as personal aggrandizement of power and wealth, nepotism, greed, corruption and the like, all of which are obstacles to good governance. A broad focus on life on the other hand, looks beyond mere satisfying the needs of an individual and his immediate family and is sensitive to the general well-being of others. This brings me to the subject or title of this discourse, which is, “Define your personal goals of life in broad terms to impact your environment in positive ways”. Those who do this are likely to exhibit characteristics such as compassion, love of country, integrity and the like, which are seemly in short supply in our country today; these individuals look out not only for their interests only but the interests of others. They make positive contributions to their communities in which they live and society at large, thus leaving footprints on the sand of time. As you end your sojourn at the university of Liberia and enter the university of the world at this time, you are about to enter a very challenging environment, where there is severe economic stagnation and depression and, therefore, one in which opportunities for employment in your fields of study may be very limited, where students who graduated three or more years ago find themselves still in the search of employment in their fields of study. Where the wage bill consumes an unrealistically high portion of the National Budget. Where our private sector is occupied and controlled mainly by non- Liberians; Where some individuals in high places are actively involved in the trade and commerce of the country, having established business relationships with non- Liberian business people; they are, therefore, paying lip service when it comes to enforcing Liberianization policies and Laws and are, conspiring to maintain the status quo; where access to loans for business formation or expansion are difficult to acquire and when you are successful in acquiring one, the payment terms are very stringent to meet; where tax incentives to support small and median size businesses are virtually non existent. Where commodity export prices for leading exports such as rubber and iron ore are depressed, thereby suppressing expansion and leading to cut-backs and non-hiring; where the ugly head of corruption remains endemic at all levels of society and is frequently at the core of most business transactions. So dear graduates, you are about to transition to a new but challenging world environment that may lead you to severe frustration and depression. But do not despair, as opportunities are still available. This reminds me of a familiar story of a shoe manufacturer who sent a salesman to a distant land to sell shoes. He returned and told the marketing manager. There is no market there for shoes; the people there move around barefooted; they wear no shoes. The sales manager sent another salesman back to the same land. He came back and reported. There is a huge market for shoes as the people move around barefooted; therefore, they need shoes. So, others see opportunities in a situation where others see nothing, depending on your power of discernment which is a function of one’s character and the nature of your preparation. Therefore, while our situation in our country is indeed challenging, it is not without hope. As you transition from the university to the world, now is the time to bring all that you’ve learned from Kindergarten to your successful stay at the university to bear as you attempt to survive and cope with the challenges to advance yourself. I usually engage university students from time to time and our conversation goes like this: “what are you doing young man/lady? I am at the university”, they would respond. Most of the time; when asked about their fields of study, many would say, “Management”. And then my next question is, “what would you want to do with a degree in management?” And they would respond in various ways, but the respond I would look for is, “I want to manage my own business” I then encourage these young people to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, go into the private sector, meet the challenges and make room there for themselves. While the public sector is where one goes mainly to serve, the private sector is where one goes mainly to seek and create wealth. Generally, one does not get rich working for others but for oneself. I, therefore, encourage all of you graduates in buisness and even graduates from the school of Public Administration to eventually consider making a change later on in life to the private sector for a while if you are not fairing well in the public sector. As for me I received my first masters degree in Public Administration, worked in the public service and later moved on to the private sector after responding to circumstances that led me to pursue my second masters in Finance and made a change to the private sector; and, I  don’t regret making the change. Besides the contribution I am making to our country as an employer, I am enjoying my independence. I don’t work any less but I work at my own pace. While the environment can be challenging at times, however, it is a good feeling to work for yourself.Today, fellow Liberians, we find ourselves at a very critical juncture in the in the life of our country; one where we must seek answers to the $64.00 question in response to our deep concern at the moment relative to whom we elect as our leader. Is there one who can organize a team or group of like-minded people around him/her who are prepared to lead our country by good examples to achieve lasting peace and prosperity in our country?. We must make a very critical decision as to which direction we must go as a Nation and people. Turn left and we continue to further decline and be left behind by more progressive countries in our sub-region and beyond. Turn right, and we continue to build up zeal and maintain the momentum towards progress so that you graduates and others to follow will transition to a more hospitable environment that which is fraught with opportunities. This is about opening your eyes, ears and mind to vote and asking the Almighty God to guide us Liberians to make the right leadership choice. And here the distinguish orator, the learned lawyer, Plo Lumumba, from Kenya is most appropriate. We must not be fooled this time around and be moved by baseless sentiments, flowery rhetorics and unrealistic promises. Promises we’ve heard before and promises we are hearing for the first time; some politicians claim to have special God-like powers if elected to make Manna fall from heaven, make bread without dough, create ice without water and the like. The results are excuses and broken promises after being fooled by such claims, when the wrong choice is made. We must elect a leader who is realistic and prepared to create an enabling environment of opportunities for our young people to realize their dreams and aspirations. An enabling environment where Liberians will be given first preference in thought, words and deeds.We must elect a leader who has a high probability for success. A leader who has received some kind of training and experience in leadership. Let us not take unneccesary risks and do otherwise. My fellow Liberians, while it is good to make history, let us make good history. A history, we can be proud of and one that will lead us to success, so that one day when we turn on the Tvs to international stations, we can be like other African countries inviting the world to visit our county, Liberia, for relaxation and recreation to see attractive things.Fellow Liberians, I am here to tell you today that I have hope and promise in Liberia, no matter the situation. I never left Liberia for good during all through the war years. When things got hot I left Liberia as soon as it calmed down I returned home because I believed then and believe now that the ills in our society can be corrected and we can make our country attractive and prosperous as other countries for all to enjoy.  All we need is a visionary committed and good leadership to inspire us. Note the word leadership, not leader; not one person, but a group of people of like-minds, prepared to lead by exhibiting good examples such as- unimpeachable integrity, respect for the rule of law, discipline, promote economic and social justice and the like and the Liberian people will follow the leadership.We must, however, never be satisfied even after electing such individuals. We must not give them a blank check and become mere bystanders as they run the country. For the saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We must always remain suspect and be prepared to hold their feet to the fire for the promises made and this must be done collectively, through collective group action. This is why I have joined some patriotic and well-meaning Liberians to form a civic organization which is known as, The Forum for Societal Change. Members of this organization believe that the pace of our development is rather slow when compared to other countries in our sub-region and beyond and that our pace of development can be accelerated by employing the principles and practices of good or better governance. Good governance involves making use of positive values referred to earlier to bear in the practice of governance to ensure the judicial management of our country’s scarce resources for a better life. The Forum was actively involved in voters education at the legislative level during the recent elections as we strived to strengthen the first branch of government, the National Legislature, by getting competent and patriotic men and women elected. When our long running election saga is concluded, we will continue to constructively engage the government of the day on topical issues of governance. For example, we intend to join forces with other patriotic organizations to ensure that our 2018 National Budget truly reflects a more development focus. We expect the three branches of Government to take drastic cuts in salary and benefits (at least 50%) and utilize the savings for social and development programs: To receive more generous consideration from our international partners, we must demonstrate our commitment to improving the situation in our country through reasonable funding in the National budget before turning to our international partners for assistance; we must demonstrate our commitment to transforming our country for the better. We must talk the talk and walk the walk. Most politicians talk about agriculture as the way forward to mitigate our economic problems, while we believe that also, my question is, what kind of Agriculture are we talking about? Some think about promoting agriculture only in a narrow perspective, such as giving farmers more tools, providing better seedlings and training more extension workers and the like.  While these are good, they are grossly inadequate. To realize huge benefits from agriculture, we need to think big and do more. A comprehensive, large scale and well-funded program is the only viable approach which we must embrace with vigor to grow our economy and solve the high unemployment problems we are experiencing, as it is important that every nation utilizes what assets it has been endowed with by the Almighty God to improve its quality of Life. Liberia is endowed with abundant land, rainfall, sunshine and proximity to Europe, a ready market for its tropical produce and potential tourist attraction.Liberia produces or has the potential to produce several types of tropical produce (crops) both for home consumption and export. Some are pineapples, avocados, oranges and tangerines, pawpaws, mangoes, bananas, cashews, oil palm products, cocoa and coffee our staple food, rice and more. However, most of these produce are not produced in the quantity and quality to meet international standards- for exports. Some are harvested prematurely and therefore, lack enjoyable or pleasant taste such as oranges; some are highly perishable and do perish because of the lack of proper preservation and storage facilities, adequate farms to market roads, and the lack of capacity to add value or engage in processing. In short, Liberia lacks the organizational framework to produce adequately for home consumption and export to earn badly needed foreign exchange and at the same time solve our high unemployment problems. Consequently, the little foreign exchange earned is spent on imports for basic food and other commodities. The challenge for us as a nation and people is to reverse this situation by engaging in comprehensive, organized and scientific agriculture to meet our local consumption needs, earn foreign exchange through exports and at the same time attack high unemployment in our labor market by putting our youth and others to work through the various stages of agricultural production.The various steps or stages to comprehensive, organized and scientific agriculture in my opinion, are:Land Tenure and ProcurementLand PreparationLand Cultivation- using modern and scientific methods/ techniques, such as conducting soil analysis or test to determine, appropriate crops for land utilization. Utilizing new species that result in higher yields and better taste, etc.Timely Harvest and storagePreservationProcessing and adding ValueMarketing and exportAssumptions in implementing this blueprint are:That our Government will take the lead and demonstrate commitment by making meaningful initial funding through National budgeting appropriations; encouraging and securing public/ private partnership and foreign aid, by reviving the Agricultural and Cooperative Development bank, and by calling on our international partners and friendly governments such as the Chinese, Israelis, and Americans to provide us some massive but well directed technical assistance to support the various stages indicated above.That the Cooperative and Development Agency will be strengthened to train more personnel to manage and establish more agricultural cooperatives throughout Liberia to support agricultural activities.That manpower needs assessment for the various stages outlined above will be determined and the required training will be organized to enhance the performance of functionaries, thereby creating job opportunities for our graduates and others.My plea today in this direction goes to the Ministry of Agriculture, the College of Agriculture and Forestry at the University of Liberia and all other stakeholders. Let us get together and craft a blueprint for a massive agriculture growth and development program; one that is comprehensive in nature with the various linkages to support the program. If such a blueprint already exists, then let us take it off the shelf where it is gathering dust and come together to strategize, reinvirigote, operationalize, and make the blueprint dynamic. Let us find ways to identify sources of support for the plan. Let us establish a five year time frame to meet targets and objectives and meet annually to evaluate the plan, make adjustments where necessary and continue to ensure the flow of funding for the plan implementation. My dear compatriots, please do not see this call as one intended to criticize or cast blame on anyone. We are seeking the opportunity to extend a hand of support so that we can work together for the good of our country. We, at the Forum are calling on stakeholders to assist us in organizing the first strategic planning symposium to plan for preparation and implementation of this already mentioned program. We hope stakeholders response will be positive. We are informed that Dr. Akinwumi Adesina who is president of the African Development Bank has a strong Agriculture background and orientation; one who believes that the way forward for African countries to promote growth and economic development is through a robust agriculture program. Our friends, the Chinese, who has successfully fed a billion plus people and still export food can help us; our American friends who produce more food than they can consume, can help us; the Israelis who have successfully made the deserts fertile and productive agriculturally can help us. The goodwill is out there for the asking. However, we must remember that many countries are in competition for the available resources which are not unlimited. Therefore, we must demonstrate more seriousness and commitment to be generously favoured by our partners and friends. Look at Ghana and the Ivory Coast in our sub-region; they are successfully doing what is being proposed for our country to transform their countries. Look at Rwanda, a war-torn country like ours, and see what transformation has taken place in such a short period of time. We must be prepared to roll up our sleeves, dirty our hands, bend our backs and knees, and work around the clock to achieve success. We Liberians can do what these just mentioned countries are doing also. It is about commitment and good leadership to inspire Liberians and we will fellow in this direction. This is our only hope.To the graduating class:We expect those of you who have majored in Public Administration to enter public service with the objectives not only to seek personal goals and advancement but also to be a real light admist the many challenges or darkness, serving as detergents to sanitize and rid the public service of all the aforementioned negative attitudes and behavior, thus making the state apparatus more effective in bringing forth adequate social and economic benefits to our people. To graduates of the Business Department, we expect you to enter the private sector with zeal and determination to form alliances and join forces with enlighten elements in the public service and others, serving as lights of hope to meet the challenges in the private sector by overcoming obstacles, thereby, capturing your birthright as Liberians. To achieve these goals and objectives, you graduates of the College of Business and Public Administration must face these challenges with strong positive values that build strong character acquired from childhood and reinforced at the University for your success in the world you are about to enter.As you enter the world with broad focus and vision, remain vigilent to impact your community, and if possible the world. Make the sky the limit to your advancement and progress and leave legacies to better the world. This will require being active in collective groups’ action for progress such as professional organizations, advocacy groups, like the Forum for Societal Change and others; service organizations such as the Lions Clubs, Rotary and others. These will help you leave legacies and impact the environment in a positive way. Congratulations to you, graduates of the 98 convocation of the College of Business and Public Administration. I hope your expectations will be realized as you commence your journey into the world. Congratulations to the Parents and Guardians, I hope your expectations will be realized from the investments you’ve made in supporting the graduates. Finally, to the University Administration, please permit me to congratulate you the President of the University, Dr. Weeks, other top administrators of the University and the faculty and staff for producing these graduates under very difficult circumstances. We are aware of the enormous pressure you are experiencing as you perform your duties. You are expected to accomplish much more with much less but what ever your situation, I am proud to identify with you as a product of the University of Liberia. I strongly believe that hope is on the way as we choose a leader who will lead us in the right direction for peace and progress to prevail in our country. As I end this expose, please permit me to identify with you in a small way by offering 10 full scholarships annually for students of the College of Business and Public Administration, (5) Business, (5) Public Administration.These scholarships will be available beginning the next academic semester in January 2018. It will be awarded to students with B average and above and with good conduct in the name of my company, The Atlantic Life and General Insurance Company. I will expect to receive a letter from you at the beginning of each semester with a list consisting of the names of students recommended by you.May the Almighty God continue to bless the University with peace and progress; May God continue to bless our country and save the State.I thank you.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

3 arrested after bandits invade Corentyne home

first_imgMoments after the execution of an armed robbery on a Corentyne, Berbice home on Saturday evening, three men are were taken into Police custody and are assisting with the investigations.According to reports received, on the night in question at about 21:30h, a young Corentyne couple had just returned to their Port Mourant, Berbice home from a religious function when they were attacked by armed bandits.Saradha Frederick called “Kimberly”, 21, and her husband Pawan Narainsammy called “Akash”, 21, had just opened the door to their Lot 8 Public Road Haswell, Port Mourant home, when the three masked men held them at gunpoint and forced them into the building.One of the bandits was carrying a firearm while the other two were armed with cutlasses. The couple was ordered to lie facedown on the floor.According to Narainsammy, one of the intruders started kicking him to his ribs as he demanded jewellery and money.He was instructed not to raise an alarm. One of the men stood guard over the couple while those with cutlasses ransacked the house.Within five minutes, the men ran out of the building, taking with them four cellular phones, two gold chains, four gold rings, one silver ring, two gold earrings and about $30,000 in cash.The couple was locked in the house as the bandits padlocked the grilled door from outside.Neighbours were, however, alerted and the police were contacted. It was reported that during the robbery, a car was parked a short distance away.Nevertheless, three men were subsequently arrested after being found in a car which is similar to what was described as the getaway car. The investigation continues.last_img read more

Transfer rumours and paper review – Friday, September 4

first_imgHere’s the top transfer-related stories in Friday’s newspapers…Chelsea first-team doctor Eva Carneiro has still not returned to work since she was banned from the match-day bench after being criticised by manager Jose Mourinho, with reports suggesting she is unlikely to resume her role. (Daily Telegraph)Manchester United spent £36million on 19-year-old striker Anthony Martial in a bid to beat off competition from Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City. (Daily Mail)Manchester City centre-back Eliaquim Mangala is ready to challenge summer signing Nicolas Otamendi for the first-team spot alongside club captain Vincent Kompany following the Argentine’s £32million arrival from Valencia. (Manchester Evening Post)After failing to seal a move away from Queen Park Rangers this summer, striker Charlie Austin wants a 100 per cent pay rise to sign a new deal at Loftus Road. He will also demand a buyout clause should Rangers fail to get promotion. (Get West London)Arsenal and England forward Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has revealed he has been playing in agony for the last two years, and claims ongoing injury troubles have stunted his progression as a footballer. (Daily Mirror)Liverpool will open dialogue with a prominent supporters group as they look to resolve a row about flags in the Kop. The club have reportedly requested for fans to sign a register and wear accreditation to bring and wave the famous flags in the build-up to games at Anfield. (Liverpool Echo)Liverpool will not finish in the top four this season, according to former striker Craig Bellamy. (Daily Mail)Ashley Cole has no plans to cancel his Roma contract, despite being sidelined and left out of their Champions League squad. (Daily Mirror)And here are the latest headlines…David De Gea transfer fiasco ‘a wake-up call for Man United’, John Barnes tells talkSPORTExpert view: Monaco have done ‘amazing business’ with the sale of Anthony Martial to Man UnitedExclusive – Liverpool legend John Barnes rejects Harry Redknapp’s ‘bang average’ claimsMoussa Sow reveals he snubbed West Ham and Sunderland approaches before Qatar moveChelsea failed with desperate last-ditch attempt to sign Benfica defender LuisaoAC Milan reject claims by Zlatan Ibrahimovic that they were ‘desperate’ to sign PSG starJonathan de Guzman’s agent responsible for collapse of Dutch star’s move to BournemouthAlex Oxlade-Chamberlain: Arsenal squad are ‘happy’ with club’s summer transfer businessBayern Munich pulled out of a deal to sign Kevin De Bruyne, according to Man City star’s agentlast_img read more


first_imgA BRAVE DONEGAL woman has spoken publicly on national radio about her wait for a kidney transplant.Yvonne Mc Fadden (37) from Fallcarragh, called in to The Ryan Tubrity Show this morning from her bed in Letterkenny University Hospital.  When she was three years old one of her kidneys failed, and at at twelve, the other failed too. Yvonne had a successful transplant at 14, however at age 24 her body began to reject the kidney.She explained how it is normal for an organ recipient to reject a kidney after ten years, however it is more difficult to get a transplant second-time around as the body’s immune system starts producing more antibodies.For the past 14 years, Yvonne has been on dialysis. She goes to the hospital three times a week, for three and a half hour sittings. She explains how her fluids are tightly restricted. Even if she is parched, she can’t drink more than 800mls a day. She compares it to “having a hangover every day”.A friend she met through Inishowen Gospel Choir, Tom Evans, sympathized with the day-to-day struggles Yvonne faced and amazingly, called Beaumount Hospital and asked if he could donate one of his kidneys to Yvonne. Unfortunately, due to Yvonne’s antibodies, the next kidney she gets must be a very precise match, greatly narrowing the scope of what she could be able to accept. However, Tom is still adamant that he wants to help Yvonne, and together they have found a very unique solution.Tom compares the database they found to a ‘dating website’ of sorts. Although Tom cannot directly donate to Yvonne, they will be paired up with another couple who would like to donate to each other – leading to a four way donation!On Tuesday they received news that there may be a possible matching pair who are interested in getting the donations underway. Their bloods are now being tested so see if they are compatible with the other couple.Yvonne has set up a GoFundMe page which has a goal of £5,000 – all of which will go towards Yvonne and Tom’s journey to England to carry out the donation.You can listen to Yvonne here: YVONNE AND TOM’S AMAZING FOUR-WAY KIDNEY DONATION BID was last modified: July 11th, 2016 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:kidneyorgan donationyvonne mc faddenlast_img read more


first_imgThe eight men killed in the crash.A solicitor for the man found guilty of dangerous driving causing the deaths of eight people in the Inishowen crash tragedy has dramatically tried to stop the inquest from going ahead.Ciaran MacLochlainn told Inishowen Coroner’s Court that the case could simply not go ahead without the evidence of Shaun Kelly. Mr Mac Lochlainn told the court, sitting in the Inishwowen Gateway Hotel in Buncrana, that Mr Kelly, now 27, had been at every court sitting during the case and was entitled to be at the inquest.He asked that Mr Kelly be brought to the inquest and allowed to give evidence saying it was “simply unfair” that it went ahead without him present.However coroner Dr John Madden refused the application saying that he decided what witnesses gave evidence at the inquest.He said that Mr Kelly remembered nothing about the accident on July 10th, 2010 saying that he could not answer any of the evidence if he had no memory of the events.Dr Madden said he was refusing the application but said he will have the objection noted.As the inquest started, members of the bereaved families asked who were entitled to ask questions as they had never been at an inquest before.Dr Madden said people could raise their hands from the floor and ask questions and they would be answered as best as they could.The first person to give evidence is Dr Gerry O’Dowd, chief pathologist at Letterkenny General Hospital.Dr Madden said the inquest, which is being heard before a jury of four women and three men, is expected to last up to three days.Those killed in the two car crash were Hugh Friel (66), Urris, Clonmany; Eamon McDaid (22), Ballymagan, Buncrana; Mark McLaughlin (21), Ballinahone, Fahan; Paul Doherty (19), Ardagh, Ballyliffin; Ciarán Sweeney (19), Ballyliffin; PJ McLaughlin (21), Rockstown, Burnfoot; James McEleney (23), Meenaduff, Clonmany, and Damien McLaughlin (21), Umricam, Buncrana.SOLICITOR ATTEMPTS TO STOP INISHOWEN CRASH INQUEST GOING AHEAD WITHOUT DRIVER was last modified: February 24th, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:crashdonegalInishoweninquestlast_img read more


first_imgRed Hughs Notes 14/04/2013Lotto & 100+ ClubThere was no jackpot winning sequence in this weeks Lotto draw but Richard Hume, Ard McCool and Joe Marley matched 3 numbers to win €25 each. Numbers drawn were 4,1,7,3,6,2,8,5. Next weeks Lotto jackpot is €2,150. The Lotto sellers in the coming weeks are: 20th April – Joe Carlin, 27th April – Eamonn Kelly, 4th May – Maurice O’Donnell and 11th May – Ollie Doherty. The winner of the 100+ Club draw this week was Conor Callaghan who wins €100. Thanks to all for their continued support of the weekly Lotto & 100+ Club.Seniors & Reserves The league season continued for both teams on Saturday away to Fanad Gaels. The reserves had a tough evening missing a few regulars and the game was very close in the first half but they had a bad start to the second period and never recovered. Final score: Red Hughs 0-8 Fanad 3-14. The seniors also had a tough game against a strong Fanad outfit but they played some good football and despite defeat there were plenty of positives to take into the next game. Final score: Fanad 1-11 Red Hughs 1-8.Both teams are fixed to play Carndonagh at home this Saturday 20th April with the senior at 7.00pm and reserve at 5.45pm. All come out and support the teams.Senior LadiesThe senior ladies played Carndonagh at home on Sunday and were beaten by a strong Carn side. There was a large turnout of girls for this game which is encouraging for the rest of the season. Their next game is this Sunday 21st April away to Buncrana at 12.00 Noon.Minor BoardU14 boys are fixed to play Muff at home this Wednesday 17th April at 7.00pm.The minors made the long journey to play Carndonagh on Friday last and were defeated for the first time this season. But they are still well in contention for league honours. Final score: Carndonagh 2-6 Red Hughs 0-5. Their next fixture is away to Moville next Tuesday 23rd April at 7.00pm. Underage training continues this Saturday from 11.00-12.00 noon for all boys and girls from U6 to U12/13. The U12/13 girls training continues on Saturday from 11.00-12.00 noon. All new players are welcome. Players are now required to wear gumshields at all training sessions and games.U14 girls training takes place at the pitch on Wednesday from 5.30pm to 7.00pm. All girls are asked to attend. Players born from January 1999 to form panel. All new players welcome. Girls to bring their own waterbottle/mouthguard/gloves. Contact Kate Bradley (086) 3421602 or Cathal Doherty (086) 3038286.Back of the Wall 5K ChallengeThis years ‘Back of the Wall Challenge’ 5k walk/run takes place this Sunday 21st April at 11.00am. Entry can be made on the day between 9.30 and 10.30am. €5 per adult/€3 per child. All are welcome. Check the Red Hughs Facebook page for more details and for training schedule. Johnny Brady ConcertCountry music star Johnny Brady will play live in Jackson Hotel on Friday 17th May in aid of Red Hughs GAA. Tickets are currently on sale priced at €15. All supporters and club members are encouraged to support this event.Circuit TrainingCircuit training classes take place in the clubhouse on Mondays and Thursdays. Classes are open to men and women of all fitness levels and are a great chance to meet your fitness goals giving a total body workout. Ladies only classes take place on Mondays at 6.00pm and 6.30pm on Thursdays. A mixed class for beginners to advanced takes place on Mondays at 7.00pm and Thursdays at 6.30pm. Classes are open to all within or outside the Red Hughs club. Contact Troy McCormick (087) 7501680 or Calvin Bradley (086) 2424248 for more details.Gaelic Life ArticleThere will be a feature article on Red Hughs in this weeks ‘Gaelic Life’ newspaper which will be out at the end of this week.GAA NEWS: RED HUGHS CLUB NOTES was last modified: April 15th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:RED HUGHS CLUB NOTESlast_img read more

Kyle Walker hails England ‘family’ and insists: ‘Anything is possible now’

first_img 3 The former Tottenham Hotspur man, who became the most expensive defender in the world last summer, was originally sceptical about playing in a back three this summer.However, his pace and power on the right hand side have allowed John Stones and Harry Maguire to express themselves on the ball.And the togetherness and unity which is spreading throughout the squad like wildfire could be crucial to taking the Three Lions all the way in Russia.“To play in a team like this with the lads, probably from the outside looking in you can probably see only 20 per cent of it,” he added. Getty Images 3 There is a real togetherness in the England squad which has not been seen for many years Kyle Walker has called playing with England ‘a joy’ and praised Gareth Southgate for rejuvenating the national team.A 2-0 victory in the World Cup quarter-final against Sweden has put the Three Lions just two games away from emulating the success of 1966. “But when you’re in the dressing room and you’re spending so much time with them, it’s a joy.“The group we’ve got as a whole, we’re serious on the pitch but when we’re off the pitch we have to have fun.“We’re family now. We’re family for this summer and we need to enjoy every second of it and be as one.”Tune into talkSPORT for LIVE commentary of England v Croatia: Wednesday July 11 – Kick Off 7PM BST Getty England have even managed to win a World Cup penalty shootout! 3 Getty Images England have already secured their highest ever finish at a World Cup Finals since 1990, where they eventually finished fourth under Bobby Robson.After crashing out of the group stages in 2014 and failing to go beyond the last eight in both Germany and Japan, the Manchester City man admitted there was a real feel-good factor around the camp.“Anything is possible with this team,” said Walker, speaking to talkSPORT’s Nigel Adderley,“The excitement, the enthusiasm, the determination is the dressing room is scary.“We all want to achieve big things with our country and to get to a semi-final is a step in the right direction, but hopefully it’s not one that’s not going to stop here.”When asked what has changed in the England set-up from previous major tournaments, Walker responded: “I think everything.“The manager has come in and put his stamp on it and I think he has to take a lot of the credit.“Not many people thought he could achieve this coming into the job with the experience he had, so he has to take a lot of the credit for where we are now.“He has been bold in his decisions and he’s stood by his decisions and he’s got rewards from it.“I think it also comes down to the lads as well – the determination and enthusiasm in each and every training session, and even watching videos and studying our opponents.“We all want to learn, we’re all excited to learn, it’s just been an absolute joy.” Gareth Southgate is masterminding England’s ruthless pursuit of World Cup glory in a waistcoat. Class last_img read more


first_imgThe Co Donegal man charged with dangerous driving causing the deaths of eight people in Inishowen in 2010 has sensationally pleaded guilty. Shaun Kelly arriving at Letterkenny Circuit court (c) North West NewspixThe trial of Shaun Kelly was due to begin today with defense barrister Peter Nolan saying it could last more than one week.Kelly, 25, of Hill Head, Buncrana appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Court as did the families of those who died in the crash outside Clonmany. Mr Kelly had initially pleaded not guilty to the charge shortly before 11m.A jury panel of six men and six woman was then sworn in.However when the case was due to commence, Mr Kelly asked to be re-arranged and changed his plea to guilty.Judge O’Hagan released Mr Kelly on his bail until December 9th. He ordered all the appropriate medical reports be carried out on Mr Kelly.Judge O’Hagan then addressed members of the families who had come to court.He told them “Something distressing but positive has happened and I hope it gives you some closure on the affair.”He then informed them of Mr Kelly’s decision to plead guilty.He then asked one member of each family to provide a victim impact statement to be presented in the future. He also asked each family to nominate one family member to read out that report at a future sitting.The men who died in the crash in Clonmany, Co Donegal, on July 11th, 2010 were Hugh Friel (66), Urris, Clonmany, Eamon McDaid (22) of Ballymagan, Buncrana; Mark McLaughlin, (21) of Ballinahone, Fahan; Paul Doherty (19), of Ardagh, Ballyliffin; Ciaran Sweeney (19), of Ballyliffin; PJ McLaughlin (21), of Rockstown, Burnfoot; James McEleney (23), of Meenaduff, Clonmany and Damien McLaughlin (21), of Umricam, Buncrana.BREAKING NEWS: MAN ACCUSED OF CAUSING INISHOWEN CRASH CHANGES PLEA TO GUILTY was last modified: July 22nd, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalInishowenpleads guiltyShaun Kellylast_img read more