Jagdeo discusses sugar workers’ plight with IMF team

first_imgAs sugar workers, their families and the wider communities continue to face the financial uncertainties experienced as a result of estate closures and general downsizing of the industry, their plight was a topic of discussion with the visiting International Monetary Fund (IMF) team and Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday.Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo meeting with an International Monetary Fund (IMF) team on WednesdayThat team is in Guyana to conduct an assessment of the country’s economy. Through an official statement, it was disclosed that Jagdeo spoke with IMF representatives on a range of matters, which included the impact on workers and the ripple effects that are being seen since estates were shuttered. For the last several months, Guyana Times has been meeting with residents, former Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) employees, and market sellers, who have collectively observed their despair over the fact that communities were once bright and booming with varying ranges of economic activity.On Wednesday, Jagdeo shared his views on the performance of the economy, and was quoted as having provided the IMF team with his and the Parliamentary Opposition’s analysis of key productive sectors.  Other topics discussed with IMF focused on agriculture, rice, construction, bauxite, mining and service sectors.The Leader of the Opposition was quoted as having outlined the vision of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), which foresees the prospects “of expansion and growth of the local economy, creating employment and generating opportunities for Guyanese, including those for wealth creation, among other plans – all of which could sustain, diversify and expand the traditional sectors, while supporting new productive sectors.”Jagdeo was accompanied by fellow PPP/C Parliamentarians Irfaan Ali and Juan Edghill at Wednesday’s meeting.Some 4000 workers from Skeldon, East Demerara (Enmore) and Rose Hall were retrenched after GuySuCo terminated their employment up to late 2017. Before then, over 1000 Wales Estate workers were similarly retrenched when the entity officially ceased operation in December 2016. These moves were in keeping with Government’s cost-cutting measures. However, the David Granger Administration was strongly criticised for not having a holistic approach to age-old industry, as many stakeholders, civil society groups including the private sector and opposition politicians called for social impact studies to be conduct before closures.In December 2017, the Special Purposes Unit (SPU), which falls under the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), officially took over operations at Skeldon, East Demerara (Enmore), Rose Hall and Wales. It was announced that SPU was overseeing divestment plans by way of either selling off or restarting factories with minimal staff to attract investors – both domestic and foreign.However, it was in March of this year that the SPU rehired about 100 cane harvesters out of thousands to work the fields at Rose Hall Estate. The Enmore Estate was also restarted to keep it running. However, the workers, residents and sellers at Wales have made repeated cries for Wales to be restarted, but many feel that this would be near impossible following reports that much of the factory’s equipment and material was transferred to other estates. Also in March, NICIL put thousands of acres of land from Wales, as well as machinery from various estates, on the market.It was only last month that Guyana Times visited the once famous ‘Friday Market’ at Wales, where sellers related their despair as they were packing up their stocks just before 13:00h, when this publication interviewed them. Sellers were packing up their stocks for the day. This was unlike before December 2016, when the market went later than 17:00h.Seller Jocelyn Boston, who has been vending for over seven years, has bemoaned her continued struggles, which increase with each passing since the closure of Wales.“It very hard, we ain’t getting the sales like before. You come out, just so you gotta pack back and go in. One and two residents coming out and buy; Uitvlugt workers don’t get pay here. They don’t spend here because they got other markets that they passing,” Boston had noted.“Is like you just want run away from here; is a hopeless place. Here nah got hope no more,” a female farmer and market vendor from Wales told Guyana Times in April.last_img read more

Drivers operating vehicles with “coloured” lights will face prosecution – Traffic Chief

first_imgDrivers who would have installed coloured lights on their vehicles or any other light that is not catered for in the country’s traffic laws will be charged and prosecuted.This is according to Deputy Police Commissioner and Traffic Chief, Linden Isles, who told Guyana Times that in many cases, traffic ranks would not be aware that certain vehicles have illegal lights unless it is during extreme darkness.Traffic Chief, Linden Isles“We have been successful in prosecutions in this regard. But I can say to you most persons will tend to take off the lights although in my mind some persons would normally replace those lights because many times you find that during the hours of darkness, some of these persons have these lights, but they don’t put them on all the time. Persons really just use them, at certain times they use these lights, not all the time.”He reiterated that in some cases, if a driver were to use such lights, it could affect other drivers utilising the roadways and that could result in serious, if not fatal, accidents.According to Isles, the traffic department will continue to intensify its efforts in curbing this growing trend that appears to take place country-wide.“We have ongoing enforcement against persons who would want to break the law and continue to break the law using these coloured lights. We know that the law clearly states that motor vehicles should have two white lights to the front visible from a reasonable distance. Once they are caught, they will be prosecuted.”Meanwhile, in relation to traffic offences being committed on the major roadways, such as the East Bank Demerara main highway (EBD), where there is usually a heavy buildup of traffic at certain hours, resulting in many drivers forming their own vehicle lanes, which is illegal, he explained that patrol ranks are on the lookout and will take action against those lawbreakers.“We have motorcyclists patrol along the roadway for those persons. Many times, you find persons because of a little hold-up, they would try to come out of the line to bore to secure a space. But we have motorcyclists and presently we have a reduction in that type of activity.”Additionally, the Traffic Chief noted that heavy-duty truck drivers still need to respect the timeframe that they are allotted to frequent the EBD roadway.“Between 07:00h and 09:00h in the morning they are not supposed to be on the East Bank. Any time after 09:00h, any time before 07:00h but not between that two-hour period. But most times, once we find that a truck being driven on the roadway within that time, most times the police would ask them to come off, pull off the road, pull them off the road until 09:00h.”last_img read more

Teachers got more under PPP Govt – GTU

first_img…accuses coalition of playing with teachers’ emotionsThe teachers’ strike continues, and the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) has said the nation’s educators had received more under the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Administration than what they currently get under this coalition Administration.GTU General Secretary Coretta McDonald addressing teachers on MondayGTU General Secretary Coretta McDonald, who has been at the helm of the leadership of that union and would have sat in several negotiations with both the previous and current administrations, made this statement to teachers on Monday.McDonald told scores of teachers assembled in the GTU auditorium at Woolford Avenue, Georgetown that it was under the PPP that teachers, for the first time, received additional benefits apart from a salary increase.“If we look at what transpired under the PPP Government when they were in power and what is transpiring now…remember we didn’t want the five percent. We made noise about it. But with the five percent we got a whole lot of non-salary benefits,” she said, to loud applause from the large gathering of teachers.She continued, “For the first time in the history of this country, our teachers were able to get clothing allowance, duty free concessions, and allowances for additional qualifications. While the PPP Government was in power — and you know I don’t want to sound political, but we have to make the comparison because of all the untruths they peddling out there…”The GTU official went as far as to say that the current David Granger-led administration is playing with teachers’ emotions “to say to us that this thing is just three-and-something years since they in the Government. And this is the party that most of the teachers supported. So is our party. ‘Our party’ don’t work when you go in the market; ‘our party’ ain’t working when you have to pay rent; ‘our party’ don’t work when you have to face the bank to repay your mortgage; so ‘our party’ dead,” she declared.Meanwhile, GTU President Mark Lyte debunked claims that he has political ties to any one party, much less the PPP. He said at one time he was accused of being associated with the People’s National Congress (PNC), and now he is being accused of being a supporter of the Opposition PPP.“It seems as though every time you stand up for a just cause people put a political spin to it! I don’t have party card from either party or any third party; I represent teachers, and that is what I will continue to do,” he asserted.Last week, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo looked into Government’s spending, listing several areas where it can cut back and use that money instead to pay teachers a better living wage.Although Government and the GTU are still at loggerheads over increases for teachers, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary feels the matter could be resolved.The former President said that if Government is to cut back on its wasteful spending, it would manage to cover a reasonable increase for the country’s teachers.“I believe that there is money to fund a lot of which the teachers have been asking for without increasing overall expenditure in the budget…” Jadgeo reasoned.Jagdeo pointed to a few examples of where Government’s bill has increased since 2015, in many cases double what it used to be before.During the meeting with President David Granger, Jagdeo said he pointed out to him that the Government has a corrupt contract, where an individual is paid $14 million a month for a house at Sussex Street, Albouystown.“If you terminate that contract alone, that could fund the annual clothing allowance for all…of the teachers; you just have to terminate that one project for that,” Jagdeo said.The Opposition Leader has debunked claims that the teachers and their union are acting unreasonably. He said they have been waiting for three years to meet with Government.In providing a further breakdown of how the demands of the teachers could be met, Jagdeo said he has even taken a look at the budget estimates, to come up with how spending could be curtailed to facilitate the request.In comparing seven items from the current expenditure column between 2014 and 2018, Jagdeo said there are enough monies that are being wasted that could be reduced and used to meet the demands.He pointed to the celebration of national and other events which in 2014 had been budgeted at $477 million now in 2018 being budgeted at $911 million. For dietary (food) items, $3.6 billion had been budgeted then, but in 2018 it is now $5.2 billion. The other category (operating expenses) showed that $1.8 billion had been budgeted in 2014, but in 2018 it costs $2.6 billion.“If you add those three, that’s $2.8 billion increase alone,” Jagdeo pointed out.Further, for travel, in 2014 it was $1.4 billion, and it is now $2.1 billion. This indicates a growth of $732 million per annum. As for vehicle spares and service, in 2014 it was budgeted at $853 million, but in 2018 it has moved up to $1.34 billion. ‘Other transport and travel’ was $874 million in 2014, but has now gone to $1.3 billion. Rental of buildings in 2014 was $795 million, but has now gone to $1.39 billion. This totals $2.2 billion, he explained.“In these seven heads alone, we have increased expenditure of $5.1 billion. We could easily cut these and find money to pay the teachers’ wages and restore the one month allowance to the Discipline Forces, pay the debunching for the teachers, housing allowance, all of these things… just here,” he explained.last_img read more

Chelsea name Zola as Sarri’s right-hand man

first_imgHe also won the Super Cup, two FA Cups and the League Cup.“For me it is an amazing thing. I am very willing to work hard because it is going to be a difficult challenge but I am pleased to be here, and to work hard with Maurizio to be successful,” Zola said.“It would be great to be successful with Maurizio and for the club and I will give my best, as I did in the past as a player, so I will give my best in my new position.“I am very much looking forward to the challenge in general. I would love us to start well and we are all very excited to start this new adventure.”Zola also played club football for Napoli and Parma and won 35 caps for Italy.As a coach, he has managed West Ham, Watford and Birmingham City who he left in April 2017 with the team just above the relegation zone.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Back at the Bridge: Gianfranco Zola © AFP / IAN KINGTONLONDON, United Kingdom, Jul 19 – Gianfranco Zola was Wednesday named as assistant coach to new manager Maurizio Sarri, marking a return to the club where he spent seven years as a player, the Premier League outfit announced.Zola, 52, played for the Londoners from 1996 until 2003, scoring 80 goals, including the winner in the 1998 European Cup Winners Cup final.last_img read more

Revealed: New look ŠKODA Octavia RS arriving at DMG Motors

first_imgDetails of ŠKODA’s high powered Octavia RS have been revealed as they launch in Irish showrooms this month.This model will be making an appearance in the showrooms of ŠKODA’s main Donegal dealer – DMG Motors outside Donegal Town this May. Starting at €34,450. ŠKODA have maintained a great balance of space and functionality coupled with power and performance. The Octavia RS in particular enjoys something of a cult following in Ireland and has been a huge success for the ŠKODA brand here. Now in its third generation, the Octavia RS sports a completely new front section with an even wider grille. New LED headlights replace the Xenon lights and LED technology also powers the rear tail lights as well as providing illumination for the registration plate. The front light arrangement gives the Octavia a new and more aggressive styling. Compared to the standard Octavia, the RS squats 15mm lower and can be fitted at each corner with wheels of up to nineteen inches in diameter. The rear wheels track has been increased by 30mm, compared to the previous version, for improved road holding and cornering ability. The interior has also been refreshed with new seating upholsteries and instrument cluster. The Octavia RS will be powered by the familiar 2.0 TDI, 184bhp Diesel unit that consumes just 4.5 litres of fuel per 100km on the combined cycle. The 2.0 TDI power unit is extremely versatile and can be mated to a 6-speed manual or DSG transmission; or for even more traction a DSG 4×4 version is also available. The Octavia RS is also offered in a Combi Estate version. The new Octavia RS enjoys upgraded infotainment systems. The Columbus is the best system available in the ŠKODA range and boasts a 9.2” colour touch screen. Compared to the previous Octavia the biggest advancements are in the area of connectivity. The Octavia RS model comes as standard with Infotainment online allowing the driver to access news, weather and parking data. Care connect is available as an option for the first time in the Octavia and provides emergency call function and remote access to your vehicle via the drivers smart phone. Through the drivers smartphone they can view their vehicle on a map and also activate the vehicles honk and flash function in order to locate the car in a busy car park for example. Speaking at the launch of the RS in Vienna, Cathal Kealey, PR Manager, ŠKODA Ireland, said: “We are really excited about the next generation of Octavia RS models. Incredibly the outgoing Octavia was the fourth bestselling car in Ireland for the first three months of this year. “The Octavia RS is a car that appeals to a broad range of people from plumbers to barristers and from students to pensioners. 10% of all the Octavia models we sell are RS versions. In estate version, 20% of all Combis we sell are RS versions. “The Octavia RS is highly affordable for all with low rate PCP finance from just 1.9% APR. The RS story continues later in the year when we will unveil the most powerful RS yet, a 2.0 TSI petrol powered RS with 245bhp.” Call to DMG Motors Ltd. this May to see the superb new ŠKODA Octavia RS in action:DMG Motors Ltd, Clar Road, Donegal, Co. DonegalTel: (+353) 074 97 21396Mobile: (+353) 087 9097204 Web: www.dmgmotors.ieRevealed: New look ŠKODA Octavia RS arriving at DMG Motors was last modified: May 2nd, 2017 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:carsDMG Motors Ltdmotoringoctavia rsSkodalast_img read more

DONE DEAL! Everton sign Jordan Pickford from Sunderland for club-record £30m

first_img1 Everton have completed the signing of goalkeeper Jordan Pickford from Sunderland for a club record £30million.The 23-year-old, who is currently with the England Under-21s preparing for the European Championships in Poland, has agreed a five-year deal with the Merseyside club.News that the two clubs had agreed a £30m fee for the youngster emerged earlier this week, with Everton and Sunderland confirming the deal on Thursday afternoon. Pickford told evertonfc.com: “It’s great to sign for the club.“Last season was my first in the Premier League so to get this opportunity with Everton now, to be able to go forward with my career and show everyone what I can do is unbelievable.”Pickford has joined the Toffees for an initial £25million which could rise to £30million with add-ons, which would eclipse the £28million deal the Merseysiders struck with Chelsea for striker Romelu Lukaku in 2014.Having suffered relegation with Sunderland, Pickford is glad to be back in the top-flight so soon.He said: “It’s a great club, a massive club and I think it’s a great opportunity and the right time for me to come to Everton and show what I can do.“This is an exciting time for the club and for me, too, with the ambition being shown. I just want to be the best I can be to help.” 🙌🏼 | #EFC have signed goalkeeper Jordan Pickford for a Club-record fee on a 5-year deal! #WelcomeJordanhttps://t.co/sozzcEO86r pic.twitter.com/2bSCRfL0Wa— Everton (@Everton) June 15, 2017//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Everton’s new record signing Jordan Pickford last_img read more

England rugby players ‘should behave like footballers’, says RFU chief exec

first_img“They all wanted to win and were planning to do their best, which they did, but there was something nice about the attitude of the players.“One key thing I liked about it was that many of the players were good role models for the sport.“If you were a young kid watching it, you would be impressed by it.“That is great for football and that is what we need to do and I think we do already.” 5 5 Southgate has been hailed around the world for bringing a positive atmosphere to the dressing room as he led England to a first football World Cup semi-final since 1990.Conversely, the rugby team have lost five of their last six tests and Jones could face the sack if results do not improve in the upcoming autumn internationals.Brown said: “I was impressed by the whole situation. Southgate did a brilliant job and England were fantastic, representing our nation brilliantly.“What impressed me most was the attitude and culture of the squad. “There was a humility and modesty about the footballers. highlights Boxing Belter Rocky vs Drago: Relive a classic as Balboa exacts revenge on Apollo’s killer Rugby players should look to footballers for advice on how to be role models, according to the RFU’s chief executive.Steve Brown praised the job done by England football team boss Gareth Southgate at the World Cup in Russia and called on his counterpart Eddie Jones to institute a similar culture. live cricket The most unbelievable UFC knockouts of the decade, with McGregor, Silva and Holm South Africa vs England first Test live on talkSPORT 2 The football team’s cohesion was crucial to their progress at the World Cup Brown has been RFU CEO since September 2017 5 England’s recent performances at Rugby World Cups are a concern after reaching back-to-back finals in 2003 and 2007.A disappointing quarter-final defeat to France in 2011 was followed by a complete capitulation on home soil four years later, losing to Wales and Australia at Twickenham as they became the first hosts to be knocked out in the group stages.Jones, enduring a rocky 2018 after winning 24 of his first 25 matches in charge, will speak with Southgate ahead of the autumn fixtures.The Australian coach faces South Africa, two former sides Japan and Australia and a huge test against world champions New Zealand. PLAN 5 PLANS Best clips, calls and talkSPORT moments of 2019, feat Hearn, McCoist and more center_img Frank Warren names four dream fights he wants to make in 2020, including Fury vs AJ England’s 2015 World Cup disaster spelled the end for Jones’ predecessor, Stuart Lancaster There were calls for Southgate to be knighted after taking England to the final four in Russia LATEST SPORTS NEWS Canelo, Joshua and Wilder pick up prestigious Ring Magazine awards for 2019 Jones is under pressure after losing five of his last six matches, including three defeats in the 2018 Six Nations KO KINGS AJ insists he was serious about sparring Fury – ‘I might batter him around the ring’ Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib officially announced with date and venue confirmed Watch the top seven KOs of the year, including Wilder and Chisora ANOTHER ONE MONEY CELEBRATION Forbes list reveals how much Mayweather, Ronaldo and Messi earned this decade 5 BRUTALITY Brown continued: “Southgate did a brilliant job and England were fantastic – representing our nation brilliantly.“They deserve all the compliments they’ve had.“If there are lessons to be learned and discussions to be had, I’m sure Eddie will have those. He knows Southgate pretty well.”“I’d like to inspire the nation as much as the football guys did as we head into the 2019 World Cup.”last_img read more

Around Whittier

first_imgNORWALK — A 31-year-old Compton man was identified Monday as the victim of a homicide at 2 a.m. Sunday that stemmed from an altercation between men in two cars stopped at Dumont Avenue and Excelsior Drive. Enrique Gutierrez was shot after the passengers in the two cars got into an argument, said Deputy Luis Castro of the sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau. One of the passengers pulled out a handgun and shot Gutierrez in the upper body, Castro said. Russian musicians to perform at library AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREThe top 10 theme park moments of 2019 SANTA FE SPRINGS — Santa Fe Springs City Library will host Moscow Nights, a trio of Russian musicians, for its First Friday event this month. Moscow Nights perform humorous songs, dance numbers and other songs representing the diversity of Russian culture. Admission and refreshments are free. The event will be held at 7 p.m. Friday at the library, 11700 E. Telegraph Road. For more information, call (562) 868-7738. Free fraud-prevention seminar set Friday LA MIRADA — A free seminar on fraud prevention will be held from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Friday at the La Mirada Activity Center, 13810 La Mirada Blvd. A panel of experts will discuss home improvement and repairs, patients’ rights, identity theft, consumer protection and financial scams. For reservations, call (909) 860-5560. Lectures to address home maintenance WHITTIER — “Home Maintenance Series for Seniors,” a six-lecture series, will focus on saving money, avoiding scams and handling problems. The class will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Tuesdays between Oct. 18 and Nov. 22 at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, Flo & Frank L. Scott Conference Center, 12401 Washington Blvd. For more information, call (562) 698-0811, Ext. 2847. Suspect in kidnapping arrested; 2 found safe LA MIRADA — Authorities arrested a man Monday who earlier in the day allegedly kidnapped his former girlfriend and her daughter, officials said. Abel Medina, 39, was arrested as he was leaving a motel room in the 13300 block of Lambert Road in Whittier following the alleged kidnapping, which occurred about 12:15 a.m. in the 14000 block of Mansa Drive in La Mirada, said sheriff’s Sgt. Don Manumaleuna. Linda Martinez, 39, and Destiny Martinez, 11, were found unharmed in the motel room, Manumaleuna said. Children safe after mother captured GLENDALE — A relieved father was reunited with his two children Sunday after they were allegedly abducted from their Glendale home by their mother, who was caught in a Pico Rivera coin-operated laundry, police said. The children were reportedly in good condition. Rosanna Remey, who had recently pleaded guilty to child endangerment, and her two children, ages 6 and 5, were spotted inside the laundry at 12:45 p.m. by a resident who was aware there was an Amber Alert for the trio, said Glendale police Sgt. Tom Lorenz. The children were taken about 8 a.m. Saturday from 724 N. Isabel St., where they were staying with their father and grandmother, Lorenz said. Remey told the children they were leaving and allegedly pushed the grandmother to the ground, he said. When the grandmother attempted to keep the suspect from taking the children, Remey allegedly struck her several times. Remey was arrested last Monday and pleaded guilty to two counts of child endangerment, Lorenz said. She was sentenced to 15 days in jail but was released after two days, he said. She had a pending court date set for Wednesday. Remey was expected to be charged with kidnapping and assault, police said. — From staff reports160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Raiders elevate LB Justin Phillips, release WR Ryan Grant

first_imgALAMEDA — The Raiders released wide receiver Ryan Grant Wednesday in order to elevate linebacker Justin Phillips from the practice squad.Grant had just four receptions for 14 and was inactive in favor of J.J. Nelson in Sunday’s 34-14 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. In Week 2 against the Kansas City Chiefs, Grant had one reception in five targets for a loss of two yards.With Grant’s release, the Raiders have five wide receivers on the roster — Tyrell Williams, Hunter Renfrow, Nelson, Dwayne …last_img read more

Weekly Wrapup: Google vs. China, And More…

first_imgrichard macmanus Weekly Poll: Why Is Apple Building a Massive, $1 Billion Data CenterA First Look at Apple’s Massive Data CenterMicrosoft to Government CIOs: Choice is HereThat’s a wrap for another week! Enjoy your weekend everyone. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Internet of ThingsEveryware: Interview with Adam Greenfield, Part 1Why The iPad May Save The Internet FridgeAre Modern Web Apps Killjoys? The Truth about Mobile Application StoresMobile Cloud Computing: $9.5 Billion by 2014Our Hottest New iPhone App Discoveries: February EditionMore Mobile Web coverageCheck Out The ReadWriteWeb iPhone App We recently launched the official ReadWriteWeb iPhone app. As well as enabling you to read ReadWriteWeb while on the go or lying on the couch, we’ve made it easy to share ReadWriteWeb posts directly from your iPhone, on Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow the RWW team on Twitter, directly from the app. We invite you to download it now from iTunes. Never Mind the Valley: Here’s Washington DCWhat’s In A Name? For Startups, It’s CrucialStartup Visa Introduced: Is it a No-Brainer?ReadWriteEnterprise Our channel ReadWriteEnterprise is devoted to ‘enterprise 2.0’ and using social software inside organizations. More Internet of Things coverageReal-Time WebGoogle Takes First Shot at Facebook Search ResultsHow the Real-Time Web Will Impact Social ChangeBuzrr Wants to Be Tweetmeme for Google BuzzMore Real-Time Web coverage. Don’t miss the next wave of opportunity on the Web supported by real-time technology! Get ReadWriteWeb’s report, The Real-Time Web and its Future.ReadWriteStart Our channel ReadWriteStart, sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark, is dedicated to profiling startups and entrepreneurs. Tags:#Features#web#Weekly Wrap-ups Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting The big news of the week was Google’s efforts to remove censorship from its search results in China – read on for our coverage and analysis of this news. We also continued our exploration of the significant Internet trends of 2010, including Real-Time Web, Mobile Web and Internet of Things.Note: We’ve refreshed the format for our longest running feature, the Weekly Wrapup. It now focuses more explicitly on the key trends that ReadWriteWeb is tracking in 2010, as well as giving you the highlights from the leading story of the week. Let us know your thoughts on the new format.Story of the Week: Google vs. ChinaChinese Hacker Behind Google Attack FoundDespite Tough Talk, Google Still Censoring in ChinaItaly Attacks Web Democracy with Google Convictions A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Are The Fortune 100 Now Beginning To Embrace Social Media Tools?Is Jive Software Taking Steps Toward An IPO?ReadWriteCloud Our channel ReadWriteCloud, sponsored by VMware and Intel, IS dedicated to Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… More China coverage and analysisHistoric Conversation in NYC: Ai Weiwei, Jack Dorsey & Richard MacManus On March 15, at the prestigious Paley Center in New York City, a conversation will take place between Chinese digital activist and artist Ai Weiwei, Twitter co-founder and chairman Jack Dorsey, and yours truly, Richard MacManus, ReadWriteWeb founder and editor in chief. The moderator will be Orville Schell, the director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society in New York.The topic of the event is the emergence of digital activism for fostering positive social change. The onsite event is invitation only, but it will be live streamed exclusively on ReadWriteWeb on Monday, March 15, at 6:30 PM EST (-5 GMT), from the Paley Center for Media, New York City.Mobile Weblast_img read more