Middletown Democrat Sparks Firestorm

first_img“The comments made (by) Jeana Sager shouldn’t be said on camera or behind closed doors, because they are unequivocally wrong. Her false and demeaning assertions do not represent the values of the Monmouth County Democratic Party or the dozens of Democratic candidates trying to better their community across our county,” county chairman David Brown said in a statement Sept. 21. “Our party will not stand for or support this disgraceful way of thinking, which is why we are refusing all resources to the Sager campaign and formally withdrawing the endorsement of the Monmouth County Democrats. Let it be a clear message: The Monmouth County Democratic Party will not stand for this disgraceful behavior now or in the future.” “But what constitutes a criminal?” Sager asked. “Because to me, a lot of police are criminals.” “Just saying ‘a lot of cops are criminals’ is not something that I could endorse or be part of or be comfortable campaigning with,” he said. Saying “a lot of police are criminals,” she can be seen standing outside the Middletown Township municipal building and offering her views on drug policy to members of the public, which included at least one journalist and marijuana advocates who had spoken at the township committee workshop meeting earlier. Sager’s remarks, first reported by More Monmouth Musings, a website friendly to Republicans, ignited a political firestorm and threw the upcoming contest for two seats on the governing body into turmoil. Her fellow Democrats denounced her comments, with even her running mate, Sean F. Byrnes, saying he was suspending his candidacy over what she said. Members of the township committee, including Mayor Tony Perry, and the president of the Middletown PBA issued statements critical of her as well. Perry reacted Sept. 21 to Sager’s statement by saying the Democrat had “chosen to double down on her feelings and comments.” Sager can be heard talking on the roughly 15 1⁄2-minute-long video saying that, if elected to the township committee, “I would love to start addressing drug policy.” For instance, she offered her support for needle exchange programs. In addition to angering her party, Sager also was criticized by the leader of the police union in the township. Middletown PBA Local 124 president Adam Colfer said her comments “are completely unacceptable.” “All across the country members of law enforcement are continuing to face the real threat of physical violence, so the last thing we would expect is to be branded ‘criminals’ by someone who wants to serve in elected office,” he said in a statement released Sept. 20. “Candidate Sager should apologize immediately to the Middletown Police Department, and to law enforcement ever ywhere, for her hateful rhetoric against the very people who have chosen to take on the responsibility of protecting our neighborhoods.” After the video’s release, Democrats sought to distance themselves from Sager. The leadership at the party’s local and county levels issued statements on the same day saying they had pulled their support from her. “Ms. Sager appears to be using her candidacy as a platform for her offensive and dangerous agenda that would be nothing short of harmful and detrimental to Middletown and its future,” he said. According to More Monmouth Musings, the video of Sager speaking was shot by “marijuana activist” Edward Grimes, who put it on Facebook. The website published the entire video as well as an excerpt of it. In a statement Sept. 20, Deputy Mayor Tony Fiore called Sager’s comments about police “disgusting and highly offensive.” But he said he was “equally disturbed with Ms. Sager’s covert plan, if elected, to decriminalize drugs and create safe injection sites and needle exchanges within this community.” MIDDLETOWN – Jeana Sager, a Democrat running for Middletown Township Committee, remained in the race despite bipartisan calls for her to drop out after video surfaced last week of her making anti-police comments in June. “Nothing will change unless there is a court order,” she said by email. But in her statement, Sager sought to turn the tables on her critics, particularly members of the township committee. Sager, who could not be reached for comment, appeared to be referring to an incident involving officer Carl F. Roth, who allegedly hit a motorcyclist in Ashland, New York, in August. The victim was not from New York, but Canada. Sager, though, sought to inject gender politics into the race by noting she was the only female candidate of the four people running for township committee. “It is a sad state of affairs when Americans cannot have honest conversations about timely issues such as police violence and the racist and prejudicial drug war, which is killing our youth, without fear of political crucifixion by both political parties,” she said. “The off-the-cuff conversation, which occurred in June in a parking lot, was not a prepared speech. I was not discussing a Middletown campaign platform. I was talking about issues that impact families in my community. My opponents held on to this information while they figured out how to hurt my candidacy, a move which clearly shows ulterior motives rather than being the forthright and honest people they would have you believe they are.” But Byrnes said he had suspended his campaign. Recognizing that she is running in a Republican town, she said she has to be “careful how I speak.” “We have withdrawn our endorsement of her candidacy for Township Committee and will commit no resources to her campaign, which we have asked her to end,” he said in a statement Sept. 21. “We are proud of our candidate Sean Byrnes who issued a statement setting for th his absolute disagreement with her comments and thanking the police for their service. In addition, we have spoken to county and state Democratic leaders who are in complete agreement with us.” By Philip Sean Curran “With regards to my reference to police crime, Mayor Perry, who is calling for my resignation, is one of the biggest hypocrites who sat silent along with Republican candidates Rick Hibell and Kevin Settembrino, when a Middletown police officer recently almost killed a New York resident while driving under the influence and fleeing the scene of a severe accident,” Sager said. “I encourage people to take a deep breath and focus on what was actually said about police violence and not what people say was said. If we can’t have an honest conversation about police, some of whom act criminally, then we are not protecting our citizens or the police who risk their lives for us.” Later, she said she wants to remove drug users from the criminal justice “realm” and said she did not want to stigmatize drug users as having an illness. In response, Sager released a statement Sept. 21 in which she did not apologize for remarks about police, called the controversy an “immature distraction” and said she was being attacked for her views. At this stage, Sager and Byrnes will remain on the ballot as the opponents to Republican incumbents Kevin M. Settembrino and Rick W. Hibell. Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon said Sept. 23 that ballots have been printed. “There are plenty of people that I hang around with that are drug users and they use drugs recreationally and responsibly,” said Sager. Michael DiCicco, chairman of the Middletown Democratic Party, called her remarks about police “inaccurate, unfounded and hur tful.” In comments captured on video outside Town Hall in June, Middletown Township Committee Democratic candidate Jeana Sager made an anti-police comment that has sparked intense reaction from leaders of her own party, the PBA and the mayor. Democratic running mate Sean Byrnes has since suspended his bid.Photo courtesy YouTube “These liberal reckless polices have no place within our town, our county or anywhere in our state,” he said. “Our children should not be taught that it’s OK to inject drugs because we make it safe or be forced to walk over (hypodermic) needles on the way to school or while playing in our parks as children in San Francisco and other social utopias are being forced to do.” At one point, one man in the small group calls for getting the “criminal speakers” out of high schools who deliver opioid awareness messages. “People have always come up with reasons to silence and push women out of politics,” she said in her statement. “Just because I want to have tough conversations about difficult issues, some private and some public, doesn’t mean I will be bullied out of this space by the very cowards who think they are in a better position to ignore these issues to the detriment of our community.”last_img read more

Minor League Baseball season right around corner, deadline for NDBA reg is March 28

first_imgThere more new happening with the Nelson and District Baseball Association than just a new baseball season.The Heritage City organization is changing logos, welcoming the new Stellar Jay logo for the upcoming campaign. The logo was created by Big Cranium Design in Nelson.”We have gone to the Stellar’s Jay as part of the new look Nelson Baseball Association,” said Larry Martell of the NDBA.”The Stellar’s jay is very common here in the mountains of Nelson and is a very playful and smart bird.  We see the birds hanging out at Lions and Queen Elizabeth ball parks all the time making lots of noise and looking for discarded sunflower seeds.’Registration for the upcoming season is fully underway with just a week remaining for kids to sign up. Thursday (March 28) is the final day for registration with West Kootenay baseball season beginning April 15 at Queen Elizabeth and Lions Parks.”We are expecting many of the younger players in T-ball and rookie, that are under eight years olds, to send in their registration very close to the registration deadline,” Martel explains.Martel said NDBA usually has nine teams for player 5 to 16 years old. The Little League Association plays in a West Kootenay league with teams from Trail, Castlegar, Beaver Valley and Grand Forks for kids nine to 16.  The younger players, under eight play, only practice and play games in Nelson at the new Lions Park diamond.”This looks to be an real exciting season with the new Lions Park baseball diamond coming on line,” Martel said.”The parents and players will really like playing at this new diamond, a lot of work and money went into the new facility.”For more information go to http://nelsonbaseball.calast_img read more

Benzema sets the trend

first_imgLaLiga is missing a goal. So far in the championship 685 goals have been scored, which supposes an average of 2.54. If this trend continues When the championship ends, the 964 will be around. A lower figure than the previous season (983) and the last ten. One of the reasons is in the scoring baggage of the First Division strikers, whose contribution corresponds less and less to the total number of goals scored.Although Benzema was labeled a low-scoring forward, lack of goal is a common symptom in recent seasons in the tips. Although, this lack seems to have diminished in Karim Benzema, who has become the second top scorer in the competition in the last two campaigns LaLiga forwards have gone from scoring from 60.98% of goals in 15-16 (636 of 1,118 scored) to 54% currentl. They go 370 out of 685, but the relationship points to around 520 LaLiga ‘9’ targets, the lowest number in the last decade.Goals for demarcation 2019-2020370 (54%)224 (32.7%)79 (11.53%) Belgium2.82 2015-2016636 (60.98%)289 (27.71%)89 (8.53%) The loss of goal is notable in the First Division. Statistics point to the fact that for the second consecutive year the thousand goals were not reached in the 380 games. Last season he stayed at 964. Although this drop in goals already came from 17-18, it went to 1,024 tanos from 1,118 from 16-17. Of the 10 best leagues according to the UEFA ranking, Spain is the seventh with the best scoring average per match (2.54). They are surpassed by Germany (3.25), the Netherlands (3.08), Italy (2.91), Belgium (2.82), England (2.72) and Ukraine (2.61).Average goal per game in the top ten leagues 2018-2019549 (55.85%)283 (28.79%)123 (12.51%) Italy2.91 England2.72 ForwardsMidfieldersDefenses France2.52 SuspendersGoals per game 2017-2018592 (57.81%)298 (29.10%)104 (10.15%) * Own goals are not taken into account. 2016-2017562 (50.27%)400 (35.78%)134 (11.99%) Germany3.25 Messi, despite being the LaLiga top scorer, has lowered his scoring average this season. He would have to make a great final stretch of the championship to go from the current 19 goals to the 36 or 34 achieved in the last two seasons. Aspas, Spain’s top scorer, has also lowered his performance in front of goal. He has 9 for the 20 and 22 achieved in the past league editions. Ukraine2.61 Spain2.54 Holland3.08 Portugal2.42 Russia2.38last_img read more

Villas-Boas rethinks the soccer calendar until 2022

first_imgProductive confinementVillas-Boas does not stop working from home. Soccer takes up a lot of his time: he talks to his players and is also taking advantage of his stay at home to gather ideas by reading the latest book published by Allegri, a former Juventus coach. “I try to stay in touch with the players. Several are still in Marseille. We had a program prepared for the first fifteen days. Some have easily found the training devices and others live in apartments and it is more difficult, but the important thing is their health. Everyone is well and their families too, “he stressed.If he is normally in charge of giving work and teaching his players, now it is his children who “keep him in shape”. “They give me work. If I put homework on them? That’s the big challenge. Now all parents are teachers. I give you some history, some math … The first week was tough, but now they are better, “revealed the coach. This issue qualified him as “secondary” to all the problems caused by the coronavirus. The mister is living the confinement in Portugal, along with his family, and from there he wanted to send encouragement to the health workers who work to help those affected by the virus. “I thought it was important to pass this on to them (their children). Doctors are true heroes. I hope all this happens as soon as possible, “he said. André Villas-Boas, coach of Olympique de Marseille, raised a revolutionary idea regarding how to adapt the schedule of the different competitions after the break caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “We are thinking that the best option would be to end this season in November or December and in 2021, start the season with the calendar year to end in 2022, on the eve of the Qatar World Cup (November 21 to December 18, 2022). Then we will have to return to a normal schedule, “explained the Portuguese coach. in an interview with Radio Monte-Carlo (RMC).The idea was proposed days ago by Jean Pierre Riviere, president of Nice, in an interview at L’Equipe. “My idea is that if this tournament has been uniquely scheduled then we adapt already based on the problems we are facing today. I therefore suggest taking as much time as we need to finish the current season.”last_img read more

UAE develops jiujitsu as national sport, holds major event in Tokyo

first_imgZlatan Ibrahimovic has first MLS hat trick, Galaxy rally The UAE’s focus on the sport has been led by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan — the powerful crown prince of the emirate of Abu Dhabi — for more than 10 years. Jiujitsu has been officially designated as the national sport of the emirates.The crown prince appreciates jiujitsu’s educational values, such as respect for others, self-confidence, health and self-discipline, according to Mansour Al Dhaheri, a board member of the federation. “Sometimes in the Arab world, people are not [necessarily] time-conscious. Jiujitsu can help [promote] discipline” in the UAE, he said.Having introduced the sport to the public school curriculum, Abu Dhabi has more than 76,000 students — ranging from grades 6 to 12 — learning jiujitsu, the federation said.Al Khoori started jiujitsu about nine years ago at school and has acquired a blue belt. “I can concentrate on studying more after practice. I cannot spend a day without jiujitsu training,” the female university student said.Al Khoori also values the health benefits. “In our country, obesity is a big issue for women, particularly after marriage and pregnancy,” she said, stressing she is determined to keep fit by continuing practicing jiujitsu after marriage.ADVERTISEMENT Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anew Despite the intense heat in the capital, about 900 male and female jiujitsu practitioners from 44 nations gathered at Ota-City General Gymnasium in Ota Ward.“Tokyo is not hot at all compared to my country,” said Ashwaq Al Khoori, a 20-year-old participant from the UAE.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSAfter winning title, time for LA Tenorio to give back to Batangas folkSPORTSTim Cone still willing to coach Gilas but admits decision won’t be ‘simple yes or no’The Tokyo competition was the first leg of the 2018-19 season’s Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu Jitsu World Tour, the annual series organized by the UAE federation in cities including Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Abu Dhabi and London.At the venue — which displayed huge national flags of both the UAE and Japan — bouts were held in categories divided by gender, weight and belt. Athletes demonstrated skillful techniques that forced their opponents into admitting defeat. Lacson: Calamity fund cut; where did P4 billion go? LATEST STORIES ‘High crimes and misdemeanors’: Trump impeachment trial begins Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award Report: Disney dropping the ‘Fox’ from movie studio names TOKYO — A major international jiujitsu competition was held Sunday in Tokyo under the auspices of the United Arab Emirates’ federation for the sport, as the wealthy Gulf state is increasingly committed to promoting the martial art to help promote such values as discipline, self-defense and health in its society.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Saud Al Naqbi, a 20-year-old male athlete with a white belt from the UAE, loves the spiritual aspect of the sport. “Jiujitsu is a competition of minds, not bodies. What matters is how you use your mind.”The UAE federation is considering interacting with the Japanese government and Olympic authorities in the hope that jiujitsu will be accepted as a demonstration sport at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Trump assembles a made-for-TV impeachment defense team MOST READ DepEd’s Taal challenge: 30K students displaced In fight vs corruption, Duterte now points to Ayala, MVP companies as ‘big fish’ Putin’s, Xi’s ruler-for-life moves pose challenges to West Palace OKs total deployment ban on Kuwait OFWs View commentslast_img read more

Victolero stumped by freethrow disparity vs Ginebra: ‘We were more aggressive’

first_imgJapeth Aguilar embraces role, gets rewarded with Finals MVP plum Victolero said his team was more aggressive than Ginebra and yet the Hotshots had 27 lesser attempts from the free throw line after the Gin Kings went 32-of-45.“I think we need to go through the eye of the needle. That’s what we talked about before the series started that this is not an easy series. We had a chance earlier but I guess the game was really for them and also they deserved to win because they also worked for it,” Victolero told reporters after his team dropped a 107-103 decision in a game the Hotshots were poised to sweep the Gin Kings after taking an 18-point lead.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSJapeth Aguilar wins 1st PBA Finals MVP award for GinebraSPORTSGolden State Warriors sign Lee to multiyear contract, bring back Chriss“It’s just that we really got beat in the free throws. I think it was 45 to 16. I don’t know what happened but we need to review the game and then try to see what they were doing that we weren’t able to do and I think we’re more aggressive than them. I guess we just need to double our effort so we could match them in free throws. We also need to defend better and be more aggressive.”Magnolia went to the line just 18 times and made 11. Ginebra import Justin Brownlee alone had more free throw attempts than the entire Hotshots team after going 16-of-21 at the line en route to a career-high tying 46 points on top of 19 rebounds. MOST READ Magnolia head coach Chito Victolero was left clueless over the huge disparity at the free throw line in the Hotshots Game 3 loss to Barangay Ginebra in the 2018 PBA Governors’ Cup semifinals Wednesday night.ADVERTISEMENT After barely escaping semis sweep, Ginebra prepares for another do-or-die game Gretchen Barretto’s daughter Dominique graduates magna cum laude from California college LATEST STORIES View comments Will you be the first P16 Billion Powerball jackpot winner from the Philippines? Tim Cone, Ginebra set their sights on elusive All-Filipino crown Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anew Victolero also came to the defense of his import Romeo Travis, who was criticized for scoring only 12 points on 5-of-17 shooting from the field.“Romeo always goes hard every possession. What we did was a total team effort and not just the fault of one player. It’s actually my fault. Let’s just move on, it’s my fault and let’s look forward to Game 4,” he said.For all Travis’ struggles in Game 3, he still nearly won it late after scoring back-to-back baskets that put the Hotshots in front, 103-101, with 53 seconds left.“I think every player goes through that but our last two possessions, our last two shots in the end were courtesy of Romeo. He gets his rebounds, assists, defense and leadership. What we just normally notice is the scoring.”Victolero also owned up for his ejection with 5:08 left in the game after giving the ball back to the referee with slight force.ADVERTISEMENT Allen Durham still determined to help Meralco win 1st PBA title Nadine Lustre’s phone stolen in Brazil “I think it’s just the emotions. I just got frustrated with the referees but it’s my fault, charge it to experience.”Magnolia still leads the series, 2-1, but Victolero said his team will approach Game 4 on Friday as if it’s win or go home.“The next game is also a do-or-die for us also. We just need to prepare hard mentally.  We expected that it’s going to be a long series and now it’s 2-1 so it’s still the same mindset that it’s a do-or-die for us heading into Game 4.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award Gov’t to employ 6,000 displaced by Taal Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anewlast_img read more

UL Students Angered over Delay of Faculty Salaries

first_imgPolice form a human barricade in front of the protesting UL Students on Capitol Bypass, Monrovia… Snub former President SirleafHundreds of students of the University of Liberia (UL) on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 took to the street, mainly on Capitol Hill, protesting the delay on the part of the university’s administration to pay its faculty members, a situation that resulted in instructors having reportedly reportedly abandoned classes and refused to administer their final exams.Over the last few days, UL faculty members have refused to administer the final examinations for the semester, pending the payment of their two-month salaries and the reimbursement of the monies deducted previously from their salaries and allowances.The Capitol Hill campus of the university remained vacant yesterday while the students were protesting.The student protest comes in the awake of report that the university has begun disbursement of salaries owed the faculty members, a report which was confirmed by Commerce Minister Wilson Tarpeh. Mr. Tarpeh formerly taught at the university and served as vice president for finance.The students’ action yesterday held up the flow of traffic going into and out of central Monrovia, thereby delaying some civil servants from getting to their respective offices in time.Students were moving and singing revolutionary songs around the parameter of the Monrovia City Hall, where it was gathered they had gone there to meet with the City Mayor.“I am appealing to you to leave the streets and return on campus as we work to settle the faculty’s pay. I cannot promise when they would get the money, but we are working on it. As a veteran of this party, the Student Unification Party (SUP), I am appealing to you to take kindly on campus,” Min. Tarpeh told SUP Chairman Carlos Edison, one of the protest organizers.Shortly after the students returned to campus, UL Vice President for Public Relations, Norris Tweah, informed them that the university administration has been embroiled with financial crisis recently.He did not say when the salaries and allowances of the teaching staffs would be addressed.Mr. Tweah added: “We want to assure you that we have paid the salaries for the month of June. However, for the month of July, the salaries will be settled today (July 24), and that we are doing everything to make this happen. We are very sorry for this inconvenienced situation and, if there are other issues, we will handle them later. Currently, this situation has been handled, although there are other issues raised by the faculty which have not been resolved, but will be resolved it very soon.”Meanwhile, Mr. Tweah has appealed to the faculty to abandon their strike action and return to classes, while the administration works to resolve other issues raised in their letter of complaint.“There will be great consequence if this strike action by the faculty members continues. It is for this reason, we want them to return to classes and administer their exams while we resolve some of the concerns,” Mr. Tweah added.Madam Sirleaf pleads the students’ concern while they, in turn, blame her for “ushering the country’s present administration.”Among those held up in the traffic blockade on the Capitol Bypass, staged by the protesting UL students, was former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who disembarked from her vehicle to plead with the students to leave the streets. The students refused to listen to her.Some of the students had blamed Madam Sirleaf for “putting the country in its present woes.” Though they did not name the specific part she played, some of the students were overheard blaming her for backing the country’s present leadership during the 2017 elections.In a Facebook post, Martin Kollie, an executive member of SUP, said the students are protesting for the full payment of salaries and allowances of the faculty, including adjunct professors and part-time lectures for June and July 2019.“… And the full restitution of all monies deducted from faculty members, and exemption from any and every form of Pro-poor cut, and the lifting of ban on student political activities, as well as the revision of the ‘New Student Handbook,” Kollie said.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

LIPO Promises to Intensify Fight against Piracy

first_imgSenate chairman on Commerce and Trade, Margibi County Senator Jim Tornolah; LIPO Director-General P. Adelyn Cooper; President of the Liberia Movie Union, Artus Frank and other dignitaries at the the World IP Day. The Director-General of Liberia Intellectual Property Office (LIPO) P. Adelyn Cooper has assured creative individuals including musicians, filmmakers, and innovators across the country of the agency’s commitment to intensify the war against piracy.Atty. Cooper in a remark during the celebration of the World Intellectual Property day over the weekend in Monrovia at the BYC sports pitch which brought together over 300 creative individuals, informed the gathering that the agency has developed a well inclusive and robust plan to fight piracy (intellectual property theft) which has caused the creative industries to lose thousands of dollars.“Once again, I’m assuring you of the agency’s commitment to eradicate or minimize piracy in Liberia to the lowest level possible. We feel your pain; therefore, we have resolved to do everything possible to create an environment where creativity can thrive by becoming profitable.“I promised you, no matter the situation, we will do everything possible to make sure that we prosecute those individuals who are in the habits of piracy,” Atty. Cooper said.Since its inception in 2000, every year on April 26, the World IP Day highlights, through the lens of a specific theme, how IP rights encourage innovation and creativity. This year’s theme is “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports”. The day is set aside by the World Intellectual Property Day to explore how innovation, creativity and IP rights encourage and protect them support the development and worldwide enjoyment of sports.Atty. Cooper added that the office is aware that in order for innovation and creativity to thrive in Liberia, the agency will continue its IP awareness campaign and plan to launch a legal aid for creators to sue pirates since most Liberian artists and inventors do not have IP lawyers to fight their cases if their works are pirated.“The essence of continuing this awareness is to strengthen the country IP regime by having all citizens educated about IP, piracy and its negative impact on the country. We cannot stop counterfeiting and piracy if people are not aware of the risk of purchasing pirated work. Meanwhile, the legal aid services we are about to provide is intended to protect and encourage protection of new creation and economic growth,” she said.LIPO is a semi-autonomous governmental agency whose mandate is to protect and promote the works of inventors and innovators through the Industrial Property laws of Liberia in collaboration with conventions, protocols, and treaties relative to intellectual property rights protection to which Liberia is a signatory.Part of LIPO functions is also to ensure that all creators benefit justly from their creation and that Government benefits from a tax deduction of royalties and to encourage fair competition in the sale of copyright products and services.LIPO began the celebration with a parade before convening at the BYC Sports pitch to climax the celebration with a kickball and football match, where the institution faced the Liberia Move Union (LIMU) and the Musicians Union of Liberia (MULIB). The football game was won by the Liberia Movie Union and the Kickball game won by LIPO.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Police, stakeholders meet with Charity residents to address concerns about children

first_img…Education Ministry officials no-showThe increase in teen pregnancies and the spike in children involved in criminal activities are the two main issues affecting residents in Charity, Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam)This is according to Commander of G Division (Essequibo Coast-Islands), Khali Pareshram, who told Guyana Times that during a meeting with dozens of residents, the police were told that these issues stem from truancy acts.As such, a stakeholder meeting was recently held between the residents and various Government agencies to discuss solutions to these pressing issues, however, representatives from the region’s Education Department were a no-show.“Some persons pledged to have more children registered in the Police Youth Group and this was done in an effort to instil values and skills in the youths. Noticeably absent at the meeting was the Education Department, whose input was much needed to deal with truancy among other matters.  Despite a written invitation was sent,” the Commander related.However, in attendance were the Regional Executive Officer, Dennis Jaikarran, and representatives from the Child Care and Protection Agency, Probation and Welfare Department and Charity/Urasara Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).According to Commander Pareshram, several other issues were raised and addressed.“In addition, an Action Group was formed, mainly to deal with delinquent youths in the Charity community. Members of this group comprise of residents and stakeholders with the Child Care and Protection Agency as the lead agency. Matters raised in respect to the NDC of Charity were numerous and this has prompted a separate visit by Mr Jaikarran to address the many irregularities.”It was also noted that many skilled persons offered their services to support the functioning of the Police Youth Group at Charity.“With the current systems in place coupled with the Action Group, residents of Charity have now felt satisfied that efforts were made to deal with their difficulties,” the Police Commander added.One week before this meeting, over 50 residents of Charity, Region Two, turned up to a “Face the Community” meeting hosted by G Division of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) where they voiced several concerns.Guyana Times was told that over 80 per cent of the issues affecting those residents stem from actions by school-aged children.Commander Pareshram explained that at the top of the long list of concerns raised was the matter, which was pointed out by several persons, that a specific group of young men are committing crimes in their community.The Commander added that those pinpointed are the same individuals who had alleged “police brutality” when they were earlier apprehended by police ranks in relation to other crimes committed.“The residents called on the police and the relevant stakeholders to quickly address the very unpleasant situation with the young boys which has now become unbearable.”Complaints were also made about other children between the ages of 10 and 14 who are also said to be engaging in criminal activities. Many of these children should be attending schools, however, for reasons unknown, they are not in classrooms but reportedly involved in illegal actions, he noted.“These children that the residents are complaining about, apparently they are all delinquents, they are not going to school. The residents also said that there are children living in stalls at the Market Centre. A request was made for a truancy campaign.”The residents of Charity also pointed out that a growing trend in their community is the issue of an increase in teenage pregnancies.Commander Pareshram noted that they also highlighted that there are young females in their area who are involved in “sexual favours”. (Kristen Macklingam)last_img read more

Three killed in WCD accident

first_imgBy Lakhram BhagiratA teenage couple and a taxi driver lost their lives when the vehicle in which they were travelling became uncontrollable and collided with a car parked on the public road at New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara on Sunday evening.The taxi driver has been identified as 22-year-old Deodat Mohan of 44 New Road Vreed-en-Hoop WCD, and the passengers as 18-year-old Reaz Barakat of Lot 12 Ruimzeight Gardens, WCD and 17-year-old Tillesha Terika Singh of Diamond New Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara.According to the Police, investigations have so far revealed that Mohan, with Barakat and Singh as his passengers, was driving motor car PPP 4014 at a fast rate when, at about 16:00hrs, he lost control of the vehicle and it slammed into motor car PHH 7894 that was parked at the side of the road, before further slammed into a utility pole, breaking the pole at its base.Mohan and Singh were pronounced dead on arrival at the West Demerara Regional Hospital, while Barakat was immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he succumbed while receiving medical treatment.The car that Mohan first collided withAccording to reports from eyewitnesses, Mohan’s car was attempting to overtake a minibus when he lost control of the vehicle and it immediately flipped.Mohan’s mother, Vanie (only name given), was inconsolable after hearing the news of her youngest child’s demise. Relatives told this publication that the young man had been a taxi driver at the Top Notch Taxi Service, a family business.They said he had been a relatively safe driver, and they were unsure of the circumstances that had caused the accident.This publication was informed that both parents of Tillesha Singh have passed away, and she and her other siblings reside with an aunt at Diamond, East Bank Demerara. The relatives were reluctant to speak to the media, but the aunt informed that Singh had left home after midday, claiming she had to attend lessons. The aunt said she is unclear how her niece had reached on the West Coast of Demerara.The fallen utility poleBased on her social media account, Singh and Barakat, both students of the Diamond Secondary School, had been in a relationship. TheirThe bodies of Singh and Mohan were taken to the Ezekiel Funeral Parlour, while Barakat’s body was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital morgue. Police investigations are ongoing, and a post mortem is expected to be performed today.Just last Sunday, Sabita Manglani and her two sons, Ethan Ramjeet and Emanuel Manglani, along with her secretary Reshma Seeram and friend Dhanpaul Kishandial, lost their lives following an accident on the No. 59 Village public road on the Corentyne.The car driven by MohanAccording to the details, Kishandial was driving at a fast rate when the vehicle encountered a pothole and became uncontrollable, crashing into a lorry.The body of Manglani’s younger son, Ramjeet, was severed in two following the impact of the motorcar on the lorry. Eyewitnesses told Guyana Times there were two carts parked on the road’s shoulder adjacent to the pothole.The impact of the collision pushed half of the lorry off the road and sent the paddy-laden tray pitching off into the back of a Honda wagon, removing the top half of that vehicle in the process.Manglani and her 18-year-old son, who were in the back seat, were tossed over the lorry as a result, with the woman landing on the parapet and the teen in the trench – both dead.The body of the five-year-old, who was also in the back seat, was severed at the waist, with the top half also flying over the lorry and landing in the trench running parallel to the road. The bottom half remained in the car.Kishandayal and Seeram were pinned in the front seat, and remained there until members of the Skeldon Fire Service arrived on the scene and cut open the vehicle to remove their bodies.last_img read more