mprove the site rankings a few simple questions

Google will index 301 and 302 redirect URL, if still exists on the page, and the webmaster tools, clear the use Noindex meta tag; if the page does not exist, do the URL removal request, and use the robots.txt index to keep it.

2, StartupCity is the internal links send mixed signals in

idealThe adverse impact of

in order to eliminate and reduce the redirection chain, Shanghai dragon optimization experience worker told we must Ayima by using new tools to check the redirect page by page to check on the chain; redirect head position is more intense, the use of URL Valet; set to use another way to check redirect. read more

Love Shanghai phoenix nest promotion how very careful in reckoning


love Shanghai phoenix nest to promote the development of business now, its operation process, the principle has been more and more clear, it is long term, quality, every time the keyword price control, but the light by artificial operation impossible, especially the key period of price control, so the market about love Shanghai keyword PPC software came into being. On the market for this kind of software to determine your dragons and fishes jumbled together, one can go to trial, in general, their function is divided into two parts: read more

How to use a blog to achieve 4 thousand keywords ranking

keywords ranking, containing the keyword content will be ranked, but the possibility of ranking is very few, why, for example, competition keywords is not suitable for you to meet the demand for new problems, well, we first find less competition, a large quantity of keyword search. So to sum up, we need to master the key words there are two core points, the first likely ranked second, demand.

every one of my articles are written according to the key words, this writing has two advantages, the first is likely to rank (at least the target keyword. If the words are not, what do you want to go to what rank?), second (demand for these keywords are searched in the love of Shanghai, the competition website, Sogou, good ship platform, some people search these keywords, on these platforms, then there is no doubt that these words are all the needs of). read more

How to optimize the web server to enhance web access speed webmaster


Any time

two, optimization is the use of the

here I also certainly want to save money for everyone, but the fundamental problem is that most enterprises choose the server is not reasonable, and the construction site at the beginning of the cost savings and the choice of poorscalability server, cause even if we upgrade the existing server, its performance is still not enough strength. At this point, you will need to purchase with the server, there are a lot of skills for server purchase, here briefly recommended, if the user group is the domestic well-known server is recommended to choose suppliers, if customers all over the world, we can choose the Hongkong server or servers in the United States, in addition, more importantly to make a reasonable choice according to the characteristics of their industry. read more

On the website of Shanghai Longfeng situation how to edit the site information

2, information release number


2, pay attention to products on the lower reaches


3, information release time



a lot of website information is not grab included many reasons is low correlation with the title of the article, the article introduce almost no mention with the title related content, namely the entire web page keyword density is too low, the general area of reasonable keyword density control 3%-8%. You can enter the "keyword density" in the search engine, there are a lot of websites or query tools, as follows: read more

t will have a long tail keywords ranking

! !

Za said: "the website optimization work can not be done too full, it will also cause the attention of the search engine, which is so perfect?" as you believe, I believed anyway!

finished an article in Shanghai Longfeng friends of their first check, the statement is fluent, there exist typos and so on……


found 5, users are most concerned about: your article is around the keywords, and the statement is smooth, but the long tail keywords is also relatively broad, and you say things are not of concern to most users, so the significance is not large, the bounce rate is not low. read more

What is the website optimization content is king

high quality content must first meet the search engine spiders taste, want to know the search engine’s goal is to provide users with useful information, and not to let you website customers, only your website provides more practical content in this area and to search engine goal to reach a consensus, original content page is to accelerate your page contains the brunt of elements, many webmaster site launched one or two months included in the site are scanty, I think you will feel a headache for the web site. The lack of original content is one of the main reasons for the lack of your website, a reprint and copy as the main means of representing the content of the site of words is of no value to the search engine. This page will only aggravate the burden of the search engine, so the search engines don’t include the junk information page. read more

On a grass roots of Shanghai Dragon Road


indeed, 2013 Shanghai dragon is one of a year of ups and downs, from the first half of 2013 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Update 2 announcement that algorithm is not ugly, love in Shanghai to strengthen the site for users to enhance the user experience, the experience is not good right down the site, and the chain for the website optimization ranking. So, the quality of website content naturally become the focus of internal site optimization, and the soft has become to set up a website external links to the priority among priorities. read more

Liyang Shanghai Dragon the chain of different interpretation widely established

short, we are the site outside the chain optimization, need to pay attention to a number of site outside the chain, but also pay attention to the site the chain of natural, not too much. This site outside the chain is healthy, the chain to do the way

3 also from different PR website source chain, since Google withdrew from the China, and Google PR in Shanghai ranked in the website of love less and less. A normal web site Links PR should have high and low, should not all high PR, or links to common sense is not reasonable. read more

Long tail keywords should be based on the weight of Web Mining and expansion

website for a web site, the weight is very poor, many articles are not indexed by search engines, although he would like to make their own station produced a lot of long tail keywords ranking, but is generally not possible, only a small part of the cold door can bring the keywords ranking, and although the early site we have a lot of keywords in the station layout, for example in the website, Keywords tag, description, site navigation, columns, placed a lot of key words, but the key is to look at a few words above is very limited, that is to say we should first fix the previous optimization, optimization of several think the key words more easily thus, make a site traffic, the beginning does not need much, it is best to long tail keywords optimization. read more

Shanghai dragon Er how to overcome laziness to spur themselves

laziness. I think that everyone should have, but some people still persist, and some people insist on not down, this is what some people do well, and some people do well, careful thought, sometimes I belong to that kind of person, always looking for a variety of reasons to shirk. When you see the ranking drop down, what is the first thing you do, a lot of people are likely to find himself on the causes, included is not good, the chain distribution is not good, then with the past. Is not good to do some analysis, where you do well, your website is not a good reason is what, what is the reason of the chain is not good, what areas need to improve, the chain does not do well, is not to change your thinking, go to other places to do. Then, mind, forget it, don’t do today, tomorrow, the careful analysis to spend a little time. read more

Prohibit the sale of nobility baby link PageRank with common examples of violations


in order to solve this problem, please confirm your site without any transfer of PageRank paid links. You can remove any paid links or soft advertising pages, or confirm any paid links with rel= "nofollow" attribute. In the confirmation link without paying PageRank on your website, you can submit application for review. If your site has been treated as a violation of noble baby quality guidelines, there will be a noble baby staff to be responsible for reviewing your application. When your application is the assessment, you will receive notice to inform you whether through the review. read more

Shanghai love chain included do three check and delete

this is an important point, but also a content has always been a commonplace talk of an old scholar, valued aspects of the search engine, before I met a lot of people released outside the chain do not pay attention to the quality, simple pseudo original after the release, you may just add a small amount of the chain to your site, but this small chain it is of low quality, there may even bring harm to your website, from a long-term perspective, the chain will cause the search engine, the Internet content similarity is too high, even love Shanghai, nine out of ten also will delete, it will cause the fluctuation of the chain, the consequences of light outside the chain decreased, heavy right down. read more

Shanghai dragon er must see how to set up the chain of your A5 Dynasty

A5 webmaster and I believe that as long as you know is a webmaster, it can be said to be the leader of the stationmaster net, the weight is very high, of course, the content of the site quality is very high, many people believe that Shanghai dragon er from here have learned a lot of knowledge, so we should how clever use A5 to build your chain of dynasty? You actually contribute to the A5, I believe we all know this, but you may have put into action, but was abandoned by A5. So what can easily be passed? Here is a summary of the points, you may wish to look at. read more

Site drainage proper use of promotion tools is very important

now I’d like to give you a few examples for everyone, for reference.

It is very important for

mail promotion, mail promotion effect is more of our news spread out. By looking for the accurate user mailbox, send them information, so that they know that we provide relevant services for them. Because mail needs some non use, so in the process of pre collection of mail must be accurate. This requires us to have a good analysis of the website users, we understand website user behavior. Then according to their habit of collecting their mailbox information. Take the talent website, the same area competition website users must be our users, we > the mailbox. read more

Shanghai Longfeng original road how to provide users with valuable information

but it is because of these different approaches, let the little fish think again, love Shanghai recently frequent update algorithm are around the "original" in this topic. However, love Shanghai advocate the original practice of the ultimate aim is to provide users with valuable information. Then, the original Shanghai Longfeng Road: how to provide users with valuable information? The little fish to share with you a little bit of their own views:

1. valuable information: News timeliness, novel, focusing on the title to write read more

The future if each station will be Shanghai dragon at the time the nternet is what

because of the spread and popularity of Shanghai dragon development now Shanghai dragon training, leading to the Internet now Shanghai dragon training institutions both emerge in an endless stream, dragons and fishes jumbled together, or do not have the ability, as long as their own forum, portal, or personal blog online to hang, then hang up their videos, then fix, I did not expect that your training is the Shanghai dragon, but their website ranking but do not know in the sea where the love! By people, such as soft, network promotion means to obtain the students. read more

Reflections on the Shanghai Massacre crazy love

believe that the webmaster friends will obviously found in the word search, the top three is basically a health quiz, love Shanghai encyclopedia, portal station. The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love was ranked in the top three, after all belong to love their products in Shanghai. Health station, portal stand this situation is a bit puzzled, look at this information, most of the information is a few months or even half a year ago. The original love Shanghai, the algorithm of the adjustment, the "storage" has long been the sudden release of information. Thus, the love of Shanghai is not entirely without this information, and temporarily stored in their cloud database, each big update will put out a part of the data. read more

Six methods of the owners to determine whether a site is down right

two, keywords ranking fell sharply

, a snapshot of stagnation a week at

three, the chain volume reduction of

site outside the chain volume reduced most likely to cause the site down the right, like a friend had a lot of people, suddenly most of my friends do not bird him, onlookers that this person would do what wicked things, caused the anger. The site outside the chain volume reduced, it is difficult to escape the fate of the site is down right, so, if the webmaster found between the site outside the chain of his night fell, then you should seriously deal with the next drop right event. read more

The snapshot does not change but included the increase of website optimization decide on what path t

for the love of Shanghai snapshot problem, I think many webmaster for this a lot of thought, make your site updated daily snapshot, here is not so easy, maybe love Shanghai snapshot with Google PR is similar to it, the original Google PR is so important for webmaster friends, now after the change of the algorithm, a how many webmaster has a soft spot for him? And love Shanghai is similar, we all love every day snapshot updates to the site, especially the Links, a new snapshot in exchange with the great weight, and now, whether others website snapshot immediately withdraw Links slightly stagnant? A problem it is worth the webmaster thinking. read more