Owego residents, officials speaking out over Teeter Road closure frustration

first_imgTown of Owego Supervisor, Don Castellucci Jr., says he understands the problems people are facing, but believes the closure is necessary until more plans are discussed. “Over the last two years, both my wife and I have had incidents in which we had to go to the hospital in an ambulance,” said Schneider. “In fact, the Campville ambulance, when they took me to the hospital, they went down this road to Twist Run Road because they said it was shorter with traffic in town.” OWEGO (WBNG) — Nearby residents along Teeter Road say they don’t want to wait until the spring for the road to re-open, but town officials say it may have to wait for safety needs. Castellucci mentioned how the road won’t be able to get repairs until spring arrive. However, the town board is offering a public meeting for residents to talk about a plan to work together on until the winter season is over. The town of Owego closed off part of Teeter Road back in early December due to reports of a plow truck getting stuck in hazardous conditions.center_img RELATED: Owego road closure causing safety concerns for residents “It’s not convenient, but at the same time, the town has the responsibility for driver safety, employee safety, and equipment safety so we have to weigh those things,” said Castellucci. Meanwhile, local resident, Paul Schneider, says this is the first time he’s seen part of the road closed off, causing drivers to take a long detour. He says among many concerns such as access for NYSEG and workers from the Greater Binghamton Airport to maintain a nearby tower, his biggest worry involves his health.last_img read more

Scotland is known as a land of fascinating fairy tales, legends and stories, but also as champions in storytelling in tourism

first_imgStorytelling is not only intended for tourism, but it is a set of storytelling skills that are universal. From the role of parents, in sales, education and certainly in tourism. Because it is the stories, emotions and experiences that make up the very essence of tourism. What do you remember most from your last trip? The story of Scotland has no end, it goes on and on… but these examples show the way in which modern communication, promotion, branding and the importance of storytelling go in tourism, ie tourist destinations. Scotland is a “world champion” in storytelling, they know very well how much stories connect, inspire and follow us throughout life. Especially in dark and cold Scotland where the stories just connected them and made them “alive”, so the stories and the narration itself are deeply rooted in the way and culture of living. Sell ​​me a story, not a product – the mantra is storytelling, both in tourism and everything around us. And so to business and marketing, where for a long time big brands do not sell products but just stories, emotions and experiences. The strength of a story is that it has the ability to connect with people on an emotional level. And that’s why Coca Cola hasn’t sold drinks in a long time, Nike doesn’t sell sneakers, and Harley Davidson doesn’t sell motorcycles. There it is Portal AR i.e. a new Augmented Reality (AR) application developed in collaboration with Google, in which Visit Scotland invites “Step into Scotland”. In each episode, host Grant Stott tells a rich history found only in Scotland, with guests who know it best – tour guides or interpreters. These native storytellers retell their personal experiences and reveal some secret stories pertaining to special places in Scotland. Each podcast contains a narrative of guides sharing their expertise on locations or local attractions, and for now it is planned to release ten podcasts, which are available on all major podcast platforms. Cover photo: Lina Kivaka, Pexels.com In addition to the story, it is crucial to know and tell the story. And that’s why in Scotland they work carefully to educate and promote tour guides, interpreters, storytellers aka storytellers. Scotland is known as a land of fascinating fairy tales, legends and stories and that is why through the new project Tour Guide Talks through its guides and interpreters Visit Scotland decided to give a wider and deeper context to stories using modern technologies and new media tools. The website of course contains real locations and attractions from the stories, as well as other attractions that you must visit. But that’s not all. See how they further narrated and presented Scotland through whiskey on website (and of course as they have Scotland’s Whiskey Map and special organized tours). “The AR portal allows you to literally step into Scotland, where you can experience a stunning array of 360o videos and images. Whether you want to live, work, study, visit or invest, travel through each of our portals and get a detailed overview of what to expect!”Is emphasized in the description of the Portal AR application. Learn more about Portal AR HERE And finally, my favorite saying, which has accompanied me my whole life. “The story is told eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart- says an old Scottish proverb, which is the guiding thought of the Scottish Storytelling Center (Scottish Storytelling Center ). Tour Guide Tales is VisitScotland’s latest digital initiative to connect people with Scotland through podcasts, animated stories and short videos. “If you can dream it, you can make it ” – Walt Disney. Croatia is a country of potential, but we do not know, ie we do not want to turn them into quality resources. And we have the most valuable, authentic and true stories. Not legends, but true stories. For now, at least as far as I know, this is the best way and proof of how timeless stories are, but how the tools and media of storytelling are changing. In fact, Visit Scotland has embraced new technologies, and in addition to the podcast, which is certainly a novelty, in the right corner is the FB Messenger logo, which offers tourists the option of direct communication. “The concept is simple – share fascinating, fun and sometimes unexpected stories from Scotland’s most exciting tour guides. ” Eva Kwiecinska, Senior Marketing Director of VisitScotland, points out and adds: “For those who may not be able to travel at the moment, this is an opportunity to catch a small part of Scotland from home. We hope this will encourage people to explore our country more, book a guide, to discover all the stories of Scotland” Here it is important to emphasize that there is a big difference between a dreamer and a dreamer who dreams with open eyes. The difference is in desire and purpose. Desire is one thing, but the goal is something else entirely. It is one thing to dream, to fantasize, but without action, while when we have a goal then we know how to fulfill that dream, what are the steps and prerequisites to reach the goal, or at least actively fight to fulfill it and we are focused on the goal. Are we going to Scotland? They bought me hehe Of course, the path from point A to point B is never easy, and is full of curves, holes and various obstacles. What is the formula for success? There is none, at least not unique. How would Sasha Tenodi from Crude Passions in the show Entrepreneurial mindset, said: “The formula for success is differentiation and consistency. Differentiation is actually everything, while consistency would mean that when you start something you just continue with that pattern for the rest of your life. Whether it was a blog, a podcast or whatever. It is important that this consistency exists. But again, differentiation without consistency means nothing. ” Tenody points out. That’s how Scotland’s new tourist promotional video starts – Why Scotladn need you! Awareness and the importance of storytelling in Scotland have also been best incorporated in tourism, and we can learn the most about storytelling from Scotland. The power of storytelling or storytelling is best explained through the phenomenal performance of Andrew Stanton of Pixar (Disney) at TED, a video I’ve watched hundreds of times and each time delights me. And which of course starts with the story. Enjoy Habia una vez… “Welcome to Tour Guide Tales, an exciting new podcast in which you will hear the captivating stories of Scotland from people who know and tell them best – enchanting tour guides in the country. Join our host Grant Stott to hear expert guides and born storytellers who will retell their enchanting stories and personal experiences. In each podcast, a tour guide from different regions will share their stories, telling an incredibly rich history found only in Scotland from those who know it and tell it best.”Is highlighted in the introduction to Tour Guides Tales which guides give a broader context to specific stories. Stories are key to human survival. They carry our emotions, memories and values. They connect us as families, communities and nations, and follow us from birth, throughout life, and even when we leave this world, they still tell stories about us. Kat Brogan, CEO of Mercat Tours, whose guides are included in a podcast that went deep into Edinburgh’s history, said: “History consists of stories, and stories bind us to our past, our memories, and each other. Weaving stories and making connections for visitors and locals is what we love to do since 1985. Telling a story is not just visual; the traditional human craft of storytelling encompasses the imagination and brings people together. We are excited to be part of a project that celebrates Scottish tourism and culture. “Points out Kat Brogan, director of Mercat Tours, whose guides are included in the podcast. And since we started with a story, it’s time to end with one story. Of course from Scotland or with the story of the best whiskey in the world – Scotch whiskey. It’s time for a reset and a fresh start. We have excellent foundations, all potentials and prepositions, we have knowledge, money, stories… we just have to know how to put the story together nicely, pack it and sell it, ie tell it. Stories are not the icing on the cake, stories are the cake. Yes, you read that right. In Scotland, they have a storytelling center. Storytelling is a set of skills and patterns that can be learned and learned. An ad for sneakers?last_img read more

VDR: 81 Pct of German Shipping Companies to Use LSFO

first_imgThe vast majority of ships in the German fleet will run on the new low sulphur fuel oil (LSFO) from January 1, a new survey found.This is one of the findings of the survey conducted by the German Shipowners’ Association (VDR) among its member companies.As explained, although the data obtained through the survey does not represent the German shipping industry as a whole, it includes shipping companies from every sector of the country’s shipping industry.The survey was conducted against the backdrop of one of the biggest changes occurring in the shipping sector – the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2020 sulphur cap. There are essentially three options available to shipping companies during the changeover.According to the survey, 81 percent of the companies surveyed will be using LSFO with a sulphur content of 0.5 percent in the future.On the other hand, 11 percent will continue to use heavy fuel oil (HFO). This is permitted under the IMO rules, provided that scrubbers are installed on vessels.Additionally, 6 percent of respondents indicated that they will be using other fuels, such as those prescribed already since 2015 for Emission Control Areas in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea – fuels with an even lower sulphur content of 0.1 percent.What is more, 2 percent of ships in the German fleet will be powered by LNG after 2020, according to the survey.“Germany’s maritime industry has carefully prepared for this enormous change. It ushers in a new era in maritime shipping, signalling the end of heavy fuel oil. We support this change and are implementing it – and in doing so, we are making an impressive contribution to long-term environmental protection,” Ralf Nagel, CEO of the VDR, commented.Specifically, the greatest challenge looming as part of the changeover according to the companies surveyed will be technical problems encountered during operations in the future, as well as the cost of the new fuel, and the issue of cost compensation by third parties, in particular customers. German shipping companies are also concerned about the question of availability.“There are many who fear that the new fuels could cause technical problems during operation – problems that could also have financial consequences,” Nagel added. “We, therefore, call on all stakeholders to be as committed and flexible as possible in preparing for the changeover, to ensure that it will become a success story.”According to the survey, the one-off investment expenditure for companies in the lead-up to the changeover averaged EUR 7.5 million (USD 8.3 million) per shipping company.“Considering that more than two thirds of the shipping companies in Germany are medium-sized and operate fewer than ten ships, we realise just how great the financial effort was that the individual companies had to make in preparing for the changeover,” he explained.Moreover, the additional annual costs now facing companies would make IMO2020 probably the most elaborate regulatory measure ever implemented by the shipping industry.“Companies are particularly concerned about the fact that they will have to bear considerable additional costs in their ongoing operations in the future, and that possible compensation for these added costs by third parties, in particular customers, may not work as envisaged.”“Of enormous importance for us is the fact that this is a worldwide regulation … This demonstrates that the IMO is a body that is capable of taking effective action to regulate shipping worldwide. The IMO should therefore play the key role when it comes to climate protection as well. In contrast, separate regional solutions, for example in the EU, should be avoided. Their effect would be to distort competition, and ultimately they would not have a sustainable impact on the climate,” VDR CEO further said.With regard to the new sulphur regulation, the VDR called for effective controls by the respective port states.“We will be relying on worldwide controls to monitor the implementation of the new regulation, so that no one can gain a prohibited competitive advantage. At the same time, however, we are confident that the flag states and also the customers of the shipping companies have a great interest in ensuring that the new rules are actually complied with,” Nagel concluded.last_img read more

Middletown Democrat Sparks Firestorm

first_img“The comments made (by) Jeana Sager shouldn’t be said on camera or behind closed doors, because they are unequivocally wrong. Her false and demeaning assertions do not represent the values of the Monmouth County Democratic Party or the dozens of Democratic candidates trying to better their community across our county,” county chairman David Brown said in a statement Sept. 21. “Our party will not stand for or support this disgraceful way of thinking, which is why we are refusing all resources to the Sager campaign and formally withdrawing the endorsement of the Monmouth County Democrats. Let it be a clear message: The Monmouth County Democratic Party will not stand for this disgraceful behavior now or in the future.” “But what constitutes a criminal?” Sager asked. “Because to me, a lot of police are criminals.” “Just saying ‘a lot of cops are criminals’ is not something that I could endorse or be part of or be comfortable campaigning with,” he said. Saying “a lot of police are criminals,” she can be seen standing outside the Middletown Township municipal building and offering her views on drug policy to members of the public, which included at least one journalist and marijuana advocates who had spoken at the township committee workshop meeting earlier. Sager’s remarks, first reported by More Monmouth Musings, a website friendly to Republicans, ignited a political firestorm and threw the upcoming contest for two seats on the governing body into turmoil. Her fellow Democrats denounced her comments, with even her running mate, Sean F. Byrnes, saying he was suspending his candidacy over what she said. Members of the township committee, including Mayor Tony Perry, and the president of the Middletown PBA issued statements critical of her as well. Perry reacted Sept. 21 to Sager’s statement by saying the Democrat had “chosen to double down on her feelings and comments.” Sager can be heard talking on the roughly 15 1⁄2-minute-long video saying that, if elected to the township committee, “I would love to start addressing drug policy.” For instance, she offered her support for needle exchange programs. In addition to angering her party, Sager also was criticized by the leader of the police union in the township. Middletown PBA Local 124 president Adam Colfer said her comments “are completely unacceptable.” “All across the country members of law enforcement are continuing to face the real threat of physical violence, so the last thing we would expect is to be branded ‘criminals’ by someone who wants to serve in elected office,” he said in a statement released Sept. 20. “Candidate Sager should apologize immediately to the Middletown Police Department, and to law enforcement ever ywhere, for her hateful rhetoric against the very people who have chosen to take on the responsibility of protecting our neighborhoods.” After the video’s release, Democrats sought to distance themselves from Sager. The leadership at the party’s local and county levels issued statements on the same day saying they had pulled their support from her. “Ms. Sager appears to be using her candidacy as a platform for her offensive and dangerous agenda that would be nothing short of harmful and detrimental to Middletown and its future,” he said. According to More Monmouth Musings, the video of Sager speaking was shot by “marijuana activist” Edward Grimes, who put it on Facebook. The website published the entire video as well as an excerpt of it. In a statement Sept. 20, Deputy Mayor Tony Fiore called Sager’s comments about police “disgusting and highly offensive.” But he said he was “equally disturbed with Ms. Sager’s covert plan, if elected, to decriminalize drugs and create safe injection sites and needle exchanges within this community.” MIDDLETOWN – Jeana Sager, a Democrat running for Middletown Township Committee, remained in the race despite bipartisan calls for her to drop out after video surfaced last week of her making anti-police comments in June. “Nothing will change unless there is a court order,” she said by email. But in her statement, Sager sought to turn the tables on her critics, particularly members of the township committee. Sager, who could not be reached for comment, appeared to be referring to an incident involving officer Carl F. Roth, who allegedly hit a motorcyclist in Ashland, New York, in August. The victim was not from New York, but Canada. Sager, though, sought to inject gender politics into the race by noting she was the only female candidate of the four people running for township committee. “It is a sad state of affairs when Americans cannot have honest conversations about timely issues such as police violence and the racist and prejudicial drug war, which is killing our youth, without fear of political crucifixion by both political parties,” she said. “The off-the-cuff conversation, which occurred in June in a parking lot, was not a prepared speech. I was not discussing a Middletown campaign platform. I was talking about issues that impact families in my community. My opponents held on to this information while they figured out how to hurt my candidacy, a move which clearly shows ulterior motives rather than being the forthright and honest people they would have you believe they are.” But Byrnes said he had suspended his campaign. Recognizing that she is running in a Republican town, she said she has to be “careful how I speak.” “We have withdrawn our endorsement of her candidacy for Township Committee and will commit no resources to her campaign, which we have asked her to end,” he said in a statement Sept. 21. “We are proud of our candidate Sean Byrnes who issued a statement setting for th his absolute disagreement with her comments and thanking the police for their service. In addition, we have spoken to county and state Democratic leaders who are in complete agreement with us.” By Philip Sean Curran “With regards to my reference to police crime, Mayor Perry, who is calling for my resignation, is one of the biggest hypocrites who sat silent along with Republican candidates Rick Hibell and Kevin Settembrino, when a Middletown police officer recently almost killed a New York resident while driving under the influence and fleeing the scene of a severe accident,” Sager said. “I encourage people to take a deep breath and focus on what was actually said about police violence and not what people say was said. If we can’t have an honest conversation about police, some of whom act criminally, then we are not protecting our citizens or the police who risk their lives for us.” Later, she said she wants to remove drug users from the criminal justice “realm” and said she did not want to stigmatize drug users as having an illness. In response, Sager released a statement Sept. 21 in which she did not apologize for remarks about police, called the controversy an “immature distraction” and said she was being attacked for her views. At this stage, Sager and Byrnes will remain on the ballot as the opponents to Republican incumbents Kevin M. Settembrino and Rick W. Hibell. Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon said Sept. 23 that ballots have been printed. “There are plenty of people that I hang around with that are drug users and they use drugs recreationally and responsibly,” said Sager. Michael DiCicco, chairman of the Middletown Democratic Party, called her remarks about police “inaccurate, unfounded and hur tful.” In comments captured on video outside Town Hall in June, Middletown Township Committee Democratic candidate Jeana Sager made an anti-police comment that has sparked intense reaction from leaders of her own party, the PBA and the mayor. Democratic running mate Sean Byrnes has since suspended his bid.Photo courtesy YouTube “These liberal reckless polices have no place within our town, our county or anywhere in our state,” he said. “Our children should not be taught that it’s OK to inject drugs because we make it safe or be forced to walk over (hypodermic) needles on the way to school or while playing in our parks as children in San Francisco and other social utopias are being forced to do.” At one point, one man in the small group calls for getting the “criminal speakers” out of high schools who deliver opioid awareness messages. “People have always come up with reasons to silence and push women out of politics,” she said in her statement. “Just because I want to have tough conversations about difficult issues, some private and some public, doesn’t mean I will be bullied out of this space by the very cowards who think they are in a better position to ignore these issues to the detriment of our community.”last_img read more

Nelson skaters shine at Kootenay Regional Championships

first_imgAngelica Ross had a gold rating in Performance while Christina Champlin finished just out of the medals on three occasions, fourth in Pre-Novice Ladies Short Program, Pre-Novice Ladies Long Program and Pre-Novice Ladies Final Standing.Champlin did pass both Rocker Foxtrot and Keats Foxtrot tests.Babcock finished fifth in Pre-Introductory Interpretive Group A while Borhi also took fifth in Pre-Introductory Interpretive Group B.Naomi Perkins finished eighth in Jr. Bronze Ladies 13 and over.Nelson was scheduled to have nine skaters in Creston but inclement weather forced two skaters to withdraw from the championships.Next up on the schedule for the Nelson skaters is the Rocky Mountain Freeskate Competition in Cranbrook Feb 24-26.sports@thenelsondaily.com Soleil Babcock and Sophie Borhi paced the Nelson Figure Skating Club, each wining gold, during Saturday’s Kootenay Regional Championships at the Johnny Bucyk in Creston.Babcock, competing in the Pre-preliminary ladies competition, wowed the judges to take home the first-place prize.Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Borhi took home the gold medal in the Jr. Bronze Ladies 12 and under category.Other medalists included Tao Measures, winning silver in Pre-Preliminary Men and Sebastian Bodine-Shah, second in Preliminary Men.last_img read more