Governor Wolf Takes Action on Legislation

first_imgGovernor Wolf Takes Action on Legislation November 21, 2016 Bill Signing,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Today, Governor Wolf took action on a number of pieces of legislation.“Today, I am proud to sign HB 2370 which clarifies the realty transfer tax exemption passed earlier this year for transfers of agriculture conservation easements from farms to certain organizations, and would ensure that it applies to certain transactions that have already taken place” said Governor Tom Wolf. “This will provide much needed tax relief for hundreds of family farms in Pennsylvania.”“I also signed HB 946 which changes the drug reimbursement methodology used in the commonwealth’s prescription assistance programs for older adults and will produce a substantial savings,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “While achieving this kind of savings is laudable, we would prefer that the bill used these savings to expand drug coverage for additional senior citizens rather than using the savings to increase dispensing fees paid per prescription to pharmacies.”Governor Wolf signed the following bills:Act 167 (Gillen) – Amends the Civil Service Act, in Civil Service Commission, further providing for Commission; for powers of director; for service to state departments & cooperation with other agencies; for nature of examinations.Act 168 Gabler) – Amends Title 34 (Game), in hunting & furtaking, further providing for unlawful devices & methods; and, in hunting & furtaking licenses, further providing for elk hunting licenses.Act 169 (Baker) – Act providing for pharmacy audit procedures, for registration of pharmacy benefits managers & auditing entities, for maximum allowable cost transparency & for prescription drugs reimbursed under PACE & PACENET; & related repeals.Act 170 (Harris) – Amends Titles 15 (Corporations) & 54 (Names) modernizing law on limited liability partnerships, general partnerships, limited partnerships & limited liability companies.Act 171 (Oberlander) – Amends Title 62 (Procurement) providing for diverse and disadvantaged businesses.Act 172 (Warner) – Amends Title 35 (Health & Safety) providing for incentives for municipal volunteers of fire companies and nonprofit emergency medical services agencies.Act 173 (Corbin) – Act requiring the preparation & publication of information relating to the influenza vaccine for individuals residing in assisted living & personal care homes; & imposing duties on the Department of Health & the Department of Human Services.Act 174 (Snyder) – Amends Title 61 (Prisons and Parole), in miscellaneous provisions, providing for oleoresin capsicum spray.Act 175 (Moul) – Amends an Act further providing for the applicability of realty transfer tax exclusion provisions; and imposing a duty on the Department of Revenue to refund certain realty transfer taxes paid.Governor Wolf vetoed the following bill:HB 1538 (White) – Amends Title 44 (Law and Justice) adding provisions for law enforcement activities by providing for release of law enforcement officer information when firearm discharged or use of force.“While I am deeply concerned for the safety of the Commonwealth’s police officers, government works best when trust and openness exist between citizens and their government, and as such, I cannot sign into law a policy that will enshrine the withholding of information in the public interest,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “These situations in particular – when law enforcement uses deadly force – demand utmost transparency, otherwise a harmful mistrust will grow between police officers and the communities they protect and serve. Further, I cannot allow local police department policies to be superseded and transparency to be criminalized, as local departments are best equipped to decide what information is appropriate to release to the public.”To view the Governor’s veto message, click here.Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Dodgers enabled by 10-day disabled list rule

first_imgIn the beginning, God put in a six-day work week, followed by a day of rest.Was there a disabled list at the time? Heavens no. He called it Sunday.Adam and Eve were essentially the first to go on the DL, with whatever misdirect was given to biblical scribes. God didn’t have to use the term “upper body injury” in his PR release, but knowledgeable fact-checkers later confirmed it stemmed from an error in judgment that resulted in a bruised ego and a strained relationship. No irony in the fact that today, almost every device created by Apple can net the same result.Man’s own brilliance and ingenuity has created so many things since then that have been essential to his own well being. But more so than traffic lights, emergency phones in public elevators or even the printing press (which is still up to debate), the simple wisdom of the disabled list is transcendent. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Sports seems to be the only entity that officially recognizes such a thing, In the secular world, the HR department may frame it as extended leave, a sabbatical, or a furlough. Shave all the fur off it, and it’s just a permission slip to skip out on P.E. that generally doesn’t require a doctor’s note. Your word and ethical standing is all we need.And with that frenetic philosophy, the bend-but-don’t-break-the-news Dodgers are on their way to the World Series?• Major League Baseball’s revised 10-day disabled list rule wasn’t meant to be a way station for creative injury victims. The spirit was giving teams the ability to greater protect a player from harming himself more as he may be trying to grind through an injury and fear that 15 days was just too long to be absent.The Dodgers’ magnificent manipulation of that loophole is exceeding everyone’s expectations in how to operate a functional seven-man starting rotation while adhering to Clayton Kershaw’s need to pitch every fifth day.Is it now obvious why the Dodgers sign so many post-Tommy John surgery pitchers? Their pre-existing condition comes with reams of paperwork that imply they will never be in tip-top shape. Just look at their medical files. Oh, so you know more than Dr. ElAttrache about the lifespan of someone’s elbow reattached with a cadaver’s tendon?center_img There are all sorts of collateral damage that can come from this, and how it affects future free agents, collective bargaining and even jersey sales.There will always be wiggle room on a pitcher’s extended warranty for repairs and diagnostic needs without having to sound guilty by presenting some an extensive explanation. Pick the time frame that works for you. What could possibly go wrong?• Inspired by The Dodgers Way, I’ve been putting myself on 10-hour disabled lists, whenever the need calls for it.Wife: Can you handle this load of laundry?Me: Sorry, I just went on the DL. I’m rehabbing until midnight.A simple thank you is in order as we run down the list of the Dodgers’ front-office directory of deviousness – Stan Kasten, Andrew Friedman, Farhan Zaidi, Alex Anthopoulous, Gerry Hunsicker, Alex Tamin … sure, throw in Ned Colletti.Rest assured, our new 10-hour DL policy has been a life changer.Check off any of these if they apply, because surely they are among the medical-sounding verifiable excuses the Dodgers can pick from when trying to sell to New York why Kenta Maeda, Brandon McCarthy, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Rich Hill or even Chris Hatcher aren’t up to par:A soft-tissue contusion: We had this happen recently when we discovered there was no more Charmin left on the roll and could not stretch far enough to reach the replenishment basket under the sink.A lumbar-joint dysfunction: More commonly known as a lower-back sprain, often brought upon while twisting to find the tweezers that you just dropped while trying to pop a vesicle blister on your non-throwing hand.A medial periostitis of the tibia: A basic shin split, something Maeda could have incurred from sprinting between the mound and dugout when he nearly threw a complete-game victory that resulted in a DL designation.Lateral epicondylitis: It’s basic tennis elbow. If McCarthy has that on his chart, it’s not from picking up a racket, but overuse of his Twitter account.In other news this week• It was touch and go for a while, but USC could not have crash landed a more perfectly thought-out PR strategy than its partnership with United Airlines in a high-fare naming rights deal to tarnish the venerable Coliseum.Four years ago, we spent a column presenting the most apropos, and alliterative, alternatives. The Costco Coliseum. The CashCall Coliseum. The Rick Caruso Coliseum.But USC instead unites behind a company (with a Trojan grad as its CEO) that continues to be a late-night punchline and now wants to dump $70 million in damage control instead of saving those funds for future lawsuits?The new seat that they’ll be giving displaced season-ticket holders at the Coliseum cannot be used as a flotation device, but there will be plenty of room underneath to stow your complaints.And so when United goes bankrupt, does USC get bumped down to another second-class airline?• Does the rain-delayed construction of the Inglewood Football Stadium that will house your Rams, your Chargers and your Super Bowl LV in 2021 mean the water tables are so high now in the area that there’s no need for a fancy new sprinkler system? This just whets our appetite on the potential of seeing a monster truck pull take place in the Manchester Mud Pit this fall.last_img read more