Aganzo: “We have spoken with a Barça captain and we are waiting for what the club says”

first_imgIs it surprising that Barcelona and Atlético think of an ERTE ?: “We do not know the economy of the clubs. We are not going to enter there. In the decision they make we must all be together. They are very powerful clubs and we are concerned about their situation, like that of all their teammates.”Reason why the Barcelona squad has rejected the club’s proposal ?: “Each club has its circumstances. They have to reach some kind of agreement. It is they who will make the best decision for their future.”Would you understand that with the current situation the footballer did not lend a hand ?: “Everyone knows the situation in the country and its clubs. They are the first to help. The footballers are very aware and it is they who will reach an agreement with their clubs.”In Germany two clubs have lowered their salaries. Is it time to step forward ?: “I respect other colleagues from other countries. Each club and each player have their circumstances. They are waiting for the situation to improve because they are the first to want the best for the country’s situation. The fundamental thing is to see if the alarm status is lengthened or not. “Would players ending their contracts in June play in July ?: “They are not going to have a problem. They understand the situation and if they have to play in July, they will.”It can damage the image of the players if they don’t handle it well: “I agree. We are very clear about the labor situation in our country. If the company needs our help, they will have it.”Matches every 48 hours ?: “He is an exception, but the footballer’s protection is his health. We have to see how everything is scheduled, but playing every 48 hours will be difficult.” David Aganzo, President of the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE), passed this Wednesday by the microphones of The Stringer of the SER Chain and analyzed the moment that football, clubs and players are experiencing due to the coronavirus crisis.Do you consider the scenario of not playing again this season ?: “What worries us is the situation in the country. It is time to rest easy and support what we can. We are concerned about health, sport is in the background. We are trying to regain the health of the country. It may be real that there is no more gambling, but what I want to emphasize is that there is only one war, which is the pandemic. Footballers are going to be flexible to do their bit. ”Are there different scenarios ?: “I think that in the end we have to see if we play again or not, we do not know when the alarm state will disappear or when the curve will go down. Of course we want the competitions to be playable because it would be a sign that the country is doing well. ”How many clubs are there at risk of ERTE?: “They will not reach ten. Many are evaluating them, but we have communicated to them that it is not time to do ERTES. It is time to be united and when it is known whether or not the competition resumes, it will be seen.”Have you contacted the players of each club ?: “We speak with all the captains of all the teams. In the case of Barcelona we have spoken with one of their captains and we are waiting for what the club says.”Will players charge less ?: “We have to see the whole problem. The players are workers. They are aware of the problem that exists and are the first to want to help. They will be the ones who will decide. We will be by their side for any problem they have.”last_img read more