Robberies up by 22%…its portentous effects!

first_imgDear Editor,Robberies in Guyana are up by 22 per cent… that is the latest statistical figure given by the Guyana Police Force. Now, I am more inclined to believe that this is a highly conservative statistic, given the present climate that exists in Guyana. Because many robberies go unreported, especially robberies of the armed type, or where gun/s are involved.In a country where robberies form part of the daily grind — incidents involving theft, or forceful removal of one’s property — victims are most often reluctant to report or to prosecute the offenders. They would have thrown up their hands in frustration, or might have given in, saying, ‘Why bother? This is Guyana’. So thieves, bandits and robbers are emboldened by this acceptance of the situation by the hapless populace. As someone sarcastically remarked, armed robberies are the only successful business in Guyana. I would rephrase that to say armed robberies constitute the most successful occupation in Region Four. When you can have persons as young as 17 bearing high-powered weapons and carrying out armed invasions with impunity, then you know where we are going as a nation.To make our situation more grievous, This PNC-led Coalition seems to be oblivious to the goings-on around them. And I am of the staunch belief that the reason behind that “ostrich head in the sand” behaviour is because most of these sadistic acts are taking place in or close to their main stronghold, Georgetown; so let us appear not to know.Twenty-two per cent at face value might seem an innocuous figure, but in a small society such as ours, that is a really frightening statistic, where you don’t know when you might become the next victim or fatality in another armed robbery. Guyanese are now, as it were, paralysed by fear in this sick and sad country.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more

Team Debbah in 3rd Week Session

first_imgThe newly appointed coaches of the various Lone Stars yesterday continued their practices with selected neighborhood players at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, as part of a program developed by the technical department of the Liberia Football Association.“The team they are working work is from the neighborhood around here,” technical director Henry Browne told the Daily Observer, “they have been working with these players for the last three weeks.”The Daily Observer observed coaches James Salinsa Debbah, Chris Wreh, Joe Nagbe, Jonah Sarwieh, Oliver Markoh, Janjay Jacobs, Kervin Sebwe and Thomas Kojo at the stadium. Kojo and Sebwe were actively working with a team of players, along with two females, including skipper Kebeh Lamine of Earth Angels.Thomas Kojo said, “Since the fight against the Ebola is still going on, we are now working with a limited number of players that will prepare us (coaches) on what is ahead of us.”Kojo meanwhile took the players into several stretching exercises, as the head coach of the senior national team, James Debbah and others gave him their attention.“Today’s session is being conducted by Kervin,” Kojo said, “and therefore as you can see the rest of the coaches are watching keenly while the LFA technical team of Browne, Tamba and Smith are also observing keenly.”The coaches’ have attended all sessions, since the session began three weeks ago, and the responses of the players have been impressive, Browne said.Because the fight against Ebola is still on-going, fans attendance to the training sessions are restricted, Browne told the Daily Observer.Meanwhile, after series of exercise with the men, Coach Sebwe joined two female players and took them through a series of stretching, ball control and possession exercises.“Every time we come here,” Kojo explained, “one of us (coaches) will lead the training while others pay attention to what a coach is doing.”And it was exactly what Kervin Sebwe was doing while the others were observing and taking notes.“Later we examine and critic each other,” Kojo said, “and that way we know what we are doing which will help us when we begin the actual work with our respective groups.”Browne said after the Christmas break, teams would be assigned to the various coaches to begin the actual work.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more