Vermont Health Department monitors newly contaminated wells at Vermont Yankee

first_imgIn the past month, three groundwater monitoring wells that previously tested negative for tritium have now been shown to be contaminated. All three wells ‘ GZ-23S, GZ-6 and GZ-24S ‘ are north of the underground plume of tritium-contaminated groundwater that the Health Department has been monitoring for the past 13 months. GZ-23S is much closer to the plume, as it is currently defined, compared to GZ-6 and GZ-24S. GZ-23S is approximately on a line between GZ-12 and GZ-13, two sites that have both yielded samples positive for tritium over the last several months. ( Vermont Yankee Groundwater Well Map )These newest results could be evidence that the original plume is broadening from north to south along the river, or that there are other sources responsible for tritium contamination. Vermont Yankee is investigating nearby plant structures, systems and components to determine the source. Northstar Vermont Yankee,The Vermont Department of Health received laboratory data late last week from Entergy Vermont Yankee that indicates samples from groundwater monitoring well GZ-23S tested positive for low levels of tritium. Vermont Yankee’s lower limit of detection (LLD) for tritium is in the range of 670 to 700 picocuries per liter (pCi/L). The test results for the samples collected from GZ-23S during the week of January 24 were 714 and 721 pCi/L. The only sample from GZ-23S that the Health Department Laboratory has received and analyzed so far was taken on December 6 ‘ tritium was not detected in that sample. Vermont Yankee officials also noted that they are plotting all of the underground utilities that run through the plume from the Advanced Off-Gas (AOG) building area. This will help in evaluating whether these structures and components could act as conduits of tritium from the AOG plume into the area sampled by wells GZ-24S and GZ-6. Vermont Yankee officials have verified that they have made provisions to keep the river’s edge site free from winter ice that could prevent testing, and that they plan to sample the COB well again in February.   Groundwater ExtractionAccording to Vermont Yankee, as of February 3 approximately 317,000 gallons of tritium-contaminated groundwater has been pumped out of the ground to date, with approximately 9,700 of those gallons extracted since the re-start of that process on December 30, 2010. Sampling ProvisionsThe Health Department has been urging Vermont Yankee to sample river water at the river’s edge near the centerline of the AOG plume. Groundwater Monitoring Well ResultsThe results that follow are as reported by Vermont Yankee for tritium on February 3, 2011. In addition, Vermont Yankee has been reporting sample results every day to the Health Department since February 1, 2011.As of this report, 11 of the 31 groundwater monitoring wells are testing positive for tritium. With the exception of wells GZ-23S, GZ-6 and GZ-24S, the trend over the past several months has been that tritium concentrations in groundwater near plant structures, systems and components are decreasing. Trends for wells GZ-14 and GZ-22D, the two extraction sites, are trending downward as expected. Trends for GZ-23S, GZ-6 and GZ-24S, as described above, have remained relatively stable over the past two weeks. For this week, only GZ-15 had an increased tritium concentration compared to the last sample date.To date, gamma spectroscopy and special analyses for hard-to-detect radionuclides have not identified any other nuclear power plant-related radioactive materials in groundwater, drinking water or river water.GZ-1: GZ-2: GZ-3: 108,000 on 1/31/11, down from 121,275 on 1/24/11GZ-4: 70,000 on 1/31/11, down from 78,555 on 1/24/11GZ-5: GZ-6: GZ-7: 3,117 on 1/31/11, down from 3,474 on 1/4/11GZ-8: No sample; dry wellGZ-9: GZ-10: GZ-11: GZ-12S: 1,877 on 1/31/11, down from 3,268 on 1/17/11GZ-12D: 114,962 on 1/31/11, down from 130,857 on 1/17/11GZ-13S: GZ-13D: 880 on 1/31/11, down from 1,095 on 1/4/11GZ-14S: 334,136 on 1/31/11, down from 442,149 on 1/10/11GZ-14D: GZ-15: 144,700 on 1/26/11, up from 141,585 on 1/4/11GZ-16: GZ-17: GZ-18S: GZ-18D: GZ-19S: GZ-19D: GZ-20: GZ-21: 6,853 on 1/31/11, down from 8,673 on 1/17/11GZ-22D: 354,906 on 1/31/11, down from 398,557 on 1/17/11GZ-23S: GZ-24S: 4,857 on 2/3/11, down from 8,139 on 1/26/11GZ-25S: GZ-26S: GZ-27S: Source: Vermont Department of Health 2.7.2011 Vermont Yankee officials noted that the soils near GZ-24S and GZ-6 are of very low permeability. This means groundwater moves slowly through the soils. State officials will get further hydrogeological information at a technical briefing scheduled for February 10. The Departments of Health and Environmental Conservation have recommended for some time that samples be frequently obtained from the Construction Office Building (COB) well. Regular sampling will help determine the tritium concentration in this former drinking water well, which is 360 feet deep into bedrock, and help to better understand if other deep water sources could become contaminated. Groundwater Source InvestigationIn a teleconference on February 3, Vermont Yankee noted that it had completed pressure testing of two piping runs suspected as possible sources of new leaks. These are two of five piping runs that are high on the list of possible sources near GZ-24S. In fact, the well was sited at this location to monitor these particular piping runs. Pressure testing indicated that these two piping runs do not appear to be leaking. Preparations are underway to pressure test the other three piping runs. All of these five piping runs are drain lines for systems that normally carry gases. This means that less liquid travels through them. It also means that the concentration of other radioactive materials like cobalt-60, cesium-137 and strontium-90 (Co-60, Cs-137 and Sr-90) should be lower as compared to liquid processing lines. Vermont Yankee officials noted, however, that the concentration of tritium in these drain lines is similar to that of systems that process predominantly liquids with concentrations of about 3 million pCi/L. The Health Department Laboratory will continue to perform additional analyses on well samples from this new investigation area.last_img read more

Wilinski, Christians win again at Shawano

first_imgKurt Olson took the lead at the start of the Stock Car main event before giving way to Mike Schmidt on lap four.  Behind Schmidt it was Christians, VanStraten and Trent Nolan moving to­ward the front of the field.  Norman Walbruck snagged the lead on lap one of the Modified and held that spot until lap five when Wilinski charged to the front.  Wilinski was in control for the duration of the race for his second consecutive win. SHAWANO, Wis. (June 18) – Saturday was a night of familiar faces in victory lane at Shawano Speedway, as Jerry Wilinski secured his second straight IMCA Modified feature and Jeremy Chris­tians outdueled Travis VanStraten for his second IMCA Sunoco Stock Car victory of the season.  Kevin Feck eventually prevailed in the battled for second with Brekken Kleinschmidt taking third.  By Scott Owencenter_img Schmidt, Christians, and VanStraten went three-wide for the lead on lap 10.  Christians eventu­ally eased ahead of the field, but not for long as VanStraten took the lead on lap 12. Christians and VanStraten battled side by side over the next few laps with Christians eventually gaining the advantage. In the end it was Christians for the win followed by VanStraten, Nolan, Nate Michonski and Schmidt. Rookie Andy Klosterman led the opening lap of the Karl Kustoms Northern SportMod feature before Jason Jach took over on lap two with an outside pass. Jach remained committed to the outside groove of the track for the duration of the race and was not to be denied his first win of the year.last_img read more

Lakers overcome drama to secure 102-100 overtime win over Heat

first_img“I was trying to loosen up. A lot of heat packs to try to loosen up the muscles and joints and get them firing,” Bryant said. “There was no hope tonight.”Even before his limitations, Bryant’s farewell tour took a backseat because of the controversy surrounding Russell. Scott joked the large media contingent meant this was “Kobe’s last game.” He actually has eight left. “This shall pass,” Scott said. “We’re still going to celebrate Kobe’s last eight games no matter what.”Lakers fans also celebrated Lamar Odom’s presence at Staples Center nearly five months after being hospitalized for falling unconscious at a Nevada brothel. In the first half, Odom hugged Lakers president Jeanie Buss. Odom, who won two NBA titles as a key Lakers reserve from 2004 to 2011, also sparked cheers when the Staples Center scoreboard featured him. After visiting Bryant extensively in the trainer’s room, Odom described the experience as “cool” and “awesome” before adding he “got goosebumps.”“It’s a miracle,” Bryant said of Odom. “To see him walking around now as if nothing even happened, it’s really a miracle. It’s beyond good to see him.”Russell did not initially receive such a warm reception.“I knew that was going to happen,” Russell said. “It’s all good.”Both Clarkson and Randle insisted things were all good after Russell apologized to the team before the game. Yet, a league source close to Young said Russell has not apologized directly to him. Young was not around when Russell addressed his teammates, the source added.“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” Scott said. “We’ll see what type of characters we have in that locker room.”Scott admitted “some concern” that issues between Russell and his teammates could carry over onto the court. In his last five games Russell has averaged only 10.8 points while shooting 34.9 percent from the field and 31.3 percent from 3-point range and posting 2.2 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game.“It’s getting better and better,” Scott said of Russell’s leadership presence. “Obviously this will knock it back a step or two. He just has to keep working and everything else will work out.”Nick Young became available after missing the past two games because of what the team attributed to a stomach bug. Young had missed eight previous games out of healthy scratches, leading Scott to call him “very professional” on handling the lack of playing time. Russell and Young did not sit near each other on the bench. “I’ve played with players I didn’t like as people,” said Scott, who played 11 of his 14 NBA seasons with the Lakers. “But they were my teammates. You deal with that.” Russell initially dealt with the fallout surrounding his secretly recorded and recently published video of teammate Nick Young revealing he had been unfaithful to his fiancé, Iggy Azalea. Despite posting 16 points on only 6-of-19 shooting and one assist in 34 minutes. Russell made a few plays when the Lakers most needed him. He defended Miami guard Dwyane Wade and contested a jumper that hit off the rim to force overtime. Russell opened the extra session by canning an open 3-pointer and a layup. Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson added a team-high 26 points on a 9-of-19 clip. “If I’ve lost anybody’s trust, I’m going to work my tail off to gain it back,” Russell said. “That’s something you need for a winning team. You need everybody to trust each other. You need the first guy to trust the 15th guy.”Even before the video incident happened, the Lakers often talked about “trust issues” in describing an unorganized offense often centered on individual play. The Lakers (16-59) still only shot 36.3 percent from the field against Miami (43-31) and allowed Wade to post a team-high 26 points. Yet, the Lakers still overcame a 15-point deficit with double-digit efforts from Clarkson, Russell, Randle (13 points, 14 rebounds), Roy Hibbert (12 points) and Lou Williams (11 points). Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant logged only two points on 1-of-7 shooting in nine minutes in his last game against the Heat. Before the Lakers shut Bryant down for the second half because of “general soreness”, Bryant often sat on the bench wrapped as if he were a mummy after telling Lakers coach Byron Scott he couldn’t move. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorcenter_img The morning ended with D’Angelo Russell completing an extended workout at the Lakers’ facility before having three security guards escort him to his car. The evening started with Russell hearing a chorus of boos during lineup introductions despite playing before a usually supportive hometown crowd at Staples Center. The day ended with those same fans suddenly cheering for the Lakers as they secured a 102-100 overtime victory over the Miami Heat on Wednesday at Staples Center. Julius Randle made the game-winner, an 8-foot runner after performing a nifty spin move toward the basket. Crazy day indeed.last_img read more

Dawson Creek RCMP actively investigating drug-laced cookies in elementary school

first_img“The investigation is in its early stages and the Dawson Creek RCMP are working in partnership with School District #59 and the Ministry for Children and Family Development in order to conduct a full and thorough investigation to determine if any criminality exists,” Cpl. Dave Tyreman said in a written statement.Superintendent of School District 59 Leslie Lambie released a statement earlier in the week confirming such allegations, and went on to validate the district’s continued implementation of programs educating students on the dangers of drug use and the risks of sharing food, asserting “student safety to be its highest priority.”“Any parents who may have noticed anything strange or unusual with their child or even sought medical attention are encouraged to call police,” Cpl. Tyreman concludes.- Advertisement -The Dawson Creek RCMP detachment can be reached at 250 784 3700.last_img read more