Tamil Nadu fishermen seek urgent talks with Sri Lanka

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told Parliament last Thursday that bottom trawling by Indian fishermen is having an impact on the livelihood of fishermen in the North and East. Bottom trawling by Indian fishermen is a serious concern for Sri Lanka and the matter has been raised in Parliament as well. He said Tamil Nadu fishermen are prepared to sit down with their Sri Lankan counterparts to map out a time based solution top end the crisis.“We have had talks before with Sri Lankan fishermen but most often it is the businessmen who attend the talks and not the fishermen themselves. Some of these businessmen have their own agendas so the talks never go forward,” Emiret said.Emiret said that recently his association met Indian External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and urged her to take efforts to resolve the issue. Tamil Nadu fishermen have expressed the desire to hold urgent talks with Sri Lanka and reach a compromise in order to resolve the long standing fishing issue.Tamil Nadu Fishermen’s Association President S. Emiret told The Sunday Leader they are even willing to consider giving up bottom trawling if an alternative solution is provided to them. However Emiret noted that even some Sri Lankan fishermen engage in bottom trawling so it is unfair to only blame Indians.“Also don’t forget even Sri Lankan fishermen poach in Indian waters. So this is not just something to point fingers at us. We must discuss are resolve this issue,” he said. “We need to have three meals a day. The fishing industry feeds us as this is our job. We will look at alternative means if we really must give up bottom trawling to resolve this issue,” he said.Emiret also asserted that Tamil Nadu fishermen have no qualms with fishermen in the North and East and want to prevent the issue from hurting the relationship between both countries.When asked about the comments being made by politicians in Sri Lanka and India on the issue, Emiret said politicians look to take advantage of the issue and more often than not prevent the issue from reaching an end. However he said Tamil Nadu fishermen feel only direct talks with their counterparts will result in a solution acceptable to both sides. He said both governments need to understand that the issue affects the lives of ordinary people and so no one should play politics with the fishing dispute. read more

Taxpayers companies can now file their tax returns online as GRA

GRA headquartersThe Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) says that taxpayers and companies can now file their tax returns online with the long awaited introduction of its electronic services (eServices) platform.According to the GRA “after signing up to enable user access, monthly and yearly Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Individual Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Individual Company and Property taxes, and Value Added Tax (VAT) returns can be efiled via the website https://eservices.gra.gov.gy.”See their full statement below:The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) launched some of its long awaited electronic services (eServices) platform to enable individual taxpayers and companies to submit tax returns with the click of a button.The way was paved, following the amendment to Section 3 of the Income Tax Act Chapter 81:01 which gives jurisdiction to the Commissioner-General to “authorise the use of electronic technology” and also “require electronic, documents and electronic signatures.” After signing up to enable user access, monthly and yearly Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Individual Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Individual Company and Property taxes, and Value Added Tax (VAT) returns can be efiled via the website https://eservices.gra.gov.gy.The launch comes at an opportune time as employers who are required to submit Employers Returns/Form 2 (a list of their employees’ names, payments, allowances and tax deductions) before February 28 can do so online and simultaneously make use of a utility capable of converting the said content into accurately completed income tax returns for each employee in bulk “pdf” format. Employees can thereafter uplift the forms from their employers, include other sources of income, if any, affix their signature and thereafter submit to the GRA using the drop box system.Taxpayers in all categories, particularly individuals with multiple sources of income, those who have been approved for Mortgage Interest Relief (MIR) and others who file returns on their own volition, are encouraged to sign up to eServices in order to file with ease and convenience. Sensitisation sessions have commenced to ensure employers are fully au-fait with this revolutionary approach to tax compliance. The GRA will also be partnering with the E-Governance Unit to provide assistance to various taxpayers at Information Communication Technology (ICT) hubs across the country.Taxpayers are being reminded that Income Tax Returns must be true and correct and to ensure that their emolument (7b) slips are attached and a current email address is provided when submitting. The GRA is also encouraging taxpayers to make use of the online fillable forms that are available on its website.The filing of Income Tax is a requirement of Section 60 of the said Act which states that “Every person shall on or before the prescribed day in every year deliver to the Commissioner-General a true and correct return of the whole of his income from every source whatsoever for the year immediately preceding the year of assessment, and shall if absent from Guyana give the name and address of an agent residing therein.” Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedE-filing of taxes to be mandatory for certain companies- GRADecember 4, 2018In “Business”Four Tax Sites launchedApril 3, 2019In “Business”GRA introduces Automated Drivers Licence CardMarch 11, 2014In “Local News” read more