Xining City North District will be put into use the first sanitation apartment

July 28th, the reporter learned from the North District Urban Management Bureau, in order to improve the living conditions of the sanitation workers in the area, the city of the north to create sanitation workers will be put into use sanitation workers apartment.

it is understood that in Chengbei district environmental sanitation workers work ideas rich cultural activities, the protection of workers health and medical conditions, invested more than 110 yuan in the families of the mountains will create the unified purchase 50 sets of housing has become the first apartment in the north area of sanitation. The total construction area of 4752 square meters of sanitation apartments, with staff canteen, staff home, medical center, standard model room and other functional rooms. Among them, the staff of the home in addition to television also has an Internet surfing room, library reading room, chess, etc.. Built in the North District Sanitation apartment, not only provides a comfortable home for front-line sanitation workers, but also to provide health care services in the presence of a fever, cold and other emergencies in the sanitation workers. Currently, such as the north of the city dedicated to the establishment of health care workers in the center of the northwest five provinces is still the first. (author: Tang Rong Wei Yunlong)

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