Green core Forest Park will start construction this year


– the implementation of the scenic spot of the beautiful park in the north of the park to transform the people’s Park, Nanshan Park and other landscape to enhance the quality of the 16 main blocks of green landscape

in the successful creation of a national forest city, our city will be further greening and beautification? The reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, in 2016 the city greening has higher goals, I will strive to build a new pattern of ecological city core two screen three corridor ", start the implementation of the green core of Forest Park construction, continue to promote the forestry ecological construction, vigorously promote urban greening landscape level, the declaration of Xining city state the ecological park, and make new contributions in promoting the construction of ecological civilization in our city.

structure "one core, two screens and three corridors" pattern

regards the ecological civilization as the highest pursuit of urban development and construction. This year the city will strive to build a new pattern of ecological city core two screen three corridor ", so that the city of new green garden of 40 hectares, the coverage rate of urban greening to keep 40.5%, per capita green area of 12 square meters, the forest coverage rate reached 33%.

a core: start the implementation of green core Forest Park construction. City "green core", the public is not familiar with the vocabulary, are proposed in the ecological construction in our city, I will build larger city concentrated green space, to build the city "green core", nourish the city green lung.

two screen: vigorously promote the pull ridge mountain, up to the mountains of the two green ecological barrier construction, strengthen the construction of the north and south of the three green.

– three Corridor: in the Huangshui River, Nanchuan River and Beichuan River as the basis, the construction of three ecological green corridor.

construction of more than 20 key projects

this year, our city forestry department will strive to promote the city landscape quality, city garden department undertakes the three phase of the project, the South and North Mountain green core Forest Park construction, construction and transformation of urban greening landscape and municipal park landscape upgrade more than 20 key construction projects. The main implementation of the 13 main streets and city center square, sunning Plaza and Evergreen Park green landscape to enhance the construction of the sports park, the north area of the national fitness center, South Ring Highway on both sides of high standard greening, urban landscape irrigation system engineering, construction of beautiful landscaped area Beishan scenic spot, people’s Park, Nanshan Park and botanical garden landscape scenic Plateau Pearl the upgrading of construction projects.


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