During the Spring Festival Xining city health supervision and investigation of six illegal catering

February 22nd from the Municipal Health Bureau, according to the Municipal Health Bureau on the spring festival food safety special rectification work requirements, the city health authority in pre catering units to carry out a special inspection of food hygiene and safety, and in the Spring Festival holiday period of rectification carried out inspections. Inspections severely punished a number of illegal issues more prominent catering units.

the special inspections of large catering units collective dining and new year’s Eve food hygiene work focused on supervision. From the inspection of the situation, after the food and beverage industry food safety special rectification, the city food and beverage units law-abiding awareness, personnel certification rate, awareness of health knowledge, tableware disinfection rate is much greater than in the past. But the inspection found that individual catering units still exist in raw and cooked food mix, mix sanitation and other irregularities, especially credit ledger records more lax on food purchasing, did not seriously implement the large dinner food sample system. In this regard, the city health supervision staff were put forward rectification opinions, and issued a "health supervision opinions". At the same time, but also the problem of the more prominent food and beverage units, in accordance with the food safety law was severely punished, which ordered correction, warning 3, a fine of $3, a total of $10000 penalty.


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