2017 chemical enterprises in Chongqing new year start safety inspection can not slack off

is the so-called time flies, in the course of rapid economic growth, the city economy has made great development, but the development is still facing a series of problems. Chongqing City Safety Supervision Bureau said today, in order to effectively prevent and curb the chemical enterprise production safety accident, from now until 20 January in the city to carry out a comprehensive safety risks big investigation of chemical enterprises, to ensure a good start in 2017. So, how to ensure the safety inspection of chemical enterprises do?

is a focus on grasping the overall. Adhere to the problem oriented, in accordance with the coverage, zero tolerance, effectiveness of the requirements, the implementation of the chemical industry production safety hazards investigation, to ensure that the horizontal to the edge, vertical in the end.

two is the establishment of standardized investigation. Will be responsible for the implementation of business leaders, managers and front-line team, the formation of a , process, a range of long-term mechanism for the investigation and management of hidden dangers.

three is strictly enforce the law enforcement. The production of major security risks, as the accident, the heavy penalties must be severely punished, dare to move really tough action.

four is a pragmatic investigation responsibility. 2017 Chongqing new year to start a good, chemical enterprise safety inspection can not be slack, through these four steps can effectively eliminate security risks. Resolutely overcome walk to see is not serious, not careful investigation and hidden problems, production safety accidents occurred in the investigation period, the investigations responsibility to ensure that the work to achieve tangible results, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property!

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