A bright light on the road of entrepreneurship a case study of Shanghai entrepreneurs

along with many business incubator platform on the line, a new identity with the birth, which is the entrepreneurial mentor. In the business has become a trend, business mentor are uneven level for college entrepreneurs, help them direction.

149 home science and technology business incubator, nearly a hundred public space, a large number of start-ups and more than and 50 listed companies…… Shanghai is becoming one of the most dynamic areas of innovation and entrepreneurship in China, so that we can not do without an active volunteer team – Shanghai science and technology entrepreneurs.

in the public venture, the highly innovative tide, in the face of the city’s primary and secondary incubating the more than 6 thousand science and technology enterprises, teachers have some shortage.

in the business for a light forest


"this enterprise is not your customers." Chen Aiguo pointed out the problem of the "returnees" enterprises. Chen Aiguo in the counselling object, many entrepreneurs often received a big business "Hydrangea" rather pleased with oneself in the early stages of enterprise development, as everyone knows, to accept big orders is undoubtedly the "ants back elephant", if there is no business mentor "," like a blow and a shout "returnees" probably not before loading.

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