Chongqing will cancel the yellow car Business

recently introduced a policy in Chongqing, made it clear that will reduce the number of yellow cars. But through subsidies to achieve the management of yellow cars, so that in 2017, Chongqing will be eliminated about 27 thousand and 300 vehicles". Was informed that the Chongqing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Chongqing municipal environmental protection, finance, public security and other departments issued "the day before the main city of Chongqing city to encourage yellow car out in advance of municipal financial subsidy rules".

Chongqing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, the "implementation rules" clearly a subsidy for the period from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017, the yellow car out in advance of financial subsidy on a quarterly cycle application, and the vehicle management department of the public security issued by the "motor vehicle registration certificate" on the date of cancellation of EMU approved municipal financial subsidy standards. In 2016, the yellow car out in advance of fiscal subsidy standard range varies for each car is 1000 yuan to 3600 yuan; since the first quarter of 2017, each quarter of each type of the yellow car out in advance of municipal financial subsidy standards in accordance with the 2016 municipal financial subsidy decline standard 10%.

among them, enjoy the country’s old car out of subsidies for the yellow car is not within the scope of subsidies. Yellow car, financial support units (including January 1, 2016) after the turn of the yellow car and the main city of Chongqing in January 1, 2016 (inclusive) after the owner of the vehicle or household units registered address outside the main city yellow car to change the main city of Chongqing will not be subsidized.

the "implementation rules" provisions, apply for financial subsidies to owners of units or the first month of each quarter 25 days ago, yellow car to the motor vehicle registration set up in advance out of joint service window to go through the formalities, and provide relevant materials as required. After the audit, the local funds received within 15 working days of the financial subsidy funds allocated to the vehicle owner or unit designated account.

has a designated account, people are transparent about the funds, so that it will achieve a real regulation. Yellow cars that are lower than the national emission standards for emission standards and lower than the national emission standards for diesel vehicles, is an important source of air pollution. In 2016, Chongqing eliminated yellow cars and old cars 54 thousand and 800, exceeding the national annual elimination task.

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