Convenience stores can make people more popular

if you want to succeed in business, there are many factors associated with it. Among them, the most important thing is to do business popularity. With the popularity of the source is guaranteed. Opened a few years store, my experience is: in the light of the actual needs of people’s lives, in the store accordingly to add some facilities, through the details of the service to gather popularity. In my shop, there are so three cohesion popular baby:

– TV I bought a colour TV set at Xueben, placed in front of the store. Just put on the color TV, the owner of the shop around laugh at me silly, said he did not see a small supermarket also put such a large color TV, but also to spend money and local. Last year, when the Olympic Games, I shop outside the shop full of people, everyone watching TV while talking, while from time to time to buy cigarettes, buy water, buy some snacks, two weeks that cigarette sales in 183, over the same period last month the 135 grew by 48.

revenue growth. Even in peacetime, there are a lot of people to watch TV in my store, especially when the world cup, NBA games and a number of unexpected news events live, more people. See the color TV set for me to attract so much popularity, now that the shop owner said that I have a click one’s tongue, business vision.

–   public telephone; don’t look at the mobile phone is very popular now, making several public telephone is essential in the store. I have a lot of people in the store every day because I forgot to bring my cell phone, cell phone no electricity, or any other reason to call. If you encounter any emergency situation, you need to call 110, 119, 120 for help, you can also call me at any time for free.

– jug   my shop next to the ocean station, often have the neighbors come to the shop to change the bus. Later, I simply prepared a change in the tank can store the usual collection of coins, coins, to provide passengers with zero convenience. Now do not say in the ocean station car, and even often in the vicinity of the station by car, but also know that you can come to my shop to change. Time for money, some people will buy some food, daily necessities, what, in the course of time, many passengers on the bus becomes my regular store.

these three baby to provide convenience to others, but also to my store has brought popularity and business opportunities. Now I shop a cigarette light, the average monthly sales of more than 10, other sales of goods is also very good. Next, I prepare to give my store two extra pieces of condensed popular "baby": one is a sunshade in the doorway, rain can make passers-by shelter, can give passers-by shade in summer, easy but also the convenience of their own.

is a sunshade, can avoid direct sunlight on tobacco cabinet, can also store to cool summer shade,; two are ready to a set of tables and chairs, tea, leisure business, spacious > in the store

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