Remember to join the Chengdu sun stone grilled squid need how many money

many kinds of delicious barbecue, barbecue distinctive brand is very few, what barbecue barbecue, barbecue barbecue grilled fish are common, but it is the love of squid barbecue barbecue friends an extreme delicious and nutritious barbecue brand. Squid barbecue, now more and more people are eating milk on the stone grilled squid, Chengdu Sun Ji Shi roast Catering Management Co. Ltd is the first China volcano stone squid restaurant chain, its headquarters is located in Sichuan city of Chengdu Province, Sichuan is the largest squid baked chain, is also the largest Chinese volcano stone squid chain enterprise; Shen remember volcano stone stone baked squid was founded in 2013, by the University of Electronic Science and technology of 92 years by a couple, and apply for a patent, in the construction of Chengdu Xiang opened the first stone volcano squid shop, is recognized as the "ancestor of a volcano stone grilled squid". The founder of the United States is known as the industry’s first beauty squid squid". Have a certain reputation in the barbecue industry, Chengdu Sun Ji Shi squid jiamengfei

is how much?

joined the Chengdu Sun Ji Shi squid need how many money? Specific details see the following:

, a Chengdu sun Kee stone squid joined the agency cost

county agent: 100 thousand

municipal agents: 150 thousand

capital agent: 500 thousand

Municipality agent: 800 thousand

provincial agent: 1 million 200 thousand

two, Chengdu Sun Ji Shi squid solo franchise fee:

first tier cities: 460 thousand

second tier cities: 350 thousand

three line city: 240 thousand


above is the Chengdu sun down stone grilled squid fees, is a potential for the development of the brand, it is worth joining


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