Chen Deming cross strait cooperation can also broaden the scope of youth entrepreneurship

The development of

in Taiwan and the mainland, need more young entrepreneurs to strive, in NPC and CPPCC, member of the CPPCC National Committee, chairman of the ARATS Chen Deming said that cross-strait economic complementarity and integration is very important, cross-strait youth entrepreneurship can also broaden the scope of cooperation.

  yesterday, the CPPCC National Committee of the Chinese Communist Party group meeting venue, the CPPCC National Committee, the president of the Association for relations across the Taiwan Strait Chen Deming by various media attention. In the face of the spear short gun, Chen Deming said, the mainland and Taiwan are in the economic restructuring and transformation stage, cross-strait economic complementarity and integration is very important."

the government work report this year pointed out that promoting the integration of cross-strait economic development, promote cross-strait cultural exchanges, science and technology, strengthen the cross-strait grassroots and youth exchanges. Over the past few days, Chen Deming are frequently asked by reporters at the venue, he has always been a moderate tone to answer.

further emphasizes the consistent and clear position

on the current cross-strait negotiation between the NPC and CPPCC work, he said, still as in the past, what is not a big impact. "As for the future of Taiwan ruling party, of course, to look at each other’s attitude. Hope to continue to serve the compatriots on both sides in the consensus."

on the mainland and Taiwan exchanges:

cross-strait economic complementarity can strengthen cooperation

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