nnovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals held in Jilin University

in the past two years, the Ministry of education is actively promoting the development of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to stimulate the innovation and creativity of College students. The Ministry of education sponsored the college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition, in the form of competition in the university campus to promote innovation and entrepreneurship campus fresh air.

Chinese first "Internet +" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship Contest Finals 19 at the Jilin University opened, will produce more than and 30 gold, more than and 70 silver and bronze in 200.

The Higher Education Department of the Ministry of education

the contest after the preliminaries, the provincial semi-finals, final 300 team into the national finals, the creative group of 111 projects, 189 projects practice group. Entry is divided into Internet + traditional industries, Internet + new formats, Internet + public services, Internet + technology support platform, such as four categories.

contest start since May this year to September 15th, has attracted 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) 57253 teams in 1878 universities of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps to enroll, submit project works 36508, participate in more than 200 thousand students, driven by millions of college students into innovative activities.

Professional knowledge and quality of college students with higher

, has always been the vanguard of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field. Fresh and dynamic is an inexhaustible motive force for college students, their ability to quickly receive and use of new things will promote the sustainable development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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