Learn to listen forget skills high quality originality is not a dream

"maybe our mind, always no reader", many webmaster, SEOER very confused: I have eighteen using Wu Yi, why little success keep watch all night,



stream of original content, the website operator hearts forever question mark

so many people took the pseudo original approach, while others kept asking questions, "how do you get a stream of original content?"

to answer this question, we must define the webmaster said: "quality" high quality original "original" is the most potential site user help, can cause users to resonate, inspire more netizens comments contend (content gain), sharing recommended (site gain and audience gain) website related fields unique content.

wants to get the user favorite "high-quality original", also must be returned to interact with the user – because the website content is to communicate with the user interaction, we have dreamed of selling as a single objective is the user of the site content (service) the most ideal way certainly satisfied.

Confucius said, "never know what you know, or what you are going to do." don’t worry about not getting more people’s approval, but worrying about not knowing anybody else. If we really want to get the value of the original content of subject matter, we must forget all the skills, learn to listen and understand others (from users and other content producers) — quality content website is not written.


‘s Web content strategy guide, author Kristina Halvorson stresses the importance of learning to listen to the formulation of web content strategies:


(network picture)

    people need to learn to listen to

constantly in their lives

"in any enterprise, the content is shared by many people.". The main content participants are not just people who create content. Content managers actually include a variety of roles and responsibilities: demanders, providers, creators / reviewers, and publishers who have their daily needs and offers. These recommendations are worth listening to and considering when formulating content strategies."

"no one knows their needs better than your customers.". Although many of us feel that we know very well the end-user’s real needs for our website. But if we don’t ask users, we can never really understand their needs".

Kristina Halvorson said the first is "listen to industry experts", "the Three Stooges surpass Zhu Geliang"! A person’s thoughts are finite.

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