15 traffic promotion method each webmaster to do

how do your traffic? Not every webmaster can do IP tens of thousands, but we know that everything is a method, in a station, ask yourself the following 15 points can be done? If you can, then the site traffic just to go with the flow.

1) keyword research

Before doing anything,

uses a keyword tool to do an extensive survey to see which keywords / words are appropriate for your site. What key words does your direct competitor use? Are there any key words that have market potential? Haven’t you found it? Maybe you can develop another brand new situation,


2) avoid sandbox testing

buy your domain name as soon as possible after you confirm the keywords and the company name. As soon as possible to set up the site up, put a simple page, tell others who you are, what to do, and the details of the site will come out immediately. Make sure it is grabbed by Google and Yahoo.

3) create content

produces 30 pages of real original content for your site. This will make spiders desirable, and this will give you the opportunity to learn more keywords from search engine results.

4) site design

insists on "keep it simple" policy. Call an external CSS file, clear the page on the Java Script code, using an external file to call them, do not use the framework, use Flash to use pictures, do not make the entire station Flash. Not to make the site garish, let visitors feel. Keep it neat and simple. Let visitors easily find what they need without having to look around.

5) page size

the smaller your page is, the better the KB – especially the front page. Optimize those images so that the page loads faster. Most people and businesses in the West have very fast Internet speeds, but in other countries or mobile phones, they may not be. If your site is loaded slowly, it may have lost visitors before being visited.

6) site optimization

use the keyword you choose in the title (the most important), and then try to include everything in size, title, and text. Make sure your page / content is about these keywords. If you want to sell gadgets, write about gadgets. Don’t just repeat the word "gadget" in the text.

7) optimized degree

away from over optimization techniques. Excessive optimization means increasing the ranking by unscrupulous means, using ways that the search engines don’t agree with, such as keyword stacking, door pages, invisible text, and so on. For long term consideration, optimization must be made. Sites optimized for cheating are usually most demanding for short-term results such as pornography, gambling, and the black market. (see what you’ve got

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