Talk about those who make QQ numbers and earn one hundred thousand in the year

is no stranger to QQ, and almost everyone on the Internet has an even more QQ number. I have nine QQ, a tuba, and others for Trumpet extension. However, by selling the QQ number, it’s easy for millions of people to make a million dollars a year. Maybe a lot of people don’t believe it. Can you still make money by selling QQ? Millions of dollars? Listen to Shao Lianhu’s blog. Maybe you’ll believe it.


sees the title earns one hundred thousand year, probably a lot of net friend think I am the title party, intentionally attract everyone to see the article. For me, this article is not the title of the party, in the end they sell QQ, can earn one hundred thousand years I hope you read the comments,


QQ marketing software has created the QQ number


let me tell you why there are so many people who want to buy QQ number, because someone will buy QQ number as long as someone buys it.

at the beginning of 2011, I did a marketing software website. After doing the station, I will sell my marketing software in Taobao, including QQ group software, QQ batch plus group software, QQ group member extraction software, etc.. However, in Taobao to sell marketing software, this software must be easy to use.

in order to test these software is easy to use, I will register some QQ number, add some groups, and then use software mass. I found that whether it is plus group, plus friends, mass, or batch plus group software, are very easy to use. I’ve been studying how to make software work better.

because the mass information required QQ number, plus QQ group also need QQ number. At that time I found that Taobao has sold QQ number, very cheap, a few cents a money, I will buy hundreds of QQ number, and then use these QQ batch plus QQ group. Plus a good group, using mass software advertising, sell these software, the software can be used automatically when one day, fully automatic transmission, very convenient.

advertising sent more, the software is also very good to sell, my Taobao shop also in a month on a drill. Later, I also saw the sale of QQ profits, but also sold Taobao QQ number.

several ways to use Taobao to sell QQ number

1, pay for the registration,

acquisition sell others

because I didn’t know the technique at that time, it was too slow for me to apply for QQ myself. So, I release the QQ mission in my QQ group, to apply for a QQ number of others is the price of the 1 corners, I sell a QQ angle, can earn a corner. I can charge a lot of QQ in a day and I’ll sell it at Taobao.

2, know a QQ technician and apply for tens of thousands of QQ

in one hour

when I met someone by accident, he said he offered QQ number and I sold it. Although I did not understand the technology, but I use mass software can be very much!

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