Why do Chinese nternet practitioners like idiot users


to tell you the truth, I have never seen any one group like most Chinese Internet practitioners from the inside so that users don’t even despise them, light in the heart, almost in the expression of public language, you can also see how they describe their core users: white, fool, grass root who in the world.

This is a

in the past 10 years and gradually strengthened ingrained philosophy: we love "idiot" users, they do not know what is the best, then we stand in their position, simulating their habits, do they love the product, tell them, only our product is safe and reliable, fully meet their needs, for their consideration, and then let them everywhere Everything is contained therein., most willing to pay. High IQ users? Why! They love picky, meditate, often questioned, we refused to pay for themselves, not satisfied with the products we feel is not copied (what do you tube ah), is not a privacy loophole, love complaints, always take our products and foreign counterparts in comparison they don’t know not boring boring! Chinese Internet is the world’s most distinctive special things? This is the user to wait, we do not need their products, let them with Google, Facebook, Dropbox and Evernote of the toss!

driven by this idea, Chinese the birth of the Internet is easy to use and the function of the Everything is contained therein. QQ, and are constantly "QQ" of the spirit of WeChat was born with stepson; "safe" quickly capture market with a series of products of the Qihoo 360 and the Jinshan family; interactive community YY voice gave birth to a large-scale one hundred thousand at the same time; the birth of the all inclusive Baidu; born can download all the thunder and storm…… Of course, at the same time, also gave birth to the computer running more and more slowly all the default installation of plug-ins; was incompatible with each other, let users in the lower right corner of the desktop two choose a 3Q war; the birth of the accused each other on the user’s computer "back door" of the network gave birth to slobber war; piracy innocence "as the theoretical basis of mass escape; the birth of" plagiarism anyway users do not know even know don’t care "product value……

from another perspective, when the Facebook is copied from the Snapchat introduced Poke, downloads rapid ascent but soon abandoned by the user, the vast majority of people give a star in the App Store and Google Play score, in order to express contempt of plagiarism. When Path constantly broke the user’s mobile phone address book information uploaded to the server’s approach, its downloads rapidly fall, founder Dave Morin out of public apology…… These normal American users in the minds of Chinese Internet practitioners belong to those who are very difficult to serve, try not to provoke

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