Humanity Taobao conversion enhancement tool

consumers buy a product, the ability to consume is able to afford, and on the basis of trust, spend less money to buy more and better products.

above that sentence, that is usually mentioned human nature, we must first understand the hearts of consumers thinking, and then according to consumer demand to implement some marketing programs.

through the above points, we know that there are several important elements.

trust, spending power, less money, more, better products.

from the start we trust, to buy something, first of all have confidence in him, of course, for those people who love adventure, they trust in the strength is low, but for most people, trust is very important. How to let consumers trust us, believe our products, the same is said 30 days no reason to return, with what consumers do not think we are fooled him.

will be a witness at this time, you can put ads in authoritative media, or find celebrities to speak, and so on.

is spending power, this involves the target customer choice, you cannot love your consumer products only, he also needs to have enough economic strength to buy your product, understand the target customers for our advertising is important, this time we can follow a similar product advertising the channels, to find their own customers, and then through the network investigation, we found their consumers are engaged in what occupation, salary etc..

say that less money, most people do sales should have heard that consumers should not cheap but accounted for cheap, Li Leiting often saw the news that Chinese consumers see a luxury shop on the discount, like a swarm of bees rushed to panic buying. How cheap are luxuries? They still have money, because cheap psychology and vanity are causing them to buy. Therefore, in order to let consumers feel to spend less money, that in general, we will give a discount, this is also the promotion, great knowledge, different discount brings the effect is the same, you can go to learn specific.

more products, when I had in the mud Fang help his girlfriend to buy skin care products, which is more than 80 a box of things, to get it back, I feel a special value, because the exquisite packaging, but also a lot of trial, and other gifts. This means spending the same money on more products.

better products, better quality products first, packaging should be fine, these are the foundation, here is not to speak, we talk about the consumer before buying, how to make him feel that our product is a good product


here and there are several points, professional and beautiful baby shop and page, the product page is not in line with consumer shopping. "

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