How to use Baidu to promote your website ~

1. Don’t use too complex code (just HTML is better), that is, the concise HTML structure.

imagine, people search is also included with the regular, complicated procedures of JS code will be how to see? That means more trouble. If a single HTML code is.

will be easier to regular

two. Do some more links,.

When Baidu

robot to search Sina when, if at the top of the page (relative to the home page, Baidu search is more careful) when you website net pull, it will follow the net out and see what good stuff can be included in the.

on your site

three. Always update your website content,.

if the robot to search your site, and found that you are updated once a year, it means that after the implementation of the system is the machine should be on your site included a year update is enough. Welcome to PHP development forum.

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