Baidu is always better than Google in China

everyone is sure not to question the subject. Why didn’t we think about it?. Today also summarizes the

1., Google has been sending traffic to Baidu, and vice versa, Baidu has not been equally rewarded. What are you talking about? Come with me, you in GOOGLE search "crystal" is the first crystal _ Baidu Encyclopedia?. Haozailai super hot MP3 Google first, then what is it? – Baidu MP3 – the world’s largest Chinese MP3 search engine, second -hao123 home site — MP3 (Baidu music search zijiaren) Third – Baidu MP3 rankings on Baidu.Google… You too good.

2. Baidu Post Bar – Google did not do similar "Baidu stick" this product is a serious mistake, and Baidu successfully innovative, and today I want to say a point of view – content resource library. Google doesn’t have its own content repository, and what I’m talking about is not the amount of web pages Google and Baidu use as search engines. In fact, the number of Google pages personally feel more than Baidu. Baidu Encyclopedia – Baidu post bar is the best content resource library. I see. Baidu Encyclopedia (

in fact, Google should also know these problems, Changzhou website optimization all know, how strong their technical analysis ah. But Google on this issue never resolved, if not the Baidu "Baidu knows", "Baidu encyclopedia" and other pages in an important position, in addition to a miscarriage of justice, but also give users a reliable results. If the GOOGLE has its own content repository, you said he will they do the wedding dress?

in fact, the above said, Baidu did not give Google traffic returns, the problem lies in Google body. I think Google continues to do the so-called "localization" is not used, but learning to do a few Baidu, so that users can stay on top of the product, do a few can let Baidu send traffic to Google products, it is the right path. Google used to do search engines have a formulation is to allow users to leave as soon as possible, is the search engine is just a tool, you need something in it for you to find the place Google very well, it’s done. But Baidu Robin Li is very smart, Baidu through paste it, know, Wikipedia and so on, it is very clever to leave the user on their website, the flow to yourself. If Google does not recognize this, no matter how hard it is, in China always do Baidu, Baidu is the pride of our people, we are the mainstream. This paper consists of feeds.

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