From contact network to site day P tens of thousands of process

from contact network to site day IP tens of thousands of process

1 first we listen to me about my experience, I came into contact with the network from 2001, until 2005, this is on the Internet, chat QQ, listening to music, playing games, watching movies, email, but spent a lot of money, a waste of time, it is often said that the family. I went to a technical school to learn professional knowledge, but also learned a lot of knowledge of the network, also began to make money online began to dare the interest.

2 then I found a blog and you can hang GG advertising, I try to get my (blog), every day after class I went to Internet cafes to blog, then I put up the blog is very beautiful, but not many people went to see, so lost my blog meaning pull then, I will go to other people’s blog propaganda, to the message, to a large forum to post, but not many people went to see, no one to see there is no income, so every day I stayed in the Internet bubble flow, a time hundreds of people to see my blog for a long time I blog every day, I was really happy, but the daily income is not high,

3 so I started to start a free space site, but after I have standing up to do it, after the beginning of a little income, the free space of my station to pull off the gas, I faint, White House propaganda, after this I swear not to do free space the website, then I will go on the Internet search website some knowledge and methods of flow, also know some master, every time when the Internet and they chat very happy, they are also willing to teach me some network knowledge, so to speak, understand the network master can save a lot of time for you to the success of.

4 in the second half of 2007, I started to do a big station, named (SOHO, the mother business guide) I spent 2 months to do it, please master some advice, spent thousands of dollars, including GG advertising, Baidu ads, forum advertising, also changed and some included high station links, so my station had been recognized people pull, plus my station is good, so also many repeat customers, every day after I had to pull the daily propaganda, the natural flow of more than 20 thousand, so my monthly income is more than 10000 I hope, interested friends can add my QQ:153685677 chat, I hope my experience can give us some help, thank you

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