SEO novice work two months forum experience sharing

in the completion of the network marketing, started working on SEO now has two months, two months, I mainly in the chain platform outside the chain, learned a lot of knowledge of SEO, but also accumulated some experience and resources, to share with you now. First of all, you need to prepare two forms, one is the work record of the form, and there is a resource accumulation form, the header can be written like this:


the work record form is mainly recorded, you outside of the chain to which the chain platform, convenient query chain included, if removed, also facilitate the statistics which keywords how much hair outside the chain, more convenient accumulation chain resources, attention is needed in the chain platform the username is best not registered as I like, in order to facilitate memory, a lot of forum and blog user names are the same, so easy to cause the search engine to detect, also gives the user a good experience, so they think, where you can see it, they will be very disgusted. At the same time, you need to write the user name for each platform to prevent the user name from being mixed up and not logged in.

and the accumulation of resources mainly included records form stable platform, some platforms, such as Beijing forum included soon, morning post, the afternoon can be included, but two days after the query is not, this forum will not need to accumulate, accumulate those recommendations for more than a week are included, and the platform has not been deleted. Of course, the part of the meter still needs to be developed according to your personal needs. If you don’t need those parameters, you don’t need to record so much.


is then in the chain platform of choice, not only the high weight of the platform, to prevent the search engine that you are cheating, I mainly choose the blog, library and forums, which Sina blog included one of the fastest and most stable library included well is mainly 360doc personal library, and the most used or forum.

forum platform in government forum although high weight, but under the condition of the chain, but also easy to delete posts, the local forum divided in detail, whether you push what keywords, can find the relevant pages, but need to remind you that we want to send outside the chain of post, the first detailed reading a section of the rules and regulations, and some will be clearly pointed out that "advertising and outside the chain of post please see the advertising zone" or "external links have the title / IP", then it is best in the area under the appropriate category of advertisement issued by the chain; the local forum also has a great feature is the need for registration fill in the registration, and manual review, then you need to write some deep reasons to move their moving administrator, such as "folks with close attention to the development of home, life information exchange, Tucao around "Things" and so on, and then often check whether the audit has passed.

Another feature of the

regional forum is that "your user group is not authorized to send URL," or "post XX, to bring links."

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