Su flute Kang re understanding of online money making a few waysSilicon Valley incubator hacker Dojo

in real life, selling products or services has a bottom line: you can’t sell products or services that are contrary to morality and law. Therefore, in the online money making, but also need to maintain a minimum of moral quality, can not do some indecent things. Understand the "500 yuan per day" mentioned in his earlier some means of making money, a considerable part of them are worth learning, not worthy of imitation, a moral flaw in the method. Or that sentence, some things can not touch, touched, never wash clean life.

at a friend’s referral, we saw CEO Brian Rouch hacker Dojo, he introduced the hacker Dojo the non-profit agencies launched the original intention to us: they want to help those who start empty-handed Internet entrepreneurs who started their projects, do what they want to do, instead of >

the Silicon Valley in California, USA, is a technological Mecca for many of the world’s biggest tycoons, with a large number of Tech practitioners and entrepreneurs active here. Half a month ago, Solo desktop team classmates to Silicon Valley to play, accidentally came to a visit to subvert the magic – "hacker Dojo Hacker Dojo".

is a process of trading. In other words, the way to make money online is to make money online. According to this line of thought, the method of making money online can be broadly divided into two categories: the transfer of physical time, the transfer of product services. Between 360 and Tencent Internet disputes, it relates to the "Navy" this special group, "Navy" post manufacturing public opinion, but also a means of wangzhuan. The lower the time to post, can return to the "transfer of physical time" category. For example, clicking on advertising to make money and making money is also roughly a means of transferring physical time to make money. All kinds of designers on the Witkey line take orders from designers, websites, websites, orders and so on, which is the means of transferring products and services.

Abstract: the hacker Dojo, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a place where Internet entrepreneurs who have entrepreneurial ideas but lack start-up funds solve their office facilities. Star companies like Pinterest and Pebble have hatched here.

a little attention, you will find that the tables, chairs, cabinets, sofas here are almost the same style. According to reports, these office furniture are donated to people, office supplies are also purchased by large companies or individuals donations. The members of the office or activities held here, only need to pay 125 dollars a month, you can use here 365 days a year and 24 hours of office and office supplies, free coffee, tea, high speed Wifi venue, hardware lab etc.. For Americans, $125 is just an average meal for about 3 days, where entrepreneurs can enjoy an entire month of clean, well appointed and well appointed offices.

network marketing analyst Su Dikang believes that the idea of making money online online is consistent. Money flows only when trades are made, and money is earned. Therefore, making money online is still the same way as making money on the ground.

trading is a marketing process. If you want to make money, you have to correct your attitude, be a qualified salesman and sell your products to customers. The way to make money online is to sell it. Therefore, in order to make money online, we need to study and practice some effective means of promotion.

, the hacker Dojo located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a place where Internet entrepreneurs who have entrepreneurial ideas but lack start-up funds solve their office facilities. Star companies like Pinterest and Pebble have hatched here.



"We need to rethink the way we make money online," says Su Dikang, an online marketing analyst at

common online ways to make money

mentioned earlier that the essence of making money online is selling

According to sh419 Encyclopedia

"Wangzhuan" entries, "current Wangzhuan are: e-commerce, selling goods, the membership, advertising agency, network research, money, money, surfing game download software to make money and so on".

The process of making money in

ordinary people online money making method

friend said at the time, this is a "cock wire" gathered place. I am very puzzled, because the people here or sitting at the table, or playing table tennis, billiards, table football, everything looks comfortable leisure, I can’t take it leisurely and unoppressively, impressed by the "grass root" will suffer hunger and cold, everywhere.

, about 1500 square meters of hacker Dojo, is like a large reading room, with rows of tables and computer chairs filled with the whole hall. There are small rooms around it for meeting or visiting people. Bright, lively and humorous pictures of wall paintings keep your eyes from time to time. Also equipped with some table tennis table, billiards table, table football, game consoles and other recreational facilities.

Deep analysis of making money online The process of

. Through the sh419 index query shows that every day in the sh419 search "Wangzhuan" with more than 2500 users, search for "make money online" with more than 1800 users, a search for "make money online" with more than 500 users. Internet users have a strong demand for online money making. Since ancient times, there is a demand is bound to supply, on the Internet, to "higher" as the theme of the site, beyond count. Wangzhuan industry is very confusing, so we need to rethink the way to make money online.

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