Depth analysis of the status quo problems and key variables of nternet home decoration standardiza


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decoration industry is difficult to make big basic reasons, one to one, service attributes and strong dependence on people.

has a number of industry onlookers, I also talked about his own views at the time: "standardized products Jiezhuang Jiezhuang is inevitable stage, only the standard will be stable and mature products, standards are iterative, especially the standardization of operation, management and service are still climbing. But I believe that the product is Jiezhuang in the next 10 years Jiezhuang direction, but also the basis of industrialization, and truly realize the front-end personalized, back-end standardization, and pseudo Internet Jiezhuang exactly the opposite."


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1. Why is the home improvement company doing little

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1. reduced efficiency. Design, material, time limit, effect and cost are uncertain. The service cycle is long and the time cost is high. The SKU is huge and affects the stability of delivery.

industry is big, the company is small, and this kind of voice and information are too numerous to mention. What’s the reason,

Home Improvement Research Institute chief research officer CRO Mu Feng: 1 the fundamental reason decoration industry is difficult to expand a service attribute and strongly dependent on people. Only the standard can be copied, only the foundation of large-scale replication; 2 home Internet standardization terminal display standardization, standardization, standardization of construction supply chain, service standardization, standardization, standardization and operation management information system of seven parts; 3 the most the essence of the Internet home improvement problem is the low level of product, product level is low because of the standard of complex system instability is not mature.


because of the decoration >


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in the previous industry have a standardized and customized debate, Cai Ming BOLONI and Chen Wei micro-blog in the mutual love space tear: Cai Ming said "standardization is a backward step! Custom is the future," Chen Wei said. "The standardization inevitable rolling into the mainstream of custom". In fact, this is Cai Ming, with Chen Wei played a topic of marketing.


2. raise service costs. One to one service costs are high, and the increase in cost will eventually be paid by the user. Popularity of stamp duty, because the tax cost is very low, who is engaged in economic activities and economic exchanges of people will take the initiative to ask seal and be willing to pay taxes, one or two people, a desk can fix.


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the main content of this article is from "subversion" traditional decoration: the practice of Internet home improvement, revised version, will systematically explain the causes of standardization, the status quo, issues raised and key variables.

one to one service low efficiency

big industry of small companies, the listed company has revenues of 3 billion Dongyirisheng "," drop "1 trillion and 700 billion Jiezhuang market," now Jiezhuang industry not billions of enterprises, branch to twenty or thirty can’t move "," national turnover of more than 1 billion yuan decoration company is about 12 home"……

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