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Yin Chao: online movies and online drama fees, music fees, short video charges, and possible future public fees are included. Digital reading is a very mature market pay, video website and led by Iqiyi, they are from the initial three operators pay model derived to pay VIP membership, to video website for additional funds and created the possibility of profit.

TV, film by video website to purchase and buyout, and network and network drama of video website fee is also a good supplement, as an extension of PGC, to provide video websites by professional content producers, after paying split or split base.

most importantly, unlike most of their peers, these weak technology start-ups use the time they spend on product development.

continued to produce high quality content is the most fundamental issue of content producers, in their view, the content of entrepreneurship, the first half of the war is over.


for many startups, the following are the secrets of great success:

at first, David’s idea was to build an artificial intelligence tool that would read e-mail links and automatically schedule everything. >

successful founders know one thing: serving a client is more important than developing a product.

when you decide to start a business, this concept has to go deep into your mind. The vast majority of entrepreneurs will be confined to the development of products, and often ignore the real purpose of entrepreneurship, that is, to solve problems for customers.

, I would like to quote a quote from Ben Yoskovitz to illustrate this point,


What are the common forms of content paying in the

entertainment industry pay market is huge, there are about 500 million users of video sites, a conservative estimate of 1 billion accounts, if 10% of the account to become a member, each account 200 yuan would probably have 40 billion scale.

a few years ago the Internet slogan is free, it seems to me that this is a big lie, free in order to better pay, almost all the game companies have for free access to the huge profits, the future will pay, is a clear trend.

, however, many start-ups have understated their traditional ideas in their own way.

think about the most difficult things you do when you start a business. These difficult things are the most complicated ones, and you need to do something that no one has ever tried.


Mo Xiaoqi: the content of entrepreneurship first half of the war has ended, we often say that content is king, the channel is king before, now that has changed, not absolute content is king or channel is king, but the head of the king. No matter what you do, you have to occupy the head of a specific field, video sites are the same, the occupation of the head in order to pull the user, at the content level has the power to negotiate with the user, and ultimately contributed to the payment.


what did they do,

their technical strength is not strong, and even not programming, but still have its own first batch of customers. These companies did not choose those they chose as if it were raining flowers, low cost online tools, such as online form, tractor website development tools, WordPress advanced plug-in, as well as some e-commerce service providers.

David Quail is a very clever software engineer, he hopes to solve an ultimate problem: arrange meetings by mail.

the way they choose is to serve customers in all directions, especially their first paying customers.

: Yin Chao said specially for small chess, in all the contents of the army, why your content is worth to pay to watch, take the audience time? Have great value to be the head of content must be paid, we need to go for.

this might mean startups should try to find a technology co-founder, learn how to program, or even build a lean, most streamlined, implemented product". In the traditional sense, if you don’t have the skills, you’re pretty much the same as a young kid who uses PPT.

instead of technology

Liu Xianmin: from the point of view of content producers, small chess and Yin Chao view is king head, from the perspective of investment institutions, there is a saying that the long tail effect. For the platform, the header content can bring traffic, but after attracting users into the platform, >

can anyone do the work manually,

focuses on serving customers rather than building products


"the customer doesn’t care how you fix the problem. The client just wants what you do to solve their problem."."

has an unwritten rule: to set up a startup, you need to build a product, and the product must have someone who can program it.

left Yu capital executive director Han Zeren presided over the conference record:

entertainment industry,

March 7th, Yu left capital executive director Han Ze, entertainment workshop partners Liu Xianmin, founder of Mo Xiaoqi, the goddess of the constellation Amoy Monternet founder and CEO Yin Chao "content for spring to come?" as the theme of online discussion, including: the entertainment industry in the pay for content and content realization; the knowledge of the payment; ask the audience.

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