How to judge the keyword optimization difficulty

, a Shanghai index by love.

How to determine the

network search page number

two, love Shanghai for number


love Shanghai hot topic and Search Ranking, flow through these topics can get a lot of traffic

love the search results more number of relatively more difficult to optimize the search results, the number is more associated with the word "said," more of our competitors, the optimization is more difficult. For example, I search for Dongguan network promotion network promotion and the number of results, as shown in fig.. We can roughly determine the network promotion than Dongguan network promotion more difficult to optimize

generally, love Shanghai as the index of the word, the more difficult the optimization. Love Shanghai index keywords search times, search more said more in demand, and the more intense demand greater competition words. Of course there are exceptions, such as some hot news, hot unexpected events, these words in a few days index soared to thousands or tens of thousands, but not their competition, as shown in fig..

three, Shanghai love the number of search results.

four, the first three pages of the independent domain name and website directory two large number

Dongguan The promotion of the

introduction: Shanghai dragon Er when selecting the keyword, keyword optimization only to understand the degree of difficulty, can be customized optimization scheme. The degree of difficulty of the general judgment keywords from six aspects to consider, when we give website keywords, can refer to these six aspects.

search for a keyword, if the topic, the first three pages of independent website or large websites two directory number, said keyword optimization more difficult, the weight of large website projects and two directories, two level domain is higher than our home page weight small website, so when judging keywords difficulty not only look at the number of independent domain name.

love Shanghai search cosmetics, in addition to the first page of Shanghai love their products, most.

Ps: the current thinking is that free is not the best, sometimes spend money to make things better. I also asked a lot of friends, they said some very intense bidding words, do not go to the basic optimization ranking (love Shanghai deliberately?)

network promotion search page number

love Shanghai bidding number more, said the word competition is big, of course not quite, there are some popular words for number is also very much. On Sunday I had a friend to play here, and chat with him when he talked about the business, he said he was ready to have sex in Shanghai bidding, but also do those relatively unpopular word, his reason is unpopular words low price, can spend a little money home page, why waste my efforts to do optimization! Some of the products in the search keywords love Shanghai, will also be the case.

keyword optimization difficult degree of


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