The relationship between the depth of analysis of Shanghai Longfeng employees and SMEs Network Envir

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people have long will be short, understand Shanghai Dragon technology, do not necessarily understand business management. Understand business management is not necessarily understand the production, production is not necessarily understand sales, this is a chain of. So, really want a person to go to the network marketing and management, establish a company is very difficult. Since the enterprise practitioners and the Shanghai dragon have this urgent need, why not cooperate together, all together?.

, CEO of these positions are still in 70s 60, people take much. The main crowd 80, 90 currently serves as president, the role of CEO also account for only a small part. It has caused some of the highest leadership of the strong cognitive layer of the Internet is not comprehensive, not paying attention, while the management is an urgent need to enter the network marketing talents. However, there is a real Shanghai Dragon technology staff is not willing to stay and get some dead wages in the company. This is the current Shanghai Longfeng practitioners do not become high, low not, in this situation scissors.

is currently in a sales, electrolytic capacitor enterprises do Shanghai Longfeng, do network promotion, the salary is only 2700/ months, but the enterprise is in a stage of development, to create a brand image on the network. Keywords industry to rank and so on, the business promotion and brand awareness have the certain experience, welcome to peer technical exchanges. At present I am only for web services, so some experience will share with you.

In fact,

now that our generation is the main social groups, since this part of people are needed in the use of the network to find. It can not be ignored to the enterprise network, the potential benefits of the enterprise product brings. This is also the enterprise must take the network propaganda, the main reason of network marketing of the road. If you are the leading enterprises in the industry, in the next 5 years, you do not intend to follow the publicity and sales network. Then after 5 years you will be to seize the share of 20%, 10 years after your products will become the 2 line brand. 15 years after your share of the industry will slowly erode the ruin. I’m not alarmist, nor my rant. This is reality, this is the progress of the society, this is the magic of the network. National plan for a 5 year, I think my 5 years a change too.

as the Internet increasingly developed, 80, 90 years, people have gradually become the main social groups, and in 90s 80, the common knowledge of the Internet, rely on, it has become an indispensable part of life. It also put the whole Internet to muster another climax. By Baidu sentence: "the problem of love Shanghai", indeed. Now Shanghai has actually assumed the love of our generation to learn knowledge, to find another way to solve the problem of method.

how to how to cooperate, how to make enterprise president, CEO recognized you, this is cannot do without you really have the ability, "true skill and genuine knowledge.

For example, the author

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