How to use hot events to achieve promotion

in Shanghai love search engine, we search for "Liu Xiang" words in the news section where you can see the relevant information of the keywords: billboard, heat media included the amount of specific data and recent updates, as shown below. In the eyes of our network marketing personnel, Liu Xiang was successful, because he has succeeded in their promotion out, using him to the media hype is successful. Promotion to our website marketing, network promotion is that we will use the method, but how to achieve network promotion by means of popular events, here we use the following ways to achieve.

Two, with the help of

search engine (love Shanghai for example)

2, Shanghai Post Bar

micro-blog is one of the fastest way in network marketing. As we all know, Liu Xiang is now micro-blog to pay attention to the person is very much, we just use this to achieve promotion. Will he send the micro-blog content by modifying with promotion of our products information before forwarding it, as shown below. Now talk about the hot topic, be concerned about the chances of a large, so we send the product information will inadvertently be attention to.

, with the promotion of micro-blog


1, love Shanghai news



love Shanghai Post Bar is a good platform for the promotion, search for popular keywords in Post Bar, here to search keywords "Liu Xiang" as an example, you can easily find Liu Xiang, popular information in which we can release about Liu Xiang, then brought to our product information., as shown below.

there is no doubt that the love in love is the sea Shanghai news is the key content of everyone’s attention, the news from a number of sites. Write an article on the hot news and then inside the product information into the content, then the promotion effect of the US as can be imagined, but also improve the information of our product exposure rate. However, love is not what we want to send the Shanghai news can be issued, there need to spend money to publish in the above. Although its promotion effect is very good, but I still do not charge the recommended.

these days, the major news media, there is the most is the news about Liu Xiang, from the popular August 7th London Olympics in the 110 meter hurdles preliminaries accidentally fell, from all walks of life on the Liu Xiang report as bamboo shoots after a spring rain up to him, the fall event, people from all walks of life to his opinion is not a, have moved there, angrily, blessing…… To this kind of widely concern events is the so-called hot events. Although Liu Xiang’s game is a failure, but he was concerned, that his popularity increased.


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