To explore the search engine does not include the site content and the chain factors have no relatio

experiment: 1. the monitoring station monitoring link is included in the

A. station recommended: will recommend 10 links page content to the specified site site, and make the operation mode and submission time, included time record.

not included content included, and explore the search engines on the web content, the influence of the chain is affected by this content.

The monitoring station

1. will be the 50 link is divided into 5 parts, each part occupied 10 links. Most of the 5 are: (on the right side at the site ZhengZhan recommended), only the hair of the chain (including 3 anchor text), recommend ZhengZhan + Chain (including 3 anchor text), a popular search (in the home page navigation below) and non operation part.

experimental theory: the use of high weight of third party platform, the chain of internal links, search engines to drive internal links so as to achieve the purpose of crawling, included.

2. link chain is deleted, if you want to delete the first time a replacement, and update the date of submission.

C. station recommended + Chain: 10 link recommendation to the specified location site (with a, and this does not conflict) 10 links of the chain, the chain included 100%, including the anchor text. Another link, and the 20 is recommended to do ZhengZhan entries for external links.

experimental data: experimental data from June 3rd to June 8th (included) for:

Experiment Name:

for the last 2 months, the site is part of Shanghai was not love included, noble baby included all normal is very stable, so I want to explore in the end where is the problem? He made a very interesting experiment. At the same time to think through the experiment to prove the high right to use the chain drive over the site of the content and love Shanghai and whether there is a link included.

E.: no operation. But to record and observe the data.


experimental steps:

D. popular search: take 7 links (taking into account the length of the problem is not enough, temporarily take 7), will be updated to the specified location search, record. The observation results.

B. just outside the chain: 10 link chain related content on its release, and the chain included 100% results, including the anchor text.

search engine website content and the chain factors have no relationship with

experiment object: 50 of this station is not included in the link, love Shanghai, noble baby search engine.

2. the operating mode:

experimental period: 6.3-6.8

Objective: to make

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