How do not update the website of Shanghai Dragon

if the site is a key to have a good ranking, a condition that must have: must have high quality content enough as a support, that may be involved in the keywords ranking.

website has no content;


love Shanghai to the webmaster, which referred to a multiple server stability. If the space is not stable, the sooner the better advice for optimization, or long time hard may be cast to the wind.

2.In view of the

due to the company early product has not officially launched, so the content of this piece is not operating, in addition to doing some of the most basic site optimization (site title, keywords, description and URL standard), can only start from other places.

site in addition to the front of the line to do some template page, no content.

note: the day submitted once a day to several times is of no significance. Remember, the premise is no website is not included.

Increase the content of

we all know that access to web information search engine using spider program to automatically access the Internet on a web page and, if no spider program index web content, search engine is not normal included content.

website to the major search engines to submit sites submitted entrance. Because the content of the website is to be so small spiders, put it in the first place, the site was not included before his website on the major search engines.

keyword search website is beyond 100, only through the search for "贵族宝贝" to find the company’s Web site in Shanghai, Shanghai and Phoenix Sky made a careful analysis of the company website main keywords ranking is not the main reason may have the following:



due to the space is not stable, mainly in the site open speed is slow.

website is temporarily unable to update the content, we can appropriate to the site to add some single page, such as: introduction, "

does not update how to do website optimization? Take over of the company website for nearly a month, the site now falls in love with sea only included a home page, but the site of the primary key has no ranking, such as: the main keywords website is MACAW, MACAW’s official website, the official website of pulse song…… Wait。


website server;

ban index website content;

line on the site have been banned from search engines index.

1. website

does not update the content on how to do the site optimization, here are some ideas for the Shanghai sky dragon enterprise website "no more web content, how to optimize the" here to share with you:

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