Search CEO Chen Pei search technology to change the eve

"this is not arrogant, I dare say we now search product is absolutely have to subvert the market structure strength." Chen Pei confidently said so.

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Chen Pei said, I put the company into the tens of millions every year to earn money, this is a strategic loss, the mobile Internet is a huge opportunity for all enterprises, strategic loss is that many Internet companies are faced with the problem, in his opinion, the Internet Co know what time to burn, what time to earn money, this it is different from the characteristics of traditional industries.

speaking of the new board, must know the search network. If you don’t know that he was certainly not a qualified new board participants." Search CEO Chen Pei about their company "the new board is in high spirit, Chinese Nasdaq, we are the new board of the first Internet Co, the development of the new board of development we must rely on these Internet technology companies in the future."

had mentioned the search, we first impression is certainly love Shanghai, goole. But if someone said the domestic search market there is another a quietly team — the search, you will ask: who is in search of

landing three new board brought plenty of financial support, confident, assertive Chen Pei gave the company culture with the same gene, the search is all ready for the

head three new board first Internet company halo, the search network stock trading volume is indeed often the forefront. With Chen Pei active in various new board forum salon, under the banner of the search network are slowly entering the market perspective.

however, the reporter also noted that the search since the landing three new board is not profitable. In 2013, a loss of 142 million yuan, 129 million yuan loss in 2014. The first half of this year is still a loss of 40 million yuan. Previously, the search report is very nice.

the second half of this year, the new board has entered a period of adjustment, the search share price fell to 12.80 yuan, the highest was more than 80 yuan. However, he believes that the search was undervalued, "in search of stock price 200 yuan is low." < >

mobile terminal product search engine

"investor" reporter Xue Yumin

Chen Pei told reporters "investor", simply search, cut from two aspects, one is in the mobile Internet era, the personal development of the mobile Internet search engine. Second for business services, the construction of ecological system, "the two direction is in search of the biggest investment opportunities, the future with unlimited imagination."

search? This is Chen Pei in recent years has been trying to transfer the information to the outside world. The search is the provider and operator of mobile ecosystem leading foreign positioning in the instructions in the prospectus, individual user services and customer service in the mobile Internet business, the formation of ecological system based on mobile internet.

search CEO Chen Pei

The search for

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