Keywords Shanghai dragon gifts website selection analysis

, do not say first the words written what is the problem, business scope of their own thinking, if done is the atmosphere of the business, so there is no need to choose the keywords of natural and geographical restrictions, key words like "gifts network, small gifts" may be more popular, simple analysis the search for these keywords the user group, the user want to wholesale small gifts, second is to buy small gifts of users, and most of this website is to provide small gifts gifts wholesale, so you can choose gifts, small gifts, small gifts, small gifts wholesale wholesale obligations of the keywords as the site of the primary key, but I see the words of love Shanghai for advertising is more, so the proportion of low flow. Such keywords competitive bidding actually do very much, no such words do optimization of little significance. Do the long tail word mining to make Shanghai Longfeng maximum flow capacity, how to do

, for example, "fine leather.

Figure two:

?The long tail word Figure

: a small gift wholesale station master key


small gift site can be divided into two categories: gift type, holiday gifts and holiday gifts around the keywords which is the key, for example: smoking gifts, family gifts, high-end gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts and so on, with these key words for example can be extended to many long tail words, for example: household gifts, gifts, Yanju boutique high-end business gifts, how to dig the long tail words are a commonplace talk of an old scholar of the problem, and eventually you will get tens of thousands of long tail keywords, but not all settings to the web site, we need further screening, to build a long tail thesaurus, you can do using the EXCEL statistics software. What we need is that the conversion rate is relatively high, competition and small words. The above is the two screening principles the author summarizes, the love of Shanghai in the drop down box information, can take a good look at what the user needs.

segment specific needs of users

principle: to search the user group analysis



gift website belong to the electricity supplier websites, according to the author’s knowledge of the development of compulsory gift industry relatively vigorous, fell in love with the sea search under "obligation gift" will find a lot of business class website, in the enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng more difficult to do today, Shanghai dragon only play a greater role in the electric business website to. The future is the electricity supplier in the world, gossip less pull, for Shanghai dragon personnel long-term stop doing business optimization, you have to do the electricity supplier website of Shanghai Longfeng strategies or ideas? And the long tail word mining station analysis, these are our lack of skills and experience, compared to several keywords optimization of the electricity supplier websites how to do the selection of key words? The choice of keywords is the most important step in the Shanghai dragon, we cannot feel to choose keywords.

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