Shanghai love chain included do three check and delete

this is an important point, but also a content has always been a commonplace talk of an old scholar, valued aspects of the search engine, before I met a lot of people released outside the chain do not pay attention to the quality, simple pseudo original after the release, you may just add a small amount of the chain to your site, but this small chain it is of low quality, there may even bring harm to your website, from a long-term perspective, the chain will cause the search engine, the Internet content similarity is too high, even love Shanghai, nine out of ten also will delete, it will cause the fluctuation of the chain, the consequences of light outside the chain decreased, heavy right down.

Reasonable inspection

?The author

"parent" refers to the chain’s website, the chain is removed is not just the site webmaster own reason, should immediately go to check the third party platform website, take the A5 forum, love Shanghai "on the chain decision" after the introduction of the A5 forum is also canceled the forum signature, so for a long time before the A5 signature is still valid? The conclusion, better and more accurate to find the problem, then do the next job.

1. check the "parent" The

mentioned here refers to the owners own optimized website and third party website publishing platform together. One possibility is the chain is deleted, because of their own website and publishing platform without a point of contact caused by. For example, the leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 class mother website, but if I choose to release the chain.

2. check the "content" of


love Shanghai 4.25 issued new rules for the chain, Shanghai dragon "as if in a ripple, to determine the chain has not a unified statement. The webmaster with chain hard to do at the same time also in suffering, in the chain for high quality. The author in the chain, encountered a problem, the chain is released yesterday or the premise is to love Shanghai included, this shows that Shanghai has recognized this love chain is consistent with his rules, however, tomorrow or the next few days, the chain has been deleted. What is the cause of love in Shanghai to update the chain rules will occur after the

3 "fit" check

analysis of three measures here, hope to be able to call for everyone to bring a little inspiration:

a careful analysis, love Shanghai rampant domestic search engine also has ten years of history, I am a little webmaster don’t face up to the history of more than ten years, I am naturally from their own fault finding, love Shanghai algorithm in a time after the update is still relatively complete, it can be said the chain included after being removed should be wrong and the chain website itself and mistake the chain site, so how to check it, how to find the right way to solve this problem?

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