Long tail keywords should be based on the weight of Web Mining and expansion

website for a web site, the weight is very poor, many articles are not indexed by search engines, although he would like to make their own station produced a lot of long tail keywords ranking, but is generally not possible, only a small part of the cold door can bring the keywords ranking, and although the early site we have a lot of keywords in the station layout, for example in the website, Keywords tag, description, site navigation, columns, placed a lot of key words, but the key is to look at a few words above is very limited, that is to say we should first fix the previous optimization, optimization of several think the key words more easily thus, make a site traffic, the beginning does not need much, it is best to long tail keywords optimization.

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although many sites included the speed, but not long after that, your posts will soon sink phenomenon, it also shows that the weight of their own website is not high enough, not like the weights of the website that remain relatively stable, and included speed, largely because of their website update a regular form, because the search engine spiders have been used to update your site every day fixed time, this time will grab your article. Here’s what according to the website weight to mining and expand their keywords, mainly involving or some long tail keywords.

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through a period of time to optimize their, we found that the keywords gradually produced rankings, at this time our primary goal was to stabilize their ranking keywords, and then gradually extended to him, such as some websites of long tail keywords is necessary, like some seasonal sites, such as selling clothes, just started the optimization may be unrelated with several of the key words, but with the coming of winter, some long tail keywords we can be extended some winter clothes, so that not only the conversion rate is high, and some key words can easily make up, according to the website weight gradually add keywords, you can start from two aspects, first of all keywords competition degree, high weight can choose some large flow of competition in the word.

long tail keywords daily traffic is unpredictable, although not so much to the target keywords, but the conversion rate from the point of view, the long tail keywords "effectiveness" than many target words to be big, as I feel the long tail keywords, should according to the website weight of mining and expansion, and this website weight is relatively difficult to understand, what is the weights of the site? Does your website snapshot update speed, included many, strong chain is the weights of the website? This is actually a misunderstanding, think to determine whether a site has the weight, or from an analysis site traffic, traffic depends on how much weight and height of the web site, that is the weight of the greater the flow site is higher.

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