Liyang Shanghai Dragon the chain of different interpretation widely established

short, we are the site outside the chain optimization, need to pay attention to a number of site outside the chain, but also pay attention to the site the chain of natural, not too much. This site outside the chain is healthy, the chain to do the way

3 also from different PR website source chain, since Google withdrew from the China, and Google PR in Shanghai ranked in the website of love less and less. A normal web site Links PR should have high and low, should not all high PR, or links to common sense is not reasonable.


6 also, that we may not pay much attention to, since the CN domain name domain name registration is difficult, most people love to COM, domain name registration, appear more natural COM domain, Liyang Shanghai dragon blog (www.webbaojia贵族宝贝) domain name is COM. I want to say is, when we are working outside the chain, but also from the different suffix site, international, domestic, and even links in different countries of the domain name.

we are the external web site optimization, website of a lot of the time we cannot all the chain link is good, there will be some bad links, I do in Guangzhou construction site chain optimization, we pay attention to the problem. We want to make the website links to a natural, random, and that our site outside the chain more healthy. From here about the breadth of the chain:

website, forum signature, blog links, also have links to news sites, commercial sites and so on.

to 5 and even new and old station links, not all is the old station, or is all new links, the chain should be from different time website.

Author: Li Yang Shanghai Longfeng, Li Yang Guangzhou website construction company Shanghai dragon ER, the original, reproduced please.

in the period of time, the force of Shanghai dragon wrote about the breadth of the chain site optimization article, this article mainly explains the website optimization need to increase the chain widely degree, emphasizes the necessity of establishing extensive website optimization. Today I want to say is how to establish a website chain widely degree, so that the site outside the chain more healthy, natural, so as to improve the site keywords ranking efforts.

2 chain link position, some links in the bottom of the site, but also in the website of the head, but also in the middle of the site. But when we were outside the chain of construction, not all links in the head position, or in the middle of the bottom, such links will be search engine as a normal link.

4 there is not to the same IP website links, this is also very easy to search engine to determine the link factory or machine links. We are the website set up the chain, and need different IP site link exchange, or one-way links work.

1 kinds of

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