Return the current deep seated reason is Taobao union blocked rebate network

in November 21st for the rebate network owners, is an important day, because this day suddenly Taobao alliance with "various reasons" announced: will be in January 1st next year, not to cooperate with the cash back rebate network type, my understanding is that if this day cash back rebate network if type no transformation, then Taobao alliance will unilaterally withdraw API data interface access station. The news came out, causing intense discussion in Taobao off inside, now divided into two views: the rebate network firmly opposed this decision, and they applaud the shopping site. This paper attempts to analyze the reason of this matter from two angles of Taobao alliance and website owner.

first of all, from the main website, the core business is cash back rebate network, but it should be noted, most of the rebate network not only with Taobao alliance, no matter which cooperate with the advertising alliance, rebate network will return now to the user and to settlement, most advertising alliance would pipe rebate network with the website the user how the settlement, and this time the Taobao alliance action, a blocked rebate network business lifeline, on the other hand, the interference of the rebate network "internal affairs", which is why the rebate network strongly opposed. Not under the influence of the navigation, Taobao shopping guide guest website, such as the beauty that loss of user LC style website may split the rebate network. In fact, Taobao and Taobao shopping rebate off is two friends, there is a common sense is that Taobao shopping guide guest alone with the Commission, while Taobao is to get off the rebate commission after the buyer is divided into, and users of the foot voting result is very clear: Taobao customers to their advantage rebate so, in the shopping site, the cash back rebate network business is the destruction of the regulations, maybe this policy has a large role in the shopping site.

again from the perspective of Taobao alliance analysis. Let’s look at the first paragraph of the Taobao alliance announcement:

in order to protect the legitimate interests of consumers, maintaining the seller’s normal business order, provide better service for consumers and sellers of Taobao, after exposure to the multi partner opinion we decided that since January 1, 2013, the alliance will no longer support for the Taobao station (including Tmall and Taobao mart) cash back shopping to members or buyers Taobao off mode, support only take back points, back to real return, rebate coupons, coupons and other non cash Taobao customer mode.

This is the official announcement

write very specific, that is because the official policy formulation is official, like Mandarin cliches, specifically, we can see clearly said: no cash back rebate network. It is also clear that large rebate network communicated in advance, the implication is that everyone agreed. Judging from the current situation, the real reason for the return is blocked may have three points.

1, to protect the legitimate interests of consumers:

Taobao alliance seems to received complaints buyers rebate network false exaggerated the amount of cash back, return to the present time not artificially extend credit reasons, in order to protect the interests of consumers, will.

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