CCES express fission big customer loss franchisee was robbed

express industry ranked the top ten companies – Shanghai CCES Express Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CCES") after a group of disk access and escape the robbery, but are now facing the company to join "between two boats" "fission".

"now, CCES has been restored to the daily courier delivery volume of about 80 thousand pieces." August 7th, vice president of red chamber, CCES express chairman Guo Shaojun told this reporter. In fact, before the outage, CCES shipped 200 thousand days, which is facing a crisis of large customer loss.

face the loss of customers, and then set the Red Group Chairman Zhu Baoliang with the newly formed CCES executive team from north to south, trying to turn the tide, condensation of discrete franchisees and customers. At the same time, the red chamber group would like to change the name of CCES as "state pass", among the four".

but on the other hand, the strong competitors, Zhejiang Express Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the strong express") on August 8th held a national network conference in Shanghai, with open arms to greet the original CCES franchisee, continued to play for the drama.

now, many franchisees at the same time operating CCES and the Department of strong courier business." CCES Shanghai, a district franchisee to the reporter broke the news that this is the franchisee helpless choice, they do not expect to encounter the second crisis.

disk access side challenge

control of CCES express 93% shares of Zhu Baoliang, chairman of the red chamber group, trying to redefine the courier business model, but he did not expect a huge challenge from inside and outside the company.

Zhu Baoliang, Tonglu’s richest man, is a legendary businessman. From 1992 carries 3000 yuan out of the ravine to Hangzhou entrepreneurship, to 90 million "bought" Tonglu landscape, to go to Nanjing to create "clothing carrier", to advance to the Western takeover of listed company Lanzhou minbai (600738.SH), busy everywhere MampA Zhu Baoliang was hailed as a "human capital".

Red Chamber Group owns more than and 60 businesses, such as trade, investment, boutique tourism, Gaestgiveriet Hotel and commercial real estate, the scale of assets of up to 5 billion, but did not get involved in the logistics industry.

we have a lot of successful mergers and acquisitions, as well as the ability to quickly turn the loss of the company’s profitability and experience." Zhu Baoliang said in an interview with this reporter, CCES express business will aim at high-end customers.


group after the completion of the acquisition, a group holding 93%, 5% shareholding Guo Shaojun, Shanghai’s Jin Yuan equity investment center shareholding reduced to 2%.

but now, CCES is facing a crisis of big customer loss. According to a franchisee in Shanghai, told this reporter, since CCES6 suffered 28 months after the paralysis of the network, to resume operations in mid July, has been shut down for more than and 10 days, which caused a lot of damage to the CCES. >

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