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2012, the rapid development of electronic business, the traditional retail Die on the spread, industry chain layout of large scale commercial real estate developers, ushered in what opportunities or risks? Whether the entity shops investment value will thus mark?…… This week, the Chongqing morning news commercial real estate version of the lock entity shops, to reveal more opportunities for you to survive in the electricity supplier era entities shop.


traditional department store growth fell

electricity supplier increased significantly

traditional department stores are faced with domestic trouble and foreign invasion.

on the one hand, in the context of high prices, high labor, operating costs continue to rise; on the other hand, the electricity supplier of online shopping on the traditional department store squeeze surge. Insiders said that at present the department store industry average net profit of only 2% – 3%.

more and more people tend to online shopping, which is the electricity supplier. This, the impact of the traditional department store is also increasingly evident.

lead to the growth of the retail sector is the most direct impact of the decline in electricity providers." Jia Yu, vice president of International Business Investment Co., Ltd. Chen Zhengbin introduction, in 2012 China’s online retail transaction size has reached 13205 yuan, accounting for the total retail sales of social total of $6.3%. In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities, affect the retail industry by the electricity supplier impact is very obvious, Chengdu, Chongqing and other second tier city, the next few years will feel the traditional department store industry decline.

Chen Zhengbin said that from the perspective of the development of foreign electricity suppliers, the traditional domestic department stores, especially clothing, electronic products, daily necessities, etc., by the impact of the electricity supplier will be greater. The decline will probably affect the entire business pattern, and the influence of the traditional entity shops rental income will be gradually reflected.


electricity supplier PK entity shop

experience sales indispensable

rise in the process of the electricity supplier, the traditional business district is also further expanded. Entity shops will rise because of the impact of the electricity supplier


Jones Lang LaSalle Chongqing director Su Zhongli told the Chongqing morning news reporter, the Chinese electricity supplier development this year is indeed very impressive. Electricity supplier (online) is just a pure shopping platform, but shopping centers (physical shops) in addition to shopping, has been part of our lives. We note that, in addition to the sale of branded goods in the shopping center, there are many restaurants, entertainment and educational facilities. Let entities shop more inclined to experiential marketing.

Su Zhongli said that now many large shopping centers, the proportion of dining entertainment has been only 10% years ago from the number of – 20%, an increase of over 40%. It’s not hard to see that shopping malls have become a part of our lives.

Longhu times Street mall.

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