Think of Taobao’s future development will be affected by what factors

Li Dazui recently ( CEO Li Guoqing) shooting again, he bluntly by June next year, the business enterprise competition basically see, even a "big guy" to fall. So we have to guess, this big guy who is a Jingdong, where the customer is, or Dangdang own. But no matter how you guess, I’d never guess on Taobao, as Chinese electricity supplier Taobao either NO.1, turnover or profit can be said to be the perfect opponent, to 59 market share against Chinese business. But the advantage doesn’t mean you can live forever, as a leader of Chinese electricity supplier, in the gorgeous behind the data, Taobao still has many unstable factors in development, and these factors are likely to be every reason for Taobao Empire collapse.

commodity costs, there is the possibility of tax, small and medium sized Taobao stores face a crisis of survival

March 2012, Zhangjiagang IRS made an appointment with 38 Taobao mall stores, Bushui requirements. There is a company last year sales of over ten million, according to the requirements of tax if the accounting method of small scale 5%, need to make more than half a million tax, if according to the average taxpayer accounting tax is estimated to be around 2 million, but no matter how this is not what a good thing for enterprises. In fact, the tax event already not what news, 2011, "my one percent" (Tmall shop) received a huge tax 430W out of Wuhan’s tax bureau. In view of this, we just do not pay taxes online heart good ideas, but none of the authenticity of the famous confirmed this sentence, like Ma Yun in September 2011 the Alibaba Global Conference on network operators said, network operators must always be ready to shop on behalf of the state. As a result of the survival of the store as well as profit margins will decline, the situation in the past discount sales will be cut by more than half, and some sites will even sell a single pay a single. Housing leak even every rainy day, in April 2012 the national logistics institutions and collective price increases, which makes many of the stores have not run down, there has been a collapse of Taobao shop.

smuggled goods market more stringent scrutiny, smuggling shop living space decreases sharply

do not know if you remember that in March 27, 2012 the central news channel broadcast, Shenzhen customs, business and other law enforcement departments have carried out raids on Shenzhen Huaqiang North, on the spot seized part of the business of smuggling goods merchant, and seized a large number of goods, including iPhone 4S. The other is not dealt with the wholesalers and retailers are closed. The attachment of the great efforts is rare in recent years, while in Shenzhen, Taobao also failed to "be killed" sellers, leading advantages and blue love code, 100 percent of Taobao sales of digital products have been found associated with smuggled goods, was ordered to suspend business, customer service and the baby stopped all the relevant line responsible person is arrested. The sensational effect of this event is far less than this, we all know that some of the reasons why Taobao sellers will take advantage of the price, often because of their smuggling supply channels, especially hand

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