Duang Jingdong instantly became an injured dog


Amazon settled Tmall, Jingdong became an injured dog

once upon a time the dog and the cat were good friends. At first they play together, eat together and sleep together. But then everything changed. Because of a piece of meat and contradictions, the dog is very hate cats, so the dog has been chasing the cat, the cat to see the dog has been hiding, and finally they became enemies………

March 3rd that day, Amazon China has invested in the arms of a rival Tmall: following the Amazon Kindle flagship store in 2014 settled in Tmall, Amazon official flagship store is also quietly on the line in Tmall.

Amazon settled on Tmall

actually, Amazon settled Tmall is an inevitable thing,

1, when Taobao took off eBay, it became the leader of the B2C, and Tmall is Taobao’s iron man upgrade version, traffic has been far more than Taobao.

2, Tmall is a symbol of brand protection, traffic protection channels, user protection of the river, the source of word-of-mouth authentication.

3, Amazon’s share in the Chinese market has been swallowed up to 1.3%.

look at iResearch data analysis to know how precarious the Amazon situation is:



from 2014 to see, B2C market, accounting for over 60% of Tmall’s market share, accounting for the proportion of Jingdong, the rest of the B2C vip.com, shop No. 1, the country’s growth rate is higher than the overall growth rate of the B2C market. From the independent sales B2C market, Jingdong accounted for nearly 50%, suning.com accounted for 8.5%, vip.com accounted for 7.7%, other items in the official website of millet mobile phone is developing rapidly, the market concentration is still high.


so the above data will be able to see the fundamental purpose of Amazon settled Tmall,

1, Amazon wants to develop China business, we must rely on force, bow forward forces.

2, Amazon will not understand the Chinese from beginning to end consumers, but also do not understand the Chinese culture, to seize the Chinese consumer’s psychological and physiological needs, rely on Tmall’s data to help.

3, engage in electricity providers in China, traffic is too important. If you ask Chinese flow of electricity supplier which strong Tmall will win?. So Amazon needs this traffic and users.

Of course, the

of Tmall, is a tiger with wings added.

1, into the international and a lot of strength.

2, Tmall in the supply chain is missing, just learning the Amazon management mode >

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