How to correctly treat the B2B business platform in the wake of the financial crisis

financial storm is coming, so many enterprises especially small and medium-sized enterprises choose B2B business platform for every kind of the effect, it is grad. B2B I really like a lot of people say can dispel cold medicine? How do we come to a correct view of the business platform BtoB


first, BtoB e-commerce platform for enterprises is still very useful, the advent of the Internet era, the past many traditional business moved online, saving transaction cost, expanded the object of product promotion, while increasing sales. So as a modern, future oriented company, the application of e-commerce platform has become an inevitable trend, Ma Yun in this year’s first network business fair also said that e-commerce will regret not doing five years, enough to see the importance of electronic commerce. So every industry wants to do e-commerce friends first choose which BtoB platform, only choose the right is not necessarily expensive. Here recommend: printing and packaging printing and packaging category Chinese class China hydraulic hydraulic communication equipment and communication equipment of the China class China drying drying net rubber machinery and equipment category are China rubber machinery and equipment These are just as friends can try to join the BtoB.

secondly, B2B business platform to do there is no effect. Here is to understand that BtoB is just a business platform, is a tool for the development of online transactions, as to what kind of effect to see the level of your operator, the product’s intrinsic quality. So, the same is a platform, the effect will be different. Second, we must have enough patience, it is impossible to say that today, tomorrow will be effective. In using the B2B platform to carry out online transactions is a long process, his essence is to send information to customers, consumers and consumers understand the information, receiving information, information process, recognition of buying behavior. So many friends often think BtoB platform is released every day of your product information, the number of retransmissions even more, of course this is to be done, but this is just a basic thing. Take the release of information is there exists several problems: one is the product of information is true, the picture is true? Two is the products that customers can not see to understand, three is enough, because too much information on the Internet, want to let you fall into the information in the vast network, multi the information is essential. There is more information about the quality of the product, customers or consumers understand the opportunity to increase your product, and then the opportunity to buy more.

customers or consumers to see the product information will be a simple understanding of customer service

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