Analysis on the possibility and matters needing attention in drilling and playing cycle

this is a drill development course, there is a little bit about the master inspired me: want focus map on the weekend of the ROI is higher than usual. The desire to turn on the computer at the weekend is stronger than usual, so ROI is more logical than usual.

below the author on the drilling cycle and the possibility of the launch of the analysis. Therefore, in the women’s clothing store and beauty market stores all the data were downloaded for statistical analysis, according to Monday to Sunday for classification, found that there are some rules. Because some categories indeed in sales and conversion from Monday to Wednesday is relatively high, so will the next frame are set in the time period. And Thursday to Saturday, the conversion rate is relatively poor, and on Sunday is better, but also with the consumer shopping psychology has a lot of relevance.

since then, according to the cycle of the launch, but also achieved good results.

in the women’s wireless terminal for 2 consecutive weeks, usually no output, only Wednesday and Saturday output. In order to this matter, I also asked a special responsible for the micro Amoy colleagues, whether these points will have the appropriate store activities. The colleague said there was no special event on Saturday, except for a new Wednesday.

play drill drilling cycle of the need to pay attention to matters I summarized as follows:

1, when some of the dimensions change, may lead to data is not objective. For example, women when the season changed, put visitors;

2, need to have the order of magnitude of data statistics; for example, contact a month or two months of the data as a reference value, simply to see the data a week too much. If it is like some shops long-term main push a single product, the choice of orientation is the point of interest, this is generally not put in the way of change, so the total dimensions also does not have what change, is more suitable for the delivery.

3, to promote the big data can not be used as a reference, because the data is the same in only two dimensions, 11 big promotion data as the basis for the double 12 launch, it will be closer to the contrast, the actual effect will be more good. Otherwise, in the usual put in the big promotion of the data to be screened out, according to the effect of the usual launch statistics, it is more targeted.

In fact, this idea of

and the choice of the truth of the resource is the same, such as Tmall home page of the ROI bit of resources is relatively high, and the long-term is to maintain a relatively high. The Tmall featured in the big 11 or double is usually not very good, but in the brand group, Juhuasuan or double the effect is better when the 12. Gold coins usually put in effect in general, but the big promotion or when the effect is very good. To be treated differently according to different situations. That is, according to the budget and ROI goals to adjust. If you want a high ROI, you choose to place a higher ROI position, if you want to spend more budget, these ROI at the time of the event than

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