E commerce and service sense of post opening nternet Banking

wages, the company gave Peng Xin do China postal savings card.

was invited at the 28 Mou should be Dazhi, pushing for more than 1 months. Has not had what dry cargo. Shinyi personally witnessed things today, talk about the importance of professional and service of electronic commerce. Also give yourself and your brothers and sisters in the electricity supplier on the road to a reminder: the success or failure of service decisions, professional shape success!

a few days ago, my uncle asked Shinyi in Shenzhen he bought several kilograms of tea friends as Tieguanyin, I had to pay for his nephew. This is not, I will be the tea boss’s bank account, online remittance convenience. But just arrived in Shenzhen soon, interbank offsite transfer, or very troublesome, the fees, but more terrible.

happens to pay the company (currently Shinyi will be listed in this company to plan the brand, responsible for network marketing this piece. Baidu said the post is now open online banking. So Shinyi will be registered in the post, and associated with a good postal green card. Look at the accounts of several 0, it is a great pleasure in life. But the strange thing is not the transfer operation. Ask colleagues TA do not know why. This time, you have to find someone to call it, so convenient (long winded, about nine years of large brick mobile phone, today people really happy amount).

called the postal customer service hotline 95580, customer service is a little girl, the voice is very clear, answer is also very professional. She told me that the online banking has not yet activated, so now can see the balance, but temporarily unable to network services. Just bring your ID card and postal card, I in the past can be activated online business hall. And tell me the post office staff are on duty all weekend. I thought that I would like to go in the past, but also very friendly reminder that I may be a lot of people, need to queue. I have had similar experience, more careful, especially stressed the need to pay attention to what. After all, a white run but it is very tangled. Call the little girl told me that my ID card can be used.

so at noon Shinyi passed, people are a lot. Ready to wait for 40 minutes to finally turn me now. I fast and simple explained purpose, then the annoying things still appeared: customer service said that because of Shinyi, their first online activation, let me first to cancel the registration user and business hall to activate


Peng Xinyi feel very angry: I thousand anti Wan defense, or can not prevent your water. Remember that a large BOSS100$off the foot, he bent down to pick it up, because he was bending moment, the loss can be several times the 100$several times. This time, as the 28 original more awesome brothers and sisters say yes.

When we work on the

online desperate awesome promotion, please check out the other service is done? Trinidad embankment collapse in the electricity supplier also applies to the postal line under 15 years, stood in Peng Xinyi’s point of view.

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